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09 Jan 2012 21:34:32
nottingham forest are going to bid for fleetwood towns star striker Jamie Vardy once miller has been sold

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Let me guess, you've only heard of him because he scored in the FA Cup this weekend? thought so.

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He's going to blackpool end of.

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No he not making it up i saw this, it was reported in the football league paper on sunday & 2 national papers monday but problem is fleetwood asking silly money, forest are hoping miller deal can be done to get highest earner of wage bill. middlesbrough the fav but 3 other champ clubs enquired as well

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What a waste of money Miller was!

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It must be true then! Papers never lie. No doubt Holloway praised his performance after the cup game, which must mean he wants to sign him

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All mcclaren's signings are rubbish

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Andy Reid's playing very well do you not watch the games? Just come here and moan I guess

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Holloway did say that & sky sports news reporting blackpool bid been turned down last night. also 1 of senior scouts keith burt or tasos makis was at the game saturday watching vardy & a blackpool player

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09 Jan 2012 19:04:05
SC shown the door if we dont win next couple of games and pull out of relegation places.....Warnock in as defo replacement....Doughty wanted him ahead of McLaren in any case.

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Don't talk wet.
Sc is here for the long hall. He's the man to help stablise the club and the man who long term, will get us success.
Stop looking for short term fixes and see the bigger picture.

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And what would we pay off SC with?

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SC has a 3 year deal. Can you honestly see ND paying him off. Common sense before posting utter tosh!

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I think we should go withSC and stop all these guessing games. He just might suprise us all and I think wed have to judge him at the seasons end at the very earliest

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Get a grip! Have you seen who our next 2 league games are against we should be over the moon with draws - keep tooting the special cigars my old China

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Peanuts to pay him off...cos thats all we are going to get from him...he's not good enough...warnock has proved time and again hes a championship winner..get to prem asap

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Apart from the fact that warnock is a dick and has had run in's with forest before ... keep him away

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You call yourselves Forest fans? Trying to boot the manager after what, 2 months in charge? Give him a chance for christs sake.

Listen, we're not a big club. It's going to be a while before we have any success. We're lucky to have points this season. Stick with what you've got.

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Why do people want cotrill out? He isnt doing that bad + we are playing better football which WILL produce goals. get off your sofa and watch a game before judging if cotrill needs to go which its clear ge doesnt and we cant afford it

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Last post spot on, call yourselves fans? Understand the situation, no money, no money, no money. Got it yet?

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Why on earth do people think Cotteril is a long term solution. If anything he is a short term fix as he is cheap and will work with no budget. He may do a job now (though how people think he is doing a good job given the recent run of results and lack of scoring is beyond me) but he will never take us anywhere near the premier league.

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Totally agree he is at Forest for one reason and one reason only - he is used to managing a team with no money.

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Right, this is what irks me. NO-ONE WILL TAKE US NEAR THE PREMIER LEAGUE. Not right now anyway. Like someone above said, we're broke broke broke. We have a LOT of work to do before we're a suitable candidate for the top flight. This is what people don't seem to understand. Get it into your heads that we're a championship quality team until someone can invest.

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Forest supporters need to get down and support the reds through this hard period. How many of you were at Leiecster and how many will be at leicester next week. Upport teh manager- hes got whats been left him and no cash to do anything else!

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Neil warnock said during the half time break in the playoffs against swansea that forest is a fantastic club with a fantastic owner and board, was that his plan?

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Invest to get to prem ??? sounds like Mclaren and Davies talking all over again. No the secret as Holloway, Lambert and yes as Warnock will tell you is to get the best out of championship players and work hard as a group. The days of buying a place in the prem are long gone my friends, FFP etc - and anyway it never works very well (we tried and failed) we have a strong enough group if they pulled together to get to at least the play offs with the right leadership (next year obviously) - and in the process we should make sure we bring Bamford, Meadows, Lascelles and Freeman through more so they are prepared and a proper part of the squad. Stop dreaming, money wont get you a prem place, but a good proven champ manager could.

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Yes that was his plan all along.... to get sacked by qpr and lead us all the way to the promise land and never come back down and all us forest fans lived happily ever after. Get your heads out of the clouds we are skint until someone is willing to put money back into the club which doughty isnt and that means we will have to wheel and deal and not get good championship managers like warnock to take us forward. forest as a club will struggle in the championship until we can get funds

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Yes, but get us to the prem and what do we have in terms of investment? We'll be sitting ducks up there without having the money to purchase anyone. What if Warnock fails in the prem? Can we afford to fire him?

You use Holloway as an example. Are Blackpool still in the premiership? You use Norwich as an example... yes, but they have money to spend? They bought Vaughn, Morison, Benet, De Laet (loan), Pilkington, Naughton (loan), Ayala (loan). If we went up, could we afford those wages and fees?

My point is that we need to be able to sustain ourselves financially for regular top flight football. We don't have Alan Bowkett or Karl Oyston. We have **** all money coming in. If we go up into the prem with Warnock, we're coming back down like a lead balloon.

Beggars can't be choosers right now.

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