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08 Jul 2012 22:15:00
Nottingham Forest are set to unveil Somen Tchoyi as a new signing as the takeover is completed. Somen is currently a free agent after being released by Premier League club West Bromwich Albion.

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Its soloman tchoyi

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No, it's somen, as the op said

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Correct name is Somen - loved him when he was in Norway - but thats a few years ago....Tor/Norway

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Definitely Somen Tchoyi

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No thanks

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08 Jul 2012 21:50:58
list of centre backs forest are interested in
leon barnett
george elokobi
gabriel zakuani
Michael Mancienne

dont know the order of preference, just the names ive heard that we are interested in

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Mancienne, playing in the bundesliga?

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Elokobi ? short (but hench) left back ?

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Elokobi centre back?

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Elokobi is a Left Back.

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Elokobi can play at centre back

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So can Moussi - but are they good - NO

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Lies, Lies, Lies. Mancienne is a right back and Wolves are reportedly offering him a deal already.

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Mancienne is a cb but can also play RB but doubt we will be after him

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Elekobi has played better for wolves when he is at centre half. Wolves also deny link to Mancienne although he was supposed to be playing well for hamburg the 2nd half of last season.

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Mancienne can play centre back,right back,and centre midfield

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08 Jul 2012 21:48:16
My opinion but from what I've seen today on Twitter and other sites we'll be taken over completely, signed on the dotted line, on the 10th July, and it'll be officially announced on the 12th July. Here's hoping!

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08 Jul 2012 18:35:03
takeover to be completed by tuesday mid day

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You said Monday, can you stop making it up, an only post when it is going to happen

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It will happen when it happens so just wait and quit with the guessing games

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East Midlands Today have been invited to the CG tommorrow so I doubt its Tuesday bod.

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It dont mean it will happen you div

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That could be for anything

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That could be for the japan game for all we know

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It will be completed on July 12th in London! I stated this earlier if you look further down the rumour page!


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Look it will happen when it happens, hopefully and most likely this week, we needn't worry. Let's concentrate on signings, and whether Stevie C is still in the job

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Where u get 12th from

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12th was indicated on twitter by one of the guys close to Fawaz


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Its over when the fat lady sings!

Beware of 3 wise men from the east bearing gifts!

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08 Jul 2012 17:13:27
Media today saying Marc Bircham has rejected the role of DOF at Forest.
I think this is old rumours surfacing again.
If it is true then THANK GOD!

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08 Jul 2012 15:44:37
Keep hearing 'Martin Crainie' to Forest. Anyone care to shed any light on this? He's a free, that much is certain - don't think he's a bad player either

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Heard was a good player made a good partner alongside keough is a poor side

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I know his missus is a milf!

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Can we sign mrs milf then? might make saturdays much more entertaining

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08 Jul 2012 14:40:07
bradley wright phillips will be joining us, and curbishley to be named boss on wed next.

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Tell us how you know this which source or is it tea leanes FTID

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Curbs gets a nose bleed anywhere north of Watford, been out the game too long IMO.

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Doesn't matter. Best unemployed manager out there

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If thats the case why is he unemployed and for such a long time now?

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So Harry Redknapp isn't the best unemployed manager out there? Get a grip.

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Best unemployed manager your joking pep Guardiola now he has left barca and capello cyruff even George grahram is better than curbs

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Bloody hammer at heart, he can go blow his bubbles elsewhere!

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Rednapp has to be the most overrated manager employed or unemployed!

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Best unemployed manager out there as far as Forest are concerned is Billy Davis. Only my opinion thou!


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RG09 - have to disagree there;

Billy has no where near the best record compared to other unemployed managers. Has he got more promotions to the Prem than Mick McCarthy? BD has made himself toxic with his bitching and moaning despite being given money and offered many potential signings (Lansbury for example)

I think Curbishley has put himself in a similar position. Since suing West Ham I think many chairman would be wary of taking him on

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That is a fair point I suppose, don't fancy Mcarthy thou, we got Adlene while MM was in charge at Wolves and IF he may not want him at Forest??


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08 Jul 2012 12:57:06
Mick McCarthy to be lined up as new manager of Forest #nffc

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Id like to c hoddle come in if sc goes as he got alot of yonng talent at his acadamys we could tap into !! soz for bad spelling


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As a wolves fan can honestly tell you that you don't want Hoddle. Most boring football i've ever ha to endure at molineux. If you get Mick he will gaurantee promotion given time. Just need to move on when he has achieved the objective.

