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07 May 2012 12:58:54
Seems Luke's on his way out according to his dads Facebook ! Why not be honest and tell us Luke ?

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Some captain he is you could tell by the way he went to the fans in a block after the portsmouth game that he wont be here next season,no great loss i think lynch is more important

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Luke doesn't no what he doing yet so y lie I saw him the other day when I was doing my shopping n he said he hasn't decicded yet so y make things up ?

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Good riddance. He'll be undone in the perm. One good season and a carp captain and he thinks he's too good or us. Look what happened to Googy and Camp...

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Like he would tell YOU if he was leaving

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Chambers turned out to be a tribble captain,couldn't lead the line without Wes, couldn't lift out of form players, and to top it off had a go at the fans 3 times! Did he learn nothing from Mkenna!what happened to captians like Cooper & Pearce. Enjoy the bench at your new team Luke!

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I honestly don't know why some people get upset about him leaving. At best he's average, and I'm sure we can find somebody better for less money.


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Joel lynch has rejected a new contract worth 7000 a week things r getting worse for NFFC it bet to believe that mccleary has signed a new contract worth 9000

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No clue what the last part of that post means.

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If lynch thinks hes worth more than 7000 a week he must be on drugs,take a look at last season dvd to see if you & chambers did a good job time to give the young lads a chance who want to play for forest

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Difference between kenna and chambo is that kenna was good and a proper captain chambo is a champagne footballer later on mate

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Chambo is the best thing to happen to forest since clough! champagne footballer? i dont think so mate

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If they dont want to play then good riddance. for chambers this should not be something to think about - if he has to think then we should surely not want him

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07 May 2012 09:19:33
Gunter to sign for either Fulham or Swansea - Newsnow.

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If hes leaving get the best price for him asap and use the money to rebuild,same with chambers,lynch and mccleary they need to decide if they are going to sign new contracts or leave.we cant go into a new season without replacements for these players so lets get it sorted

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Sell him - Freeman will do the job perfectly

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Gunter will not be signing for fulham or Swansea he a forest lad through n through he already rejected Norwich

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News now is not a source. It links to sources. What is the actual source

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If we wants to re build earnshaw wants to leave cardiff so could he be cumming back to forest to reunite with blackstock hope so ?

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Hp is the only source mate

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I think next season is the time to put freeman darlow and lascelles into squad and let gunter go coz he has 1 year left on his contract

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Earnshaws wage would be too high for us

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Wow i've not heard that hp joke before. earnshaw is going to some team in canada i think. or it might be america. wouldn't want him anyway. his last season with us he missed about 5 chances a game

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I just been informed that rob earnshaw has brought a house near the city could he be back to the city ground will c

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Whatever mate

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Earnshaw will not come back to forest hes had his day here,as for gunter let him go for a good fee time to give freeman & lascelles a run in the first team,time to get rid of camp & the rest of the deadwood thats on far too much money for doing ***k all for our club hope new owners sort these fools out & show em the door

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Earnshaw has already agreed to move to the states. Earnshaw has not brought a house near the City Ground.

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Why would earnshaw buy a house near the CG when he already has a house in notts that he tried to sell when he move then took it off the market in jan cos he couldn't sell it

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Is this a rumours site or a meeting place for estate agents?

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Earnie is moving back to nottingham, but is coming to play for notts county along with adebola. they are best mates and are getting a house together and have vowed to take county to the premier league within 4 years

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