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05 Jun 2012 20:03:56
Nottingham forest football club will be taken over by an English billionaire, plans are in place for Stuart Pearce to take over the managerial hot seat after the Olympics. Pearce and the prospective new owner have already put a short list of up and coming young talent from the British leagues and several proven players at championship level along with class but realistic targets from across the chanel. news of the takeover will be announced Friday exclusively on the BBC tea time news

Yours faithfully Gertrude the red

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So sky won't announce it then? And yet again, am sure everyone's words are "source?"

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Have you read the source below, we're nowhere near a take over.... So which ones of you made it up then.

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Tom forcier is my source

Yours faithfully Gertrude the red

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This would be a dream - but cannot see it. Pearce will always have a job in the England set up.

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So CEO of Seymour Price has given you info to splash on the internet. How do you know him?

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And they all lived happily ever after - that's how all good fairy tales should end and this is surely one big fairy tale - get real.

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Tom Forcier? Why would the CEO of Seymour Pierce be telling you this? More to the point, why would he be 'In The Know' on this level of detail? He's the CEO, the deal-making would not be his responsibility.
Nice try, but.... No.

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Why? It's public knowledge that he's applied for the Forest manager post at least twice

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So you're saying that the CEO of a company that promises and advises clients to not tell anyone about their dealings, has told you about their dealings? Oh dear...

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05 Jun 2012 16:39:10
sorry to be disappointing but the takeover deal is nowhere near done as yet. The alleged interested parties are not even anywhere near agreeing a fee for the club. There are three genuine parties interested but there are concerns by these potential buyers about the current structure. Whoever comes in will want to re-structure the whole set up with Mark Arthur given the boot along with Steve Cotterill. yes he has a contract left however this will be paid up in full.
The potential buyers do not see Mark Arthur as the man to push the club forward and cannot trust Steve Cotterill as his track record is not that impressive.
Forget Billy Davies coming back the potential buyers have one thing in common a manager from the continent

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And your source is?
Just would like to know as the current board, Journo's, Players and fans haven't a scooby yet up pops this info from a forum poster?

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Where you dream this up then

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Paul Anderson has signed for Blackpool. Another great lost for the mighty reds!

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Cannot give you my source as i dont want to upset the apple cart, watch this space though, sure to be interesting times before next season {Ed034's Note - You do know without given people an idea where you have heard this, you automatically sound like your making this up. I'm not saying you are, I'm just saying what it sounds like

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Forest are being bought by a Russian Billionaire and being introduced by an ex Forest Hero.
Cant tell you who my sources are though.
See how anyone can make rubbish like this up.
Pointless mate.

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"Cannot give you my source as i dont want to upset the apple cart"

Apple source hmmmm

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This is a rumours site, but even rumours need to have a source. Otherwise it looks like fantasy and opinion. And in this case the emphasis is on fantasy.

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Forest fans have wild imaginations, Russian billionaire, English billionaire, Arab billionaire - make up your minds!!.

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If potential buyers are looking abroad for the next manager (although, if it is Fawaz - sources implied it would be an English coach/manager, but not sure if he said that, or a journalist) - As I posted last week - Luiz Felipe Scolari had two periods of managing the Kuwaiti team, Al Qadisiya where the Chairman was Fawaz al-Hasawi, until he recently resigned.
Scolari is a big fan of Nottingham Forest, according to his profile 'He is also known to have a particular passion for English club Nottingham Forest, whose stylish football he followed as they twice conquered Europe under the legendary Brian Clough' - Could they bring Scoleri in? His profile is fairly impressive - until Chelsea!!

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For the 'Forest fans have wild imaginations, Russian billionaire, English billionaire, Arab billionaire - make up your minds!' POSTER'
We were all being sarcastic mate, Try and see through the fog in future.

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Sarcastic....more like idiotic and lame.

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To the "fog" poster above, if you read the rumours posted all over your lame site you will not see Forest fans being sarcastic but you will see a lot of deluded fools, and I guess you just got added to that list t***

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05 Jun 2012 15:54:49
ed - what do you think of this

nick rubery


Can't elaborate much on the forest info but for fans it's very promising. Not so much if you're currently employed in a certain job there. {Ed034's Note - Interesting. I think we all know it's going to be a very busy summer down on the banks of the Trent. I'd be disappointed if sc wasn't given a shot though

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Ed I thought I read you would be disappointed if SC wasn't shot!
Then when I read correctly I was disappointed.
Only joking but whatever happens lets hope it culminates in Forest being ran by the correct people (NOT MA for a kick off) {Ed034's Note - Agreed. I think he did a great job considering all he had to deal with and I thought his loan signing were inspiring. I think it would be fair and right that he is allowed at least up to Christmas, but whoever ends up picking the first 11 of the new season, I will be 100% behind him

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05 Jun 2012 09:21:16
Talks are progressing re the takeover at nffc. David Dein is involved as an advisor only. The press are aware and so expect something in the papers tomorrow.

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Where you heard this cos from kuwati sources information about the takeover will be revealed in next few days and for the record the so called possible new owner is twice as rich as man city owner

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You all make me laugh.More sorces than a Heinz/HP factory. Details would not be discussed until all parties have agreed and signed on the dotted line so stop speculating on nothing. Also there is no mention of his wealth as he is not listed in the Arab Wealth list in the top 100 so he most certainly is not twice as rich. Facts sometimes make better reading.

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No no no not true until in black and white just loads of hear say and rumours,,blah blah blah

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Nope man city have more but we are only a championship side don't need much.

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The guy has not even got 40 - 60 mil to buy leeds, (quoted from the yorkshirepost) his whole family are worth around 1 billion, so how you think they are even close to man citys fund is laughable, more like simular funds to what the previous invester was worth

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None of us know his personal wealth and how do you know he is not part of a consortium?
Making statements as though you are all in the know is frankly pointless.

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His personal wealth is around 900mil and his family has a wealth of 1.7bil. He is rumoured to be part of a consortium of Kuwait men, who want forest as their club in the way UAE have man city. Consortium likely to have a monetary wealth of between 3 and 5 billion.

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Laughable rumours now starting to appear with even larger sums of money, Forest will not have access to the wealth enjoyed by Man City, nowhere near.

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I just don't get what these people get out ofposting this stuff? Its pointless they do not give a name, get any kudosits just sad,sad , sad. The only person gaining is the site owner! Maybe if you post enough drivel he can afford to buy Forest!

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