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08 Jul 2012 11:53:06
takeover will be completed at 1pm mon. expect 2 mega signings, none of which have been mentioned on the site so far, but are mega! exciting times on the way folks. coyr.

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Hope so

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Come on spill the beans then!

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I think you may be right in terms of signings. But i dont think their will be a takeover tomorrow

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what though is a mega signing?? old star! on 50K a week? no thanks. need to get players that will be good at palace on wet night in feb, not on a sunny day in August & then dissapear....

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Spoke to Mark Arthur this afternoon and he has told me he is out of a job tomorrow;i have asked him if he can tell me anything about the takeover many times but this is the first time he has told me anything

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....well if you say ma is out of a job then i believe you...not!!

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08 Jul 2012 10:25:57
Source People

Mick McCarthy being lined up to replace Steve Cotterill. It was thought Cotterill would be given time by the Al-Hasawi family but this is looking increasingly unlikely. Paldini also inline to become new chairman. Takeover set to be completed Monday.

Lynch is set to be approached by Derby but is currently in talks with Huddersfield

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Mick McCarthys style of football went out with the dinosaurs! Hope this isn't true. If Cotterill goes at least get the best applicant for the job.

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I know Paladini's son and he said his dad had been involved with the takeover and was hopeful of being part of the Club.

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I agree was talking to ex forest player saturday night in pub in chillwell notts and he said keep ur ears open on monday, fingers crossed hey and lets get some good goal scorers and defenders lined up.A new season just on the horizon lets blast the league.

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Can't understand this love of MacCarthy. His teams, while initally gaining moderate success, then wither, they always paly hoof-it style football and he's a boring old Yorkshireman (nothing wrong with Yorkshireman I have to say.) I think if Cotterill had been given half the chances that Mick has enjoyed, he'd be twice the manager.

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Fawaz already said paladini is nothing to do with forest

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If Paladini is put in as chairman then surely Peterbrough will put in a complaint to the FA for tapping up Ferguson? Especially after Fawaz said he had nothing to do with the family!?


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Anyone would be better than Marthur ! I'd welcome him NO ONE THAT'S NO ONE can be worse than what we got can they ?

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10.25 early to be pissed

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Your source is The People newspaper...? !

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Have the owners not come out and said palladini is not involved??

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Can't see why anyone wants McCarthy his football does not suit forest! And as for his rep of getting teams promoted didn't megson and kinnear have similar cv's look how they worked out! He isn't right and it wont work out

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Clearly the person who said you cant get any worse than Arthur hasnt seen the four year plan. Scary stuff.

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Wolves fan here, mad mick played some great attacking football the season we got promoted. Like many players once you get promoted he is out of his depth.

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Joel will not be leaving Nottingham Forest, you lot created this yourselves, not joel. He'll be signing a new contract after the news is officially announced tommorrow. I no this because he's my mate, as in last night we had a ads night with dominoes pizza/ coke and a night on the Xbox. Cant believe the assumptions some of you come up with. Btw he hates derby county and huddersfield is a big no no for him.

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They didn't say he was nothing to do with the club, they just said he had not had their permission to approach Ferguson

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08 Jul 2012 08:01:44
Morning all.

Just a quick note to say I will be away for a couple if nights as I am taking my wife away for our first wedding anniversary.

I will be putting posts on but not as quickly as I normally would, so please be patient.

Hopefully I will be back Tuesday night and we will be discussing a complete takeover and transfer signings.

You reds!! FTID {Ed034's Note - Just to confirm this was from me

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Congrats Ed

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Source? Just kidding. Happy anniversary mr and mrs ED034.

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This is a fake message, noboddy in there right mind would marry Ed034. lol

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Have great first anniversary - all my ten anniversarys has been great:) Tor/Norway

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Have a good time Ed. {Ed034's Note - Thanks for are the messages. Two nights at a spa to recharge my batteries, ready for the mentle few weeks we've got coming down the city ground

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Ed and big pat newby :-)

Agree4 Disagree2

First anniversary, fairdinkum;)

Agent 279

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Have a great time!

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It's all about priorities Ed... Congrats.

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All the best ed well done

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Mrs.Ed is in for some serious loving, do the nffc army proud Ed

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08 Jul 2012 00:31:58
The Kuwait TV sports reporter Fahid Al ibrahim - think thats right first broke the story weeks ago. He is tweeting - all done in 72 hours, he will have information and pictures.

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Saw that last night. Leeds fans don't like it when we reported Fawaz was buying Forest instead of Leeds.

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Sorry mate but Leeds fans don' t care about Fawaz one bit, we just want anyone but Bates.

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