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09 Jul 2018 09:50:24
AK's decision to get his transfer business done early, is working a treat. Bringing the squad back early for pre-season training, should give us a fitness edge. Spanish training camp and including youth team players, will hopefully unite the squad. No stone is being left un-turned in the pursuit of 'success'. So why am I so nervous? Maybe because I haven't seen them play yet? Maybe a few good, early league wins will settle my nerves? What ever it is, this World Cup distraction isn't helping. Born in 67, so I've always been let down by England. But now I could see Forest in the PL and England win the World Cup. I think I might explode. 😁.

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09 Jul 2018 11:53:26
A world cup win and promotion this,two things that I thought I would never see inky lifetime

09 Jul 2018 12:50:01
I'd be grateful for 4th place in the WC and a top 10 finish!!

09 Jul 2018 13:19:07
There's only room for a no1 or a no2 in the "WC"πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

09 Jul 2018 13:44:29
Sswe anything less than top 6 I am sure would be considered unacceptable to the owner given the level of investment

09 Jul 2018 13:51:47
Now who pooh poohed that one??😁😁

09 Jul 2018 20:30:55
With improving performances and results, fans expectations rise. Before all of the signings I'd have been quite happy with a top ten finish. I am now wanting more. Does that make greedy? Regarding England ,pre tournament I would have been happy to get through the group but now I want the world cup to come home!

09 Jul 2018 20:37:23
No just makes you like the owners.
Top ten won't do playoffs at least

09 Jul 2018 21:01:34
Don't think I've ever felt this optimistic about my country and my beloved reds :)

09 Jul 2018 21:09:23
On a serious note it is looking good Daz on both counts ,really looking forward to Wednesday and Sunday and then holiday and then the new season.

09 Jul 2018 21:14:36
I don't really care about England winning the World Cup as long as Forest get promoted. Or at least have a good go at it.

09 Jul 2018 21:41:01
Phsyco,season don't start for a month,lets win one thing at a time.
World cup is massive,I was nine last time we won it and want to see it again,it gives the whole country a boost and won't affect what we do next season,which with the signings looks good.
One thing at a time my friend starting with the world cup.
Come on.

09 Jul 2018 22:27:43
Agreed ff799 forest now seem to have all there ducks in a row isn't it nice to sit back and watch other teams struggle with ffp like the sheep and villa who are finding it tough going even stoke are saying we will be promoted strait back boro thought that and we know what happened there

09 Jul 2018 22:49:27
It is 52 first let's win this world cup.πŸ‘πŸ‘

10 Jul 2018 09:09:39
If I had a choice I would prefer us promoted over and England world cup win. because i'm irish haha. best of luck tomorrow night lads.

10 Jul 2018 09:29:53
Mucser it's really good to see so many NFFC fans from the Island of Ireland on this forum. Some our most talented players in the past have come from the emerald isle. Long may it continue! YOU REDS!!

10 Jul 2018 18:23:29
Hope you guys win too!!! However if Forest get to the promised land,I'll lose the plot!! In fact ill be sitting in my front garden with a pair of pants on my head, complete with two pipe cleaners up my nose, shouting "Wibble!!"πŸŽ–οΈπŸŽ–οΈπŸŽ–οΈ

11 Jul 2018 10:39:57
As long as you don't get the colly wobbles or you'll end up in your local pound πŸ˜‚

11 Jul 2018 10:55:36
Slightly off topic but has anyone heard where the team will play their Spanish friendlies? Cheers

11 Jul 2018 11:24:32
Heard they're training in Marbella is all I know , Fuenguerola meself on sat maybe I'll nip over get a look if they're still around 😁

08 Jul 2018 13:59:46
I see the PR Dept is working overtime photo shopping Randall's "I've signed you" pose onto each new signing release.

I sure he must have more than one suit shirt and tie?

Keep them coming Mr Chairman but give us a wave!

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08 Jul 2018 14:44:58
Redinexile, how about Mr Randall photo shopped with the next signing on jet ski's with a banner saying Premier League here we come. πŸ˜€

08 Jul 2018 18:38:12
He could be dressed as the Milk Tray man!

08 Jul 2018 10:43:32
Is it time to welcome "Alfie" back?

Erling Inge Haaland, 17 year old son is banging them in for Molde FC.

The big clubs are circling but as usual the media have forgotten that it was Forest and OBE who made his dad.

