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09 Mar 2012 18:49:31
I have a question, and I apologise if it is seen as insensitive in the memory of Mr. Doughty.

I just read the statement on the BBC homepage about there being "several parties" interested in buying the club, and that Mr. Doughty's estate will honour his agreed payments until the start of next season.

So, my question is this: If we don't find a buyer before the start of next season, does the estate close off all funding and would that mean the club be left bankrupt? If so, surely a buyer is insanely important right now. Next season isn't THAT far away!

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Until they read his will no one knows

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If there is no take over then the club would have to generate its own funds through tickets shirts and other means to pay the players and staff but he as stated he was willing to stick to still funding the wages of the players that are already at the club until the end of their contracts

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I understand that, but the article states that they are only backing the club until the start of next season. Doughty only said he'd honour the contracts while he was still the owner. I wouldn't expect anything more once the season ends. I would say a buyer is imperative to our functioning next season.

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It also reads they will look to add additional funds at the start of next season.
The rumour going around the players is victor chandler is serious, but they don't know who any of the others are.

Hoppers u1

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BBC notts say if no buyer by then they will weigh up options it's not set in stone that there out end of the season makes no sense they need to keep it ticking over or it will be alot less attractive to buyers?

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I heard that apple were intrested in buying forest, not sure but forest being on there advert, is that just a coincedence? {Ed001's Note - I think it is that which caused the rumour.}

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Someone has broken ranks and disclosed the bids on Pride of Nottingham.The bloke who has broke the story has a good reputation on forums for being right.

Heres hoping hes right this time

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Why not just tell us yourself, instead of promote a site?

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"Pride of Nottingham" is the freedomforestboard now? And the guy with the "good reputation" is banger, no doubt?

I can assure you that he and no one else on that board knows anything that isn't in the papers.

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Didnt he get the Davies sacking, McClaren hiring right?At least theres some info.Perhaps you have better contacts?Is this a forum rival thing?lol

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I've never forgiven the bloke who runs that site. Stillbrighter

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