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26 Sep 2017 22:03:16
Can we transfer Nolan for warbaton?

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26 Sep 2017 22:34:28
MW hasn't got a clue
Keep believing? Sorry but your plan A is getting is slaughtered and you have no plan B

27 Sep 2017 08:14:25
If we don't change things quickly and come up with a new plan we are in trouble. We just don't have the class of player to play the current system. Forget plan A & B MW needs to look at plan C.

27 Sep 2017 09:20:56
Told you guys that i didn't see it working with MW and DW, the pair don't have a clue and were found out at Rangers. Why on earth yous wanted them i will never know because they are hopeless!

27 Sep 2017 09:33:24
Your probably right but I really hope that they turn it round and prove you wrong. The last thing this club needs is another manager merry go round. Think of the money it costs for a start. Then you will moan that the new owners spend nothing on new players.

27 Sep 2017 12:20:17
Squad has been changed quite substantially and needs time to settle. Whilst I am unsure about Warbs we have to remember where we came from. Squad is better, I honestly think we just need tweaking rather than wholesale changes. Defence worries me and that needs to improve. One thing dougie did was that when we went on a losing run, he went right defensively and we did not call cede many. Warning can't do that. I think he went to the Kevin keegan school of defensive football lol.

27 Sep 2017 12:49:07
panic panic, you can't keeping changing managers just because we go on a losing run, any manager needs at least a season, its getting very tiring on here.

26 Sep 2017 15:25:20
Let's hope for a 90 minute performance the same as the second half against villa I think we will see us playing a bit more direct football tonight whether it works or not we shall see.

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26 Sep 2017 16:38:32
Win, lose, or draw it should be entertaining. I will go for us to Win 4-3.

26 Sep 2017 17:00:38
10-9 to forest!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

26 Sep 2017 17:33:04
RR. Is that stand ovations, or yellow cards.

26 Sep 2017 18:19:15
If we can come out and play like we do when we are behind. we win!

26 Sep 2017 14:39:02
Vellios starting for the under 23s today so won't figure tonight. You have to wonder what the problem is?

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26 Sep 2017 15:30:01
Obviously doesn't fit into mws plans shame but he needs selling on and replacing in that case

26 Sep 2017 15:54:46
It's a shame really,he did well pre season and I thought he might get s run of games,Murphy doing well so far but we need more goals and Vellios might get them.

26 Sep 2017 16:38:14
That's ridiculous, I know he's a professional but how is he going to keep motivated if you keep making him play with the kids? Walker and brereton should not be starting ahead of him.

26 Sep 2017 17:01:50
Its a deraliction of duty from warburton regarding velios. He did the basics ie scoring pre season. He may not be as strong as murphy but has more goals in him and holds the ball well. Fancy playing brereton and also signing murphy on a 3 year contract when he had velios readyvto kick start the season. So when people talk about mw doing things his way or the right way then think how destructive his favourtism to certain players affects morale within the squad!!!!

26 Sep 2017 18:22:05
Murphy has been a good signing,leads the line better than any striker we've had here in many a season and knows where the net is.
Try a little patience

26 Sep 2017 20:16:19
79. Are you saying Murphy would not benefit from having someone just behind, or along side him.

26 Sep 2017 22:16:17
Maybe your right, maybe your wrong Rutland red 1. all I know is he's not been scoring for the youngsters so not really proved himself there.

25 Sep 2017 18:54:06
Hey fellow reds first time posting on here but I can see mark going if we don't win one or both of our next 2 games, but on the other hand who is there to come in.

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25 Sep 2017 19:44:31
Surely to sack Warburton would just be to conti8nue the short-term-ism we've suffered from for years, especially under Fawaz. This owner said he was structuring for the long term with stability. After all, if BC had been judged by some of his results in his first few months, he'd have ben sacked too. Not saying MW is BC, but we just need stability, not rushing onto the manager merry-go-.round

25 Sep 2017 20:26:35
DG. You are right, but if we were to lose six out the next nine he may well be sacked. L

25 Sep 2017 23:31:56
I want MW to stay, but that's not the point, will Marinakis?

26 Sep 2017 04:36:19
We really do need stability. I would give him to xmas and as long as we aren't in the relegation scrap its fine by me. Mid table a massive step after staying up on goal diff.

26 Sep 2017 07:58:22
Maybe it's Weir that should be sacked, a CB by trade but can't seem to sort our shoddy defence out.

26 Sep 2017 09:19:10
Redfin If we loose the next 2 games we will be in a relegation scrap, we are virtually in one now. I would think we will have a foreign manger next time, no doubt all ready being lined up.

