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06 Jul 2012 23:50:28
just spotted this on twitter dont know if its load of rubbish but some Arab geezer from Scotland saying Darren Fergerson close to becoming manager of NFFC he saying he got the info on Arab web site {Ed034's Note -

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What's this Arab geezers name ?

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Musttella Fib {Ed034's Note - Imar liar

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Mustapha leak as im pi**ing myself reading that

mark d

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Are you sure its not asif

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06 Jul 2012 21:34:07
Steven Dobbie rumoured to be joining on a season long loan {Ed034's Note - where are the rumours from mate?

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Source - Nick Marshall!

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If this were true it would be a good signing

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No it wouldn't, watched Dobbie at Swansea for last few seasons. His lack of consistency frustrated Rodgers no end of time, hence he was dropped, 1 very good game followed by 10 games worth of disappearing acts. Not good enough.

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Sounds a lot like Mcgugan!


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06 Jul 2012 21:25:31
Sylvain Marveaux (Newcastle) - Undisclosed
Eric Lichaj (Aston Villa) - 2.5mil
Glenn Whelan (Stoke) - 1-2mil
Jermaine Beckford - Free

Heard it here first.

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Just cus we heard it ere 1st ! Don't make it true as we will all find out in time when ul look about as simple as the wally with a brolly.... But then u prob already do with respect obv....

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We aint hearing anything here first because without the takeover we are into meltdown as a club.

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An about time we had a optimist on ere ! Calm down dear ...

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I am calm lad, but it seems a never ending saga, its next week then its ten days, ive been hearing ten days for the last month, we were told 'imminent' about 4 weeks ago. We face Fleetwood just over a month from now with a woefully depleted squad, just get the bloody thing sorted. {Ed034's Note - To be fair all the 'ten day' rumours are coming from people on sites like this. The only people that count is forest and they said thus tims last week that we are in a due diligence period with a group. At that point most journalists said between a week and four.

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Due dilligence takes a minimum of 2 weeks and can take up to 6 weeks depending on the complexity of the business, i am pretty sure that by this time next week we will have new owners and i very much doubt that we will see the usual Forest transfer ploy of offering 50p for a player and waiting for weeks on end for an answer, i think we will see transfer go through within days...

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Yes the club said in due diligence, as did the Al Hasawi's etc, I can't remember the exact wording of either but the point I think everyone should recognise is that due diligence didn't start on the day of the statements. They were already well into it, so I doubt it will be any more than a few days now. I would expect to hear from the club that it's completed and a press conference on a later day. Only rumours, but I've heard a possible announcement on Monday followed by a press conference on Thursday

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Was it Marthur who offered Cardiff 750,000 for Peter Whittingham? As I recall he was politely told to F Off.

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06 Jul 2012 20:41:58
Forest to make approach for Williamson of Newcastle and free agent Titus bramble. Fee foe Williamson will be around £1.8 million and bramble free. Before you all go crazy with source, source, source I work in Newcastle Monday to Friday but live in Nottingham and I was told this today by a Geordie fan who works in my office. An enquiry has been made to Newcastle but no offer as of yet as forest are waiting for the take over to complete. Bramble is talking to at least 3 clubs.

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Glad Bramble is talking to three clubs. Hopefully, one of the other two will get him because he's a useless liability on the field and off.

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Lets hope it Dierby and Fester as they always seem to go after who we are after, and maybe this time it will be to our favour COYR

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Are you sure Bramble is Free?

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06 Jul 2012 20:34:46
michael dawson to be the first signing of the new regime.followed by Adlene Guediora.

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If this is true I would run round Trent bridge in a mankini for 6 days. Not going to happen sweet heart.

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Michael Dawson, when fit is an international standard player, playing at a top premiership club, probably earning north of 80k pw. Can anyone see him back with us?

Agent 279

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Doubt it Dawson wants to play for England so won't drop down

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His international career has pretty much ended because of the young players coming through e.g. jones smalling etc. unlikely even though he probably would accept a wage cut to return to nottingham

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06 Jul 2012 20:15:32
Takeover Monday new board,and manager watch this space

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06 Jul 2012 19:48:23
Findley going back to Real Salt Lake once takeover is complete. Also expect us to try andl lure Derbys Steve Davies and tom ince from blackpool.

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Hot air

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Hes tweetwed
"back to work #nffc"

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06 Jul 2012 19:05:46
lynch of to huddersfelid .

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I have been told by long serving member of staff that Lynch is expected to be in for training on Monday morning

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Where does it say this

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Would say if he is still at cg now he waiting for t/o

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Joel has just renewed his tenancy agreement for another 12 months which is in Nottingham. Why do I no this? I'm his mate, simple as that. He's also told me he's signing a new 4 year deal so get that idea of him going to huddersfield out your heads

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If you`re Joel`s friend tell him that Tor in Norway will bring the Polar Bear Brigade to any club he signs for and mess him up:)

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06 Jul 2012 18:49:51
The t/o will be formally announced on Monday at 1pm.

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Don't lie it's at half past!

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You was wishing a player like that was coming and you all know it he's a steady left bk!

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Are u the same person who said it would be today at 2

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No I'm not that same person.


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06 Jul 2012 16:44:09
Wayne Bridge has signed a season long loan to Brighton.
Oh what a shame!


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Phew thank Clough the 'rumours' about him coming here were just that 'rumours'. We need players that will wear their hearts on their sleeves and be proud to pull on the Garibaldi!