Time for Erland to follow in his dad's footsteps and become a cult hero?

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08 Jul 2018 10:50:23
Alfie was a cracking player, great to see his son doing well. I'm pretty sure it was Frank Clark though.

08 Jul 2018 19:25:20
Yes it was Frank Clark but originally due to sign for Cloughie.

09 Jul 2018 09:24:41
ahh, ok.

09 Jul 2018 17:49:41
The sad thing about our demise under BC is that he’s and his team had already identified the players that would have undoubtedly kept us in the PL. Haaland, Cooper and Collymore and Young Stone coming through. Perhaps it was always his trusted team who had the nose for the player and perhaps cloughie stopped listening to them. Either way a sad conclusion for such a legend, it should never have ended as it did. Word is he Majoroty of players signed by Clark were identified during the Clough capitulation. I guess we will never know why we never signed them

07 Jul 2018 19:13:55
A site has said Bournemouth are looking to sell Forest Tyrone Mings so they can then buy someone else from abroad.

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07 Jul 2018 20:32:49
So we get the minger????🀣🀣🀣

07 Jul 2018 21:27:30
Originated in the Daily Mirror. Hope it's true. Great defender. Can play more than one position. Would be another top signing.

07 Jul 2018 21:40:11
Well I suppose there's always minger looks in the mirror daily.??🀣🀣

08 Jul 2018 10:11:12
Ff if you're going to post "banter" atleast make it funny.

08 Jul 2018 11:06:10
Rick, are you like me then, you do not like what you see in the mirror 😁

08 Jul 2018 12:17:22
Mings could be a quality addition to the current squad and definitely be going forward and not backwards if he only concern is his fitness. looking at his previous he can he a bit of a sick note. if he stays fit. happy days.

08 Jul 2018 12:20:43
Well said Mr Sanchez, I thought Rogie Reds jokes were bad but this is on a different level, not even remotely funny!

08 Jul 2018 13:23:32
I reckon Ff had a couple of sherbets before posting that one😡

08 Jul 2018 14:41:26
My jokes are bad mate??? Bad!!??? Really??Here's a "bad" one!! How many Vietnam War Veterans does it take to change a lightbulb??? You don't know because YOU WEREN'T THERE!!! πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

08 Jul 2018 20:54:46
Nice one Rogie. I fear my sides have just split!!

08 Jul 2018 21:54:16
Mings was one of the best defenders the Championship saw - that’s why Bournemouth paid a huge fee for him but he had a serious leg injury in his first few games - huge setback - if he’s back to full fitness he’s a massive signing. Won’t get much better. I hope he signs - would be awesome

08 Jul 2018 22:35:42
Surely funds better spent on Mings than Britt!

08 Jul 2018 22:36:49
Rogie you light up my life!

09 Jul 2018 23:03:52
Get your coat rogie?πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

10 Jul 2018 09:32:03
I'm not ready to make the switch just yet Ff!

10 Jul 2018 18:25:32
Last time I told a joke like that,the crowd were right behind me!!! Though I lost them at the next set of Traffic lights!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

07 Jul 2018 12:01:38
Antalyaspor are in talks with Nottingham Forest left-back Armand Traore.

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07 Jul 2018 13:40:51
Good news if it happens.Thought he'd be the hardest of all to get shut of

06 Jul 2018 22:21:27
Grabban, Soudani, Brereton and Murphy ( if he gets his head sorted) up top, that's some firepower, a really good midfield unit both defensive and creative, a solid defence, providing we get Byram and Fabio which gives us 2 options at both full back positions, 4 good centre backs and a giant in goal. A good manager, brilliant owner and behind the scenes staff. Passionate fans, 19,000 season tickets sold. The Reds are going up. Come On URedz. βš½οΈπŸ”΄βšͺ️.

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07 Jul 2018 05:50:50
I do not think the manager will play with four up top. πŸ˜‹ 😁 😁.

06 Jul 2018 22:00:52
The more I look at this squad, the more I think we’ll be playing a 4-3-3 with Watson sitting in front of the back 4. I do see potential in a 343 too with cash as a wingback. Needless to say I’m excited for the season and look forward to going to as many games as possible.

