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07 Jun 2012 19:20:22
saw the new forest shirt 2day its by
addidas and the sponser is a american
franchaize kk doughnuts i no u wont
belive me,it looks good apart from
the doughnuts across the front no
dought it will give the sheep something 2 go on about but hey least were not
getting our shirt from kapper lol

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U will see then not u

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If its true than put a pic on than

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Just as well your not in charge of the spelling on the shirt then.

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The only doughnut is the one making this rumour up.

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I can verfiy that the shirts are made by Nike, The sponser is "zain" group which is one of the biggest cell phone operators in the middle east. The shirts are slightly different, the collar is instead integrated all in white with one thin red stripe though the middle, the ends of the arms end with a white ring that is 10mm in diameter. Red Warrior.

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I thought id spelt some things wrong but hey,tell me how 2 put the pic on and i will

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Yeah "addidas" is adidas u shud know this if you have seen the kit as it spelt under the adidas logo

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I have found out we will have adidas, not sure about the sponsor

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If it was American surely they would spell it 'Donuts'?

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The shirt is manufactured by Umbro, believe that!

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It's Nike I assure you.

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This all twaddle, Stella McCartney is making the new kit & the new sponsor is some Arab sand importing company

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Sounds like a good sponser, can you imagine getting a krispy kreme with every match day tricket, attendance's would double.

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The shirt is staying as Umbro which is what I was told when I was in the club shop about 3 weeks ago and stated by someone else on here! The away short is going to be blue.

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It wont be umbro being as nike own the name and have decided to be rid of it.....

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The shirts are made y adidas ..if u google championship clubs sponsored by adidas you will see

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If were are going to be sponsored by a Do-nut company, does this mean that Krisis Commons,(the Scottish one) will be returning to us to take advantage of the new sponsor?

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Attendance would only double from free do-nuts due to everyone needing 2 seats to squeeze into.

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Umbro is not being done away is being sold. it is still operational

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Why do we need a new shirt? it's not like there's anyone to wear it so what is the point?

also, why would it be sponsored by a middle eastern mobile phone network? why would 'zain group' pay to advertise to a potential customer base of zero? forest games aren't going to be a hot ticket on middle eastern TV and the service isn't available to english fans.

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If you do your research pin head you'll see that zain is a part of gift gaff network.

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'If you do your research pin head you'll see that zain is a part of gift gaff network.'

'fraid not pindick, giffgaff are a subsidiary of O2, who are owned by telefonica europe.

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Lol nike? Zain? LOL UMBRO AND PYE, all these people in the know, shocking.


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07 Jun 2012 17:44:19
Tottenham Hotspur have reportedly agreed a deal with Nottingham Forest for the transfer of highly-rated centre-half Jamaal Lascelles.

Spurs have beaten off competition from North London rivals Arsenal to land the 18-year-old, who has made just one senior appearance for Forest. The Gunners had a £5 million bid for Lascelles rejected in January but did not increase their offer, leaving neighbours Spurs able to pounce.

The England U-19 international made his professional debut for Forest in January, starting as the club lost 2-0 to Burnley. In March he was loaned out to League One Stevenage, where he impressed, making nine appearances and scoring in their 6-0 away victory at Yeovil Town in April.

The youngster is expected to sign a five-year deal at Spurs for an undisclosed fee, with Harry Redknapp willing to let him remain at Forest on loan for at least one season to continue his development.

Lascelles will face long term competition for a place from a host of talented defenders at White Hart Lane. The club are expected to complete a deal for Belgian international Jan Vertonghen this week, while England U-21 star Steven Caulker, who spent last season on loan at Swansea, is expected to return to the fold next season. {Ed034's Note - Whete is this from??

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Perhaps the new owners could then buy him back after the takeover

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Just read the same article on a forest facebook site
something on caught offside i think it said

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It's from caught offside

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Why sell him if you will buy him back?

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Why would he loaned back to us he doesn't get a game anyway

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Given the other stuff happening at the club right now this it seems vanishingly unlikely that the chairman would be ratifying this deal.

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All transfer's or potential transfer's have been frozen until Monday when the new owners are announced.

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Vanishingly unlikely?

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Selling the siverware for scrap. What a farce our club has become {Ed034's Note - The reportered 5m is far from scrap. Better that than what we got for bamford

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Clubs in a takeover have a transfer embargo put on them so how can you sell? {ed034's note - it can go through before they submit it to the fa or can be arranged for just after it goes through

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Potential silver ware......he is unproven and has a long long way to go. Deal worth 1 to 1.5 million and add ons. Worth taking imo.

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07 Jun 2012 15:34:42
BBC Radio Nottingham and Mansfield 103.2 radio Station outside the City Ground. Do they know something we dont? EEkkkkkk Exciting times people.

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Simple answer: No.

Club know nothing.

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I can see the city ground entrance from my place of work..... theres nobody outside?? {Ed034's Note - I suspected that myself but allowed the post just on the off chance

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May well be there doing a bit for sports on east midlands tonight though, may not mean anything.. I mean.. Last week when east midlands today did a bit about how speculation was growing about al-hasawi, the woman in the news was walking round the city ground so could be nothing, could just be a bit for the news later

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Unless you work in a hairdressers, a cob shop, taxi/car washing service or the Forest shop, you must have very good eye sight!

