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05 Apr 2012 22:11:48
To everyone who dissed my last post about JP McManus and denis o brien taking over our club i will accept all apologies when this information comes true and it will wont be till season ends when it is announced but it being worked on as we speak so post all your negative piss taking comments to be honest i dont care but dont forget to post all the apologies when it is breaking news on sky sports news in the near future

Forest Forever

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I have posted the same thing several times and have had the same response from people.
They make you laugh because they come on here for gossip and they knock you down when you give it.
I have been told by a player that this is the rumour going around the squad and I can only post what I've been told.
I always end my posts the same, so those of you who come on here a lot, will know I don't make things up.

Hoppers u1

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So what happens when JP and O'Brien pull out of the deal because private internal dealings in the club are splashed all the internet by people like you, all because you were apparently told something by a "player" probably in confidence of keeping it quiet.

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Yup that's going to happen isn't it.
It's a rumour going around the players. I have never said it will happen and i don't pretend to know the buyers.
I am just posting a rumour, which I've heard from one of the players.

Hoppers u1

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Well like you say its a rumour going round there are lots of rumours on here and lets face it not many are right are they, i just cant see them2 ho make loads of money each year on horses and to then lose it in forest its a big risk very big, good news as it would be, its not going to happen isit? if so i will be the first to reply to you, and i think it will be sorted before end of season,

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The difference with this rumour is it is a rumour directly from the training ground and not one started in my own head, or off another forum site.
I keep saying i have only posted what I've heard and don't proclaim to be 'in the know'.
I am friends with a player, as my sister went to school with his mrs and got to know her and him that way.
It would be great to have someone like him begind us. Let's just hope it happens :-)

Hoppers u1

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Is Hoppers the new alias for the Sponsor?

Can you check the IP addresses of posts that agree with him to see if they are the same!?


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The only things I have written on here are ready was about to sign, harewood was signing, mcgugen had the choice to go to west ham, but decided against it and now this.
Other than the above I only comment on other peoples posts.
Would you rather I didn't tell you what I occasionally get told? It's no secret what I'm telling you and unless I know it is 100% happening like Reid and harewood, I tell you what I've been told.
Ive just opened a bathroom and kitchen showroom on Haydn road inside fairdinkum furniture and I also have a free jobs paper. I have a wife and little girl and I sit in u1. Feel free to pop into my shop and youll see I am genuine and not a spotty teenager, with no friends, making stuff up to feel important.

Hoppers u1

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JP McManus has a net worth of about 900 million. Not sure why he'd need someone else to go into business with him at Forest. Either way, sounds like he has a bit of bunce to burn!

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Is he American? No well then he is not going to be our new owner then!

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I didn't say he was going to buy us, I said it is the rumour going around the players.

Hoppers u1

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05 Apr 2012 13:59:44
Forest Are in talks with addidas over a possible kit deal, with the contract with umbro running out this summer after 10 years with forest

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Forest have been with Umbro for over 20 years.

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New 2 year deal to be announced with Umbro

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If your gonna make up carp at least get the details right, we have been with umbro for over 2 decades

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05 Apr 2012 13:50:49
Dont want to sound too negative but before we start talking about whos taking over and who's leaving (exciting as it is). We've still got BIG job to do over easter period if he mess up against Bristol city we're back in a certain creek! Lets cheer the boys on to safety first, then we've got all summer to talk about the signings or more likely lack of.

P.S Elland Road 20/3/2012 I was there.

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Negative not,all being well if we get the 3 points in the bag saturday then we are almost there,another 3 from the remaining
games then i think we would have done it.
our reds are on great form now, lets lift them even more saturday and make non stop noise you reds you reds.

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Bristol only sold 287 tickets. What a joke! Considering this is one of there biggest games of the season so far

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At least the owners of amici can relax.

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I think sky might be partially responsible there

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The sold more tickets then that! i know that for a fact

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They totalled a mighty 354.

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05 Apr 2012 10:25:02
A rumour I've heard (nothing concrete) is that Forest have signed a 4 year deal with Under Armour to supply the kits.

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Bet Reidy cant wait to wear that kit!!

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Forest to continue long standing partnership with Umbro. New two year deal to be announced

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I hope its umbro...very few companies deliver unique or at least partially unique. The tailored by umbro range are much nicer than any of the mass produced adidas or nike kits

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I would love to see the adidas kit back.... forest would look

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