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And how is this a "Forest Rumour"? {Ed034's Note - The fact there has been a few posts on here saying he was signing for us, make is relevant to be on our pages.
I do find it a little disturbing that you got that annoyed with this, you felt the need to write a post lol stressful day?? Lol

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Cheers Ed


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06 Jul 2012 15:40:37
forest to bring back jenas once the to is complete.

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JJ will go to another Prem team like Wigan or Villa.


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Lets hope this is true, I would also be tempted to make him captain, JJ is a Forest supporter :)

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JJ is coming back if not on loan this season it will be the end of the season I know him and he said he will return before he is 30 to finish the rest of his career here

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JJ, nice lad, hope it's true. Natural leader at forest.

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06 Jul 2012 14:45:48
William gallas is wanted by fawaz as new captain,contact has been made but other clubs are interested.

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Go on any other rumour site they don't have as many rumour .It's interesting tho reading all the crap people are expected to believe C.O.Y.R

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I'd happily have gallas as cap,he help bring the young ones on

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The post office in Bridgford will be doing good buisness on pension day if we sign all these old timers bring back Larry & Burnsy

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I'd still have McKenna back, yes I know he's not exactly something special, but at least he got the players organised and in order, something Chambers couldn't do!

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QPR supposed to be in the running for Gallas

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Give it a rest

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The same source (A guy who use to supply cars for the Forest lads about a decade ago) who told me about the Kuwaiti takeover (I knew about a month ago) has told me that Cotterill will definitely be leaving.

Keane, Hughes and Hoddle are serious candidates for the position.

I've been told that no players will be signed until a new manager is installed. And that the new owners are not looking for any kind of quick fix.


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If u want old people my grandad aint busy

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Is that Steve Keane? Merv Hughes and Twoddle Hoddle?

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06 Jul 2012 13:46:42
Emile Heskey is rumoured to be coming to forest. he's been released, but i reckon he'd be a really good signing

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Yeah, I guess the Arabs need a Donkey or two to get to and from The City Ground.

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Rumoured to be coming? Source? Stop making up lies, although is does make a change from the takeover happening/not happening rumours!

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He would be Terrible! Why do we keep getting linked with all the old donkeys that can't score?!
Get a grip!


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If we signed Heskey, i'd give up! just generally give up on everything!! The guys useless! we need a 20 goal a season man!

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Forgot just how good miller and derbyshire have been

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06 Jul 2012 12:58:38
Mark Hughes

In Talks with a championship club.

All very hush hush

Could it be ?

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Chuffin hope not!

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Your an absolute Time waster why waste everyone's time writing this tosh! Cotterill is staying but won't be given long, he thinks 8 games! I spoke to him in an unnamed bar last night. He wouldn't give any transfer gossip at all. He expects the takeover to be done on Wednesday conference on Thursday and he will be told how much he's getting at a meeting Wednesday night. I told him to not do a platt if it's decent money! Petrachi still haunts me now!

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He hasn't even had a full season with QPR yet. What a load of old cobblers!

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I'd put a few names before m hughes if sc goes but hope he gets a chance,whay about hoddle or curbishly ?

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I don’t understand why people reply to posts with such rudeness remember that this is a rumour site which surely is meant to be a bit of fun with the occasional odd bit of truth. Stating Cotterill would disclose information in a bar on a Thursday night also sounds very implausible.

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He's still on Holls til monday
wouldn't be in a bar in Nottm to much agro ,He keeps himself to himself

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You didn't see SC in a bar last night you little liar, he was at mine last night, he came round foe tea, we watched Traffic Cops and Project X. He wouldn't say anything about transfers but Saud at least 4 are coming in, 2 from wolves 1 from villa and 1 from west brim. Cheek of some folk ah! {Ed034's Note - What did you have??

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" Your an absolute Time waster " Am I ? I hear a rumour & post it just like you yet I'm a time waster ? If you read the post it does not say what club Hughes is talking to. Mark Hughes with money to spend would not be a bad option for Forest. But I agree there are better managers available.

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Think Hughes be lined up for Watford roll on the takeover being sorted you reds

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Zola is the new manager of watford,try reading the daily papers

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I tell you doubters start calling me mystic red!

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06 Jul 2012 12:54:43
Nottingham Forest will complete the signing of Fulham Central Defender Philippe Senderos for a fee of around £1 million after very little premier league games last season.

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Hope not He's not as good as Lynch.
or even chambers on a good day.

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I can't believe how many 'Forest Managers' post pointless statements on here!!

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06 Jul 2012 11:14:39
Adam Le Fondre for around £3-4mil

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Thanks for the laugh,i needed that with the weather situation.

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Where's that little gem come from .Or just speculation

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He is not worth 3-4 million!

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Yeaaaa just a few months after he joined Reading and helped them with promotion banging in goals left right and centre good one lad

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Mansfield reject

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06 Jul 2012 07:59:17
Just read Fawaz wife Twitter posts. All sounds very good, but never directly says that Forest has been bought or will be. Uses term " hopefully " a couple of times.

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There are tweets stating its all done but waiting for football league clearance

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As a fan from wigan i hope so we deserve some good fortune

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Emphasis on the word furtune ;)

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06 Jul 2012 00:49:53
Fawaz's wife has just posted on twitter she is proud to be part of the nffc family very proud its looking good they look and sound like a very nice family think we may have fallen on our feet here fellow reds

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Certainly hope so.
We deserve this

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I was never a fan of the bring Billy back brigade although now i think it could be perfect for his return. The man is loved by the fans here.

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