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09 May 2012 14:17:47
Forest have targeted west ham striker sam baldock when they have their takeover completed

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Which takeover is this?

and any signings are dependent upon player sales, not new owners.

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09 May 2012 12:46:00
forest new kit been designed. Manufactured by adidas, sponsored by betVICTOR. I have a picture for any that arent believers. {Ed020's Note - load it up on the pictures part of the site}

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That shirt is a fake, photoshopped by a fan

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Lynch staying-maybe
Chambers staying-maybe
McCleary staying-no
Take over talks keep taking place, still a long way off, months not weeks

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Certainly will upload it for you guys. There is no way this picture i have could of been photshopped due to the source i obtained it from.

We do have a manufacture and sponsor. I have a picture of the shirt. I will upload it to the "sightings" page of this website. The manufacture is Adidas and the sponsor is betVICTOR.

I have uploaded it to the "forest sightings" page. Enjoy

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This was made of a forest forum. It wa just meant as a joke, to see hat wed like were we sponsored. You can see the change in colour from the logos and the original benfica shirt

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If thais the new shirt, i love it very retro with the big white V neck, will defo be buying one

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Fake, you must be dumb if you fell for it.

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This is a photoshopped liverpool top guys

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Haha it's not the new shirt lads. look around the logo and the bet victor sponsor bit. it's photoshopped

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I for one will not be betting on Victor

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It's a fake. Its actually Benfica's shirt photoshopped.

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Bad photoshop at that

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If you tilt your screen you can blatantly tell it is photoshoped, and that it is the Bayern Munich Top

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09 May 2012 12:40:32
Has anyone heard anything reliable as to our potential new main sponsors/ kit manufacturer? Victor Chandler and Umbro deals expire in the summer...

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We don't yet have a sponsor. the kit's been designed but we've no money to make it

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I thought it was going to be red and white vertical stripes!

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Trust me it is red and white vertical stripes

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Did nt realise we actually made the kit ourselves...well you live n you learn !

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Red and white vertical stripes? Well if money is as tight as it seems we could always ring Tony Pulis and see if they have any old strips they are throwing out.

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09 May 2012 12:23:17
what's happening at forest? im sick of not hearing anything from the club

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The stumbling block is mrs doughty she wants the 75 million back fro m a possible take over (no chance)

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You'll be a lot sicker in a few weeks..why blame our club if no-one wants to buy it?

and why does everyone assume that new owners will want to 'invest' (ie lose) money, more likely they will want to be cash neutral.

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How do you know what the doughtys want for the club?? Your just making a figure up in you head.
We've been told there are buyers looking at us and that we are talking to them. It's only a matter of time

Hoppers u1

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As long as we get owners who will let us keep lynch and mccleary
offer new contracts to players
buy a few additions
and talk

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No chance of a takeover the price for the club is to high

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What price is that?

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09 May 2012 11:52:53
Millwall have pulled out of talks with Joel Lynch due to excessive wage demands. ( News at Den via Newsnow ).

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Brighton now rumoured to be thinking about coming in for him.

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It was never true, he even said on twitter it was a load of rubbish.

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I think lynch will stay but mccleary will leave whilst chambers anderson harewood boateng and smith will be released
freeman lascelles darlow and meadows will be promoted to 1st team

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Tyson is coming home! and i for one welcome him with open arms!
its no coincedence that after he went, we started playing rubbish.
and so did he.
he deserves a place in our starting 11. a chance to prove himself

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I want to say this about McClearly.
he has been with us for 3 years playing under Calderwood, Davies, McClaren and The current gaffer.

He has had plenty of chances to shine in 3 years, certainly on the training pitch, but in the 36 months (27 playing months) we've ony ever seen him perform to a standard worthy of a place in the first team for 3 months.

If I was being cynical I could say he hasn't tried for 2 and a half years.

Does that person warrant a place in our team?

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Tyson is not coming home and I for one am massively pleased about that. He's made of Mr whippy for crying out loud.

Agent 279

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Typical derby fan post if Tyson is poor fast but poor get a grip ya moomin

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Tysons coming back to the city ground? how do u know? my brother knows marcus tudgay, and said he was talking about it. he doesn't get on with cloughy is the word on the street.
yeah, bring him back sc! if your any sort of manager you know you will!

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Wouldn't want him back. Injury prone, is not very good near the box and can't see a pass. Would rather have reidy with no pace, but who can create, than a player who can outrun everyone but do nothing with the ball.

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Tyson is crap and he can stay at derby.. to injury prone and also not got a brain

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09 May 2012 11:18:17
Well here is what I think..

McCleary to stay on an 8k-a-week deal.

Arab buisness men who 'show' interest are NOT buying us out, they are too rich to waste on a team like us.

New contracts to be offered to Chambers, McGugan, McCleary, Camp and Gunter.

Agree or disagree? Discuss.

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Tyson is coming back!

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Your entitled to your opinion but your wrong! Not enough funds (even with a takeover) to offer al those new contracts

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And here's me thinking this is a rumour website not a forum?

McClearly will go, chambers will not be offered a contract

Camp and McGugan are not out of contract and neither is Gunter so why would they be offered contracts?

Gunter most probz will be sold for fund contracts and other players (not that i really agree with this).


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McCleary fancies his chances of earning a lot more than the 8k on offer from Forest, and will probably achieve this by early July.

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The chances of us keeping even 50% of the current squad are slim. Players wanting more money will have to go elsewhere even if new owners come in.

It is time to get sensible. Freeman, Moloney and Lascelles can all do a job at this level.

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Tyson will never come back

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Lynch must be offered attractive new deal he is class

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McCleary has just started to get games at this level. Will he want to go somewhere he is not sure of a first team place ? He could just fade away in the reserves of some prem team. Or he could stay & make a real name for himself at Forest.

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09 May 2012 09:20:43
nottingham forest in talks with Huddersfield over lee Novak

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Good player.

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09 May 2012 09:20:09
lloyd sam . ex leeds players on forests RADAR

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Lloyd sam is going too notts county for free

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09 May 2012 04:23:06
Lynchy re-signing which is to be announced within 3 weeks, whilst McCleary is moving on to pastures new.

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Once he's signed there's no reason to delay announcing it.

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Why would he sign now? I agree our offer of 8k a WEEK is amazing, but he'll still want to wait another couple of months just to be sure an even better offere doesn't come his way.

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Hope Joel does stay

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