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What do people get out of making rubbish up. I can only presume the Sheep have nothing else to do with their time.

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Could be a hairdresser? what bloke says "EEkkkkkk" ? {Ed034's Note - There are women that come on here

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I work in the club shop and can verify the media were briefly there. Hoping to hear something regarding the take over but nothing materialized

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07 Jun 2012 12:10:54
yes i know everyone has wrote a rumour about the takeover but......according to footy_official@ "Nottingham Forest take over set to he completed this week. #NFFC"
It may be possible then :)

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I have a kuwaiti work associate that believes its on too ..... gathering some path now .
Statement either Friday or Monday I reckon .

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It also may be possible that I go and get my nipple pierced...

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Which one? Getting the left one will hurt more than the right! ;0)

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There'd just a few last lose ends to sort first.

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Lose ends? on a nipple? ooch

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Unsure as to was relevance a nipple piercing has to the original rumour posted but maybe fawaz al hasawi has one ?

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No relevance at all but it will least till the pain goes away

Chill Out things may be looking up

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07 Jun 2012 10:07:15
I've heard that Steve cotterill is on his way out with a big foreign manager coming in. A budget in the millions is expected and a restructured wage format is certain. Very good news for fans! I myself have just renewed my season ticket I hope you all do.

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Source? ..... ah just your opinion ay!

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I heard Roy keane or Stan colymoor

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Is that you Mr Arthur?....are we really serious about promotion this season!?

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Is this Mark Arther trying to boost Season Ticket sales?


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Anyone can make up rubbish claims

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It's neil warnock ! All the footy agents are saying it !

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If we had a choice (be realistic) of any manager.Who would it be?

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How could he walk from Leeds?
Would make him look a right idiot And LUFC fans would lynch him {Ed034's Note -

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Sounds like when notts county got taken over...Look what happened there {Ed034's Note - But look at man city. It's a risk whoever takes over

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Rafa Benitez has been linked believe it or not. Seems a long shot but would be amazing

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My sources tell me could be Gerrard houlier. He's still out of work but is he over rated?

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Fantastic news - big player budget, international manager, pulling power - we can now follow in Leicester's footsteps! Oh and also completely reinvent exactly what we did 12 months ago!

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No thanks benitez and no thanks to houllier

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If it's a big international money, my money would be on Scolari. Self-confessed Forest fan from the Clough days. I'd sooner have a proven Championship manager, such as Warnock or, dare I say it, BD.

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The only reason people are mentioning scolari is because he managed al - hasawis old team in the 80s and when you google al-hasawi it comes up with the team he owned and there is a big photo of scolari on the wikipedia page next to managers names ..... more bullski

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To the above, the is also the small fact that he is a fan of forest (scolari)

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Jesus, a fan of Forest! Grow up he said he was a fan of the way Forest played football under Clough and that was a long long time ago. Do you seriously believe he knows anything about Forest since!

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More chance of landing gerrard butler than gerrard houllier..........

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More chance of steve gerrard

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More chance of Stephen Hawking!

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07 Jun 2012 08:35:35
Been doing some digging, Bader Al-Mutawa is a kuwaiti striker is claiming he will sign for Forest over the next day or so, he is part of the deal to buy Forest, Fawaz Al Hawasi will be the new owner by close of business on Friday.

Andy C

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Going on his Wikipedia page does not qualify as 'doing some digging'

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Good old wikipedia - very trusted source - NOT !!

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Apparently it's going to be announced on Saturday morning and deliberately catch us out by surprise because everyone's expecting it to be a weekday. The deal is already done and dusted tho.

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No he is the owner on wiki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Well forest have just released a statement saying season ticket renewal deadline has been extended.. That tells me that the takeover process is still ongoing, nothing is going to be announced very soon so people don't have to panic about season tickets

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Might have been extended cause so few has renewed their seasonticket...

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I don't think the statement re the season ticket renewal deadline means there won't be an announcement very soon - could be the opposite - Ostensibly the club could make more season tickets available, following a takeover, if supply outstrips demand. The club might need a period of time after an announcement to gauge such a demand.

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They say its because of the fans concern about ownership of the club, surely if a takeover was iminant they wouldnt of extended the deadline as there is still another 2 weeks, however it could mean that a takeover is going to be confirmed within the next two weeks, which will allow fans extra time to renew season tickets after the news

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How many times must we say? Never trust Wikipedia for football news. I could say Lionel Messi plays for Prestwich Heys if I wanted to.

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07 Jun 2012 08:18:56
Dont expect any news until early next week, this is from a player, if news not available by Tuesday will be delayed until Thursday, City Ground being used for dignitary's Wednesday for The Royal Visit.

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The players have not been kept in the loop regarding take over.


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Just saw the kuwaitan business man thats suppose to buy us at the coop in wilford and he said that he's definatley going too. u reds

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How did he pay for his goods? Or was he working the lottery counter?

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