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09 Feb 2012 18:04:10
We've got George Elokobi from wolves instead!

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09 Feb 2012 16:07:15
too many strikers? i thought the defintion of a striker was someone who scored goals -- in which case Harewood, DErbyshire, Miller, McGoaldrought just dont really qualify do they...what do they call someone who plays in a position just to make up the numbers?

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They call people that just make up numbers,Harewood, DErbyshire, Miller, McGoaldrought ! You already had the answer well nearly you forgot one more TudGAY ! but it was a good guess.

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You forgot Findley

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We can all forget findley

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And Blackstock, all a bag a sh!t

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09 Feb 2012 12:15:55
George Elokobi signed on loan from Wolves

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Great signing IMO. Suggests a more solid approach to defense instead of leaving us as exposed as we are when cunningham and Gunter have both ventured into nosebleed territory

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Rather see lynch left back now

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But why do we need so many defenders? could we have not just waited til now to get elokobi instead of getting wootton?

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Another Defender that's all we need more goals to [I think not] Division 1 Here we come

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Decent signing, makes Wes look like a Munskin!

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Just goes to prove that we should have some patience and trust in the manager

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Wolves fans like him for his forward venturing, but often drops clangers at the back. They're not sorry to see him leave.

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A complete carthorse, believe me. Hopefully you will keep him for good.

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Back four
LB Elokobi
CB Higginbottam
CB Lynch (much prefer him to chambers)
RB Gunter

This would be IMO (i stress my opinion before any keyboard warriors try to lynch me for it) the best back four available to us, however if chambers retains the captaincy i'm sure you'll see lynch sacrificed for him despite lynch's form.

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Wootton can play in midfield he did when at peterbourogh so might play there.

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Lets hope this gives us scope NOT to play chambers hes been dreadful this year

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Might see Gunter move to right wing sc played him there when first came to us.
Chambers Higginbotom lynch elokobi
Gunter Mousi wootton mcleary
N any forward who scores a goal soon

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Gunter Higgs Lynch Elokobi

Moussi Wooton

McGugan Guedioura McCleary


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Whatever back 4 line up SC puts out, PLEASE, dont let it include Chamber.

1st head to drop when we concede.

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Wooton said himself he didn't resign for peterbro because they wanted him to play midfield and he wants to play center half so if he does play midfield he won't be pleased( he said this on forest player when he first joined)

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Does it not occur that if we have a stronger defence it will give the midfeld more freedom and the strikers more confidence and then more goals? As for the person who said Elokobi is a cart horse, another keyboard warrior who has probably never even seen him play!

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I'm no keyboard warrior and have played more football than you have had hot dinners. He is big, strong with the touch of Peter Sutcliffe. CARTHORSE.

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That guediora looks very decent and mcgugan was left out yesterday apperently theres a rumour of him goin to birmingham on loan heard it here first

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Seemed to play pretty well yesterday, touch was fine too. Before you start slagging someone off, realise its the championship relegation battle and he is great for the squad.

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Just giving an honest opinion which i'm entitled to. I said Guediora is a very good player and Elokobi isn't. A Wolves fan of 38 years just being honest.

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Nobody heard it here first, there were rumours of that in January

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