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09 Jun 2012 20:20:08
just did a arabic translation and this is what came out as and this is tweeted by the person rumoured to be buying forest

Do not rush ڤato Qadsia and Tmhlhm until the arrival of a letter from federal court and provides them with another letter at the request of the club to extend the deadline to date

i believe the deadline date is 21/6 not sure if its to do with his club in kuwait or forest

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I have just had a look and this is correct using google translate from his twitter feed. Although I think it is to do with Qadsia club and not forest. A later tweet mentions the return of a cup which is going through the courts (no idea what that means)...

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This could be regarding anything. Doesn't specifically mention Forest, & wouldn't use Twitter as a medium to do business. Not even close to a rumour.

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Or his golf club?

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09 Jun 2012 17:24:58
The 'For all you doubters...' information is correct.
However, there is also another bidder still in the frame to take ownership of the club, believed to be a Canadian consortium. Both are at the due diligence stage.

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I can 100% confirm that the owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs was involved in discussions with NFFC,but I had heard that any deal/bid had fallen flat.So I am surprised that their name has been brought into the mix again.Lets hope that all is revealed next week,cause I'm sick to death reading all the pish on this forum.

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Believe it when I see it on the official NFFC website!

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Larry Tanenbaum publicly denied having anything to do with forest so I doubt he's in the mix

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If you are annoyed now wait till we start buying players more stress

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New kit is lotto

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New kit Gola, can't wait for the shell suit training gear

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09 Jun 2012 12:30:05
For all you doubters I have some info here from a very good source who has a brilliant track record for inside gossip and he also works in Kuwait part of the year - rest of year London based.

He says - the sale of the club is going well with meetings still taking place. The bid has been on the table for weeks but has been held up by various clauses in the sale of the contract, regarding

-the future roles of the current board members
- naming rights of the stadium
- making sure the financial structure of the academy is kept separate.

All these have now been cleared up and the incoming owners are free to bring in their own people which was the deal breaker.

There is more than one investor but the principal kuwaiti loves football and has been waiting for the right club to become available, and basically Forest's history was the key factor. Forest also fit the bill because they want to build their own legacy at NFFC and want to build a new stadium. They also want to support the academy to become the best in the world.

They have already mentioned players and transfers they want to look at and players like Jenas and Bellamy have been mentioned. They also want to compete in the free transfer market and searching for and buying excellent young players.

They want to bring in their own manager and Warnock and McCarthy are on that list, however Gus Poyet is the top target.

Controlled investment and long term focus are the buzz words but they also want premier league football within the next 2 seasons.

I cannot quite believe it myself as this just does nt happen at Forest, but this source is very reliable (cannot reveal due to individuals position), it is being supported by other media and players agents - the momentum is gathering so expect news very soon. I still have nt renewed my season ticket as I am waiting on this announcement - nice of Forest to extend the deadline for us !

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This was posted on a forum last week almost word for word.

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Remember if it sounds to good to be true it probably is, nice to dream though

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Sounds to me like Asama Bin Had!

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Then why haven't u renewed!

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Like you said, it doesn't happen at forest....

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I hope this is true but really can't see it. There is no way we would be able to afford wages for Jenas and Bellamy under FFP and not sure why there would be an issue over the naming rights of the stadium as we don't own it. {Ed034's Note - We own the stadium and everything in it. We just dont own the land it's on. So we can call it what we like

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Ive heard the same thing from quite a few people so i for one think this has already happend good times to come uuuu reddsss

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I'm doubting...

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Well, I'll give you your due - you sound quite convincing. I'm not sure whether you're winding us up or not, which I guess is the way a rumour should work. Some of the recent ones have just been silly...

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All these jokers who make cheap jibes when sumone posts a genuine rumour why do you bother coming on a rumour site...if you want facts then stick to the BBC or the official website. And yes this bid has been on the table for a while as sumone said not sure what point you are trying to make but I have it on an email direct from the horses mouth

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Never heard so much crap in my life.If you love and support this great club of ours,you would renew your season ticket REGARDLESS. {Ed034's Note - I'm not sure if it is crap or not, but I whole hearterdly agree with you view on season tickets

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Don't think anyone would want a new stadium anyway, the city ground is a massive part of the clubs history and we've only just got a 50 year lease on it {Ed034's Note - As was main road, highbury and is anfield and Stamford bridge.

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So many doubters !! its gonna happen !

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"brilliant track record for inside gossip" really? So what is his record and what a coincidence that he works in Kuwait. Pants on fire.

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