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05 May 2012 16:59:39
I think if we cannot get the left backs that we had last season back then we should put a bid to sheff wed to get julien bennett back he a good left back what does people think

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Forest agreed a fee with city and wolves

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I presume you mean for big George and Cunningham. I hope so because they would be great assets.
Is this fact or a rumour you have heard?

Hoppers u1

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Should go all out to sign cunningham from city,he is likely to improve more and could raise money in the future if he does improve

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Totally agree with Cunningham.
He looked a bit shaky at first, but I thought he was fantastic after winning his place back over big george

Hoppers u1

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What a load of carp.Forest haven't agreed fees for anyone cos we are clueless yet as to what budgets we have prior to season ticket sales.

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As the players mentioned were on loan to us and as fees are often agreed as part of the loan deal, then the carp comment is a bit harsh.
I wouldn't be surprised if big g was sorted, it just depends whether mam city see Cunningham as part of there plans. This again I can see him being in garibaldi again next season.
I really hope so because it is a position we have struggled with and I think both players can play a big part for us.

Hoppers u1

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Season ticket sales wouldn't pay for one player. No one is waiting for them.

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'Season ticket sales wouldn't pay for one player. No one is waiting for them.'

season ticket sales would account for around 5m...... approx a third of our annual turnover.

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Sign 2 left backs! Jog on.....!

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Elikobi in a centre back as well and cunnignham can also play on the wing.
With money tight, we are going to be needing players that can do jog on

hoppers u1

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Ok yes lets go back to playing people out of position fool...........Cunningham is a left back why go to a club to play out of position! Elokobi on too much money for us....Cunningham may well come play at left back and then maybe sign a proper winger.

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05 May 2012 15:13:45
This is armour site and I am only posting a rumour I have heard, so don't be having a go but...........during the opening of the new academy facilities, the take over rumour is tht we are in talks with Americans, that are no more than the Red Bull North America?
This came from a close friend who was chatting to a member of the labour party. The conversation was a hush hush one and other people were involved in the conversation and it was spoken about at some length.
Like I said, it is what I've been told, so don't give me s**t lol

Hoppers u1

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I meant to say '......the conversation wasn't a hush hush one....'
Basically it seemed to be common knowledge, but we will soon see I suppose.

Hoppers u1

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Could be true, but as Red Bull already own Red Bull Slazburg and Red Bull Leipzig,a UEFA rule prohibits two football clubs in which a person or a company has an interest from being admitted into the same UEFA club competition. So if Forest, Slazburg etc become successful at the same time would we or them have to forfeit our place in Europe. That if this ever happens

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It doesn't make sense though

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Nottingham red bulls

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New academy facilities lol lol lmfao its actuly been open for a year now

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Heard Irish are interested

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I do hope this is true

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You'd better hope not. Red Bull only buy teams if they can change the name. Red Bull Nottingham doesn't have the same ring to it.

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Don't understand the bit about Red Bull?

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Yes the academy has been open for years, but we have just opened a new facility. Its begind the club shop. Check you facts before mocking.
The American side of red bull is distributed by a separate company and it is them aparantly.
The red bull bit she wasn't 100% on but the us owners part she said it sounded a definite.
Like I said I'm only passing on what I heard.

Hoppers u1

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Forest Red Bulls? Sounds crap. Hate teams who nicknames are animals. Owls, Magpies, Foxes and Rams.

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Think he means champion centre which is the old study support centre re opened recently by john mcgovern & ed milliband

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I do and thank you.

Hoppers u1

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You know what why make up bull s**t i go to the academy daily as my lad is in the academy and the new facilities is knot next to the club shop or any shop for that its on wilford lane and its at the side of the old academy building fool oh and the new facilities is for the first team and knot the academy so jog on and stop talking carp

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I'll tell you what. How about ring up the city ground and ask.

Passing on something I've been told and the last I heard, this was a rumours site.
I've not once said it will happen, I've said I have been told. I've not once said I was there at the opening, I said the person who told me was.

The only fact I can tell you is that there has been a facility recently opened, which David milliband

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And as far as making...

Hoppers u1 {Ed003's Note - I can't post those details up Hoppers,sorry}

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Fair enough ed.,,10308~2731988,00.html

I look forward to your apology.

Hoppers u1 {Ed003's Note - that should work better Hoppers }

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07 May 2012 22:31:02
For the person that says I'm full of it, please follow the link below,,10308~2731988,00.html

and I'll await your apology.

Like I said when posting, I am only re-hashing what I have been told and by no means am I 'in the know'.

I don't mind people saying it won't happen, but don't call me a liar, as I am not

Hoppers u1

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Why would hoppers lie

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Rehashing a euphamism for lying is it?

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So i get called a liar about the one thing i say is fact, prove i am right about this and then get called a liar for telling you what i have heard.

if you can tell me exactly what i would get from making this up, i would be most grateful.

if i was going to lie, i would tell you it is fact, i know this for definate, i am in the know etc. i wouldn't say it is something i have heard and do not know if it will happen our not.

why bother coming on here and reading comments if you are going to dismiss everyone?

hoppers u1

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