26 Sep 2017 15:27:56
And if we win the next 2 games were top 6 so not looking that bad

24 Sep 2017 23:17:39
It's the end of the world as I know it doomed I say doomed Wednesday top 6 last season. there defence worse than ours so cavilhio sacked after this game lol.

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24 Sep 2017 14:57:03
Our defence looks bad, Wednesdays is a joke and top 6 team last season cavilhio probably be sacked at the end of this game

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24 Sep 2017 15:29:21
Beat us at a canter though

24 Sep 2017 15:36:38
Perhaps but Sheffield Utd showed how to play in this league. High tempo pressing the opposition in their half. Getting the ball forward quickly and players supporting quickly. Our defending not much better than Wednesday so could be on the end of a real hiding next weekend with our pedestrian way of playing.

24 Sep 2017 15:52:45
Syred thwt is exactly what we are missing

24 Sep 2017 21:25:22
Bet MW is sacked before him skegs πŸ˜‰

24 Sep 2017 14:52:29
With so many of you not liking the mw way of playing and all the concern that we might be fighting a relegation battle what new manager would you bring in?

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24 Sep 2017 15:05:37
If we keep sliding then they may try to persuade big sam. But really we should not need a new manager. Warbs needs to realise his strongest eleven. Mix the play from the back up and get at the opposition from the off. If he can't mix it and the slide continues then who knows what the chairman may decide. stability is one thing but the excuses cannot continue!!!!

24 Sep 2017 17:03:18
We need to stop chopping and changing managers,but in reply to your question,if the owners do pull the plug,don't be surprised if they go back for young cloughie,he was first choice to succeed pm and the Greeks were pulling the strings.

24 Sep 2017 20:06:07
How's he getting on at BA?

24 Sep 2017 20:06:11
I'd like to think MW has enough about him to sort it out.
Don't think many want yet another change of manager.

24 Sep 2017 20:58:05
How would any manager get on at BA.
Miracle there even in that division

25 Sep 2017 13:32:47
Really guys please stop all this talk of management change its upsetting the confidence of the team!

Message to Warbo "It's not what you do it's the way that you do it and that's what really counts in this division"

Taking a leaf out of Young Clough and Wilder's book would be a start?

24 Sep 2017 00:07:19
Enjoyable second half after a woeful first.
Had Murphy converted one of his two great second half headed chances we would have had an unlikely point.

Ben Osborn has his critics but i thought when he came on he gave us much needed momentum and at least tries to drive the team forward. Granted he gives the ball away on occasion but always gives his all and is a far better option than Bouchalakis and Bridcutt who seem pedestrian in comparison.

Brereton is a complete waste of a shirt at the moment. Yes being played out of position but his body language is all wrong. As No 22 so rightly said there is no excuse for not putting in a shift. Move him or lose him. Darikwa is very poor defensively and it baffles me why he starts ahead of Lichaj. Cohen, Vaughan,Ward and Mancienne would i think make a massive difference to us but they are rarely fit. Mckay is our only highlight at present but more often than not finds himself against three players.

Every time the ball goes in our half i fear we will concede and that cannot be right. I don't pretend to have all the answers but something ain't right and all of you that say we are a work in progress are just deluded. A very frustrated Forest fan.

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24 Sep 2017 06:12:20
Completely agree, we need Mancienne back in the defence, Worrall needs to be dropped for a few games.
We defo need a solid defender & a good goal keeper in Jan window.

24 Sep 2017 07:37:56
Ben Breretons body language is all wrong because he is being asked to play out of position, it all started against the friendly at Notts County, he came on second half and played through the middle, he was full of energy and scored. Next minute he was told to play right wing and he looked like a kid in a sweet shop with no money to spend. He should put in a shift but MW needs to change things instead of churning out a pretty much unchanged 11 each game. Mills is terrible, Worrall inexperienced, Darikwa and Traore go missing up the field far too much, keeper inexperienced. opposition teams do their homework before a game and they just know how to punish us.

21 Sep 2017 00:13:06
The reality check for everyone should haves kicked after tonight. We are miles off from walking the walk in the Championship despite teams being a little more forgiving in front of goal.

Our current game plan has been exposed big time again and now we are on course for the bottom third of the league finish.

MW is a bright bloke and should now know who in his squad are going to keep him in a job and so he now needs adapt the system to reflect individual capabilities rather than wed himself to an admirable ethos of play which the current squad are incapable of delivering.

He has given his newbies and youngsters a chance and they are learning the hard way. Time now pick the best square and round pegs for the right holes just like OBE did irrespective of transfer fee or potential.