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06 Jul 2018 23:05:54
I imagined it more to be 4-2-3-1

08 Jul 2018 10:50:53
I would like to see him try a 3-5-2. But am not sure if it will happen though?

06 Jul 2018 19:40:09
"Nottingham Forest will play exciting football in the Championship next season - because they have the players to deliver it, says Aitor Karanka. "

Well the Foremoaners in the box seats and beach deck chairs will have red cheeks all season with embarrassment and filling fat faces with humble pie as the Great Entertainer takes his Roadshow on Tour.

Shame on you all for doubting the Chosen One's credentials.

I give them 10 games before they go hiding under their bed covers and joining our dear Graham on Nursey's medication, relegated to the Other Posts?

Onward and Upward.


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06 Jul 2018 20:28:22
Have you ever thought you might end up with egg on your face?
Bigging it up big time red.
Talk is cheap actions are now required .
I hope your right and with all these signings there is no excuse for failure.
All I would say is wolves didn't do it in one season,it started with Zenger then Lambert and eventually santos they'd bought costa and a few others under Mendes guidance before they found the right manager.
Not easy to put 15 players together and make a team
But hope he can do it.

06 Jul 2018 21:12:03
Who would have thought 79 would be the first to bite 🀣

06 Jul 2018 21:32:14
So there's no excuse for failure but it's not easy to put 15 players and make a team. Think you found one already πŸ˜‰

06 Jul 2018 22:17:49
Wasn't looking for an excuse perks .
It really is difficult to bring in that amount of players in six months and make it work??
Just saying

06 Jul 2018 23:56:50
Thank god for googleπŸ€ͺ

07 Jul 2018 06:54:24
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ we have a nibbler. get behind the team for god sake, enjoy the signings and enjoy the football. whatever happens!

07 Jul 2018 10:38:44
What could possibly go wrong for me to end up with egg on my face except at breakfast?
We have had 20 odd years of misery with 5 years of Fantasy Fawaz and 2 performances from Scotland's tragic stand up black comedy manager!
Anything better than 17th is a result as we have our club back and a very clear plan. I shall be having 2 wagers one on my team to do a lot better than 17th and the other that those Foremoaners who just cannot help biting first will be hugging their duvets once the Roadshow gathers momentum?
You can always send me your season cards if it all ges too much for you having nothing to moan about?
Happy Days and England in the final!

07 Jul 2018 11:45:38
If AK struggles mendes has already lined up our best manager since basset - currently enjoying the status of one of the championships greatest managers. It is what it is.

07 Jul 2018 21:33:45
2star. Fortunately we are where we are and Scottish comedians struggle with anything other than Anglo Saxon.

Frank Clark and Bobby Houghton our best manager/ coach since OBE are retired along with red phone boxes!

So that leaves Brucey or Warnock?

07 Jul 2018 23:33:00
79 isn't so keen on taking a bite himself, lol.

What goes around comes around.

07 Jul 2018 23:57:06
Lol red!

06 Jul 2018 17:07:51
Grabban now a red. Welcome lad reckon you going to nail a few goals for us. Gud business gud signing

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06 Jul 2018 17:42:29
That isn't a rumour. That is news.

06 Jul 2018 18:00:49
Absolutely buzzing!!!🐝🐝🐝

06 Jul 2018 18:01:36
Good luck Vaughny!

06 Jul 2018 18:03:25
Four year contract.

06 Jul 2018 18:25:16
Nothing against the signing in principal but a 4 year contract at his age surprises me. I suspect his agent has played interested clubs off against one another.

06 Jul 2018 19:21:00
It’ll be down to FFP cost spreading Β£6m over 4 years is Β£1.5m a year as opposed to Β£2-3m on a shorter term deal.

06 Jul 2018 19:35:21
The icing on the cake. Welcome Lewis. GrabOne a Week and we will all be happy!

06 Jul 2018 20:09:48
Passtheball I’d be more concerned if he was 34 and was given a three year deal now that would of been stupidly stupid.

06 Jul 2018 21:37:53
Now who do a stupid thing like that Sutton?

07 Jul 2018 07:40:26
God knows ff.must not be all there to do that.definatly has no financial experience to give him that length of contract.

06 Jul 2018 14:46:40
Jorge Grant is understood to have had a medical today at Luton Town, and is expected to join the newly promoted League 1 side on a season-long loan deal.

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06 Jul 2018 16:04:03
Good move for the lad.I think I have read somewhere that they like to play with an attacking flair?


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