Time also to set up and start being hard to beat first and then get the best out the creatives in the final third.

The rollercoaster continues. In MW we must trust to make the changes to get it right?

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21 Sep 2017 05:26:23
Warbo is not that bright. Time and again he tries to get average players to play his way and not a better way. We have not replaced lansbury not replaced britt. Clueless in defence. We pressure our selves with idiotic playing it out frkm the back with players not comfortable in posession. Velios behind the likes of walker???? Hobbs will be dropped again and never gets a run. Nope warbo talks gobbldy gook. Still no vocal skipper, mancienne tonight who is mouse like. He will lose ths dressing room if he has not done so already. We have not got the agression and drive on the pitch!!!!!

21 Sep 2017 07:26:03
Rangers fan here guys. MW and DW are out of their depth. They done well with Rangers in the Scottish Championship but were soon found out in the Premier League. If they can't master that then they have no chance in the English Championship which of course if a far better standard. For DW being a center half, i am bemused at how unorganized the defenses at both clubs have been. MW knows plan A. if it doesn't work he will say 'we will look at it, analyse it and try plan A again' Absolutely clueless and doesn't do change. McKay is a really good player with massive potential and should do well, Cummings is also a very good player (disappointed he didn't come to Rangers) so they have brought in two good talents however i fear the results will continue to be poor.

21 Sep 2017 11:00:22
MW always says his team will be well prepared in every press conference. Well Mr Warburton you are becoming a very predictable man on and off the pitch. Earn your pay and sort it out quickly because much more of this and you will not be in a job.

21 Sep 2017 11:04:57
MW also needs to stop with the 3 at the back crap it just doesn't work ffs. Joe warrall making loads of costly mistakes again last night. Henderson didn't look one but interested :-/ we need to play a solid 442.

21 Sep 2017 14:01:03
We don't trust in suicide, play it in you own area football?
So no, I'm sorry? I don't trust in MW

If that's what He's bringing. Especially to this of all leagues then he only has himself to blame.

He's displaying a total lack of awareness. That'll get a manager sacked at the golden arches.

A 5-year-old could do better and watching it makes my eyes bleed.

21 Sep 2017 14:35:30
No22 I agree. MW is making a noose for his own neck. The owners are not going to allow him to re-run last season results and will act before the fans turn on him if he does not wake up and smell the coffee?

The last thing we really need is another manager change. However, given progress on and off the pitch since last year Forest would be fishing a bigger manager pool than before if someone decides to get trigger happy?

22 Sep 2017 07:01:41
I don't need a reality check, Nffc are a mid table Championship club and I accept that, it would just be nice to see some common sense applied when selecting 11 players.

22 Sep 2017 12:52:48
Exactly that Longeatonred, this is his downfall
We have decent wingers but he plays BB on the wing?
We have goals in Vellios but he doesn't make the bench?
We play one up front then Change it when time is running out like against Wolves?

Don't get me wrong MW has brought in some quality players but he doesn't know how to use them

We create chances then drift a ball into a box with 5 or 6 defenders and Murphy?

I would rather play two strikers and attack the opposition rather than kill ourselves trying to grab a goal on the break

22 Sep 2017 13:30:38
Spot on redog

22 Sep 2017 19:25:08
OMG 8 league games in, won 4, lost to the Premier Leagiue champions in the League Cup, absolute disaster. I guess I'd better cut up my season card now as it's clear we will end up in League 2 soon. Get a life and a sense of proportion you lot.

22 Sep 2017 19:51:27
Top man some want it all,they must have been listening to queen.
I want all,I want it all and I want it now.
Nice to hear someone talking sense.

24 Sep 2017 05:58:44
mw is making forest a laughing stock with is tac xmas forest will be down at the bottom.

24 Sep 2017 12:41:26
Usual 'end of the world' comments after a loss. Good for you Diamond Geezer, that is putting it straight.

24 Sep 2017 14:53:04
I'm not sure mw is making us a laughing stock we seem to do that ourselves it's very early days yet

20 Sep 2017 23:47:29
Evening guys.
I wrote on here last week that Mr Warburton may well be out of his depth tactic wise. I really hoped I was wrong but seems not. We were never going to beat Chelsea but a real game plan would have helped. And yes, I was there.
Sir Brian wouldn't be impressed.

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21 Sep 2017 05:30:45
Ppl keep saying work in progress. Where is the progress? We have not been convincing even in winning. It seems its warbo's way or no way. He confuses me!!!!

21 Sep 2017 09:53:52
Rutland they mean progress over time a season or so not a few weeks lol have a word with yourself doomer

21 Sep 2017 11:21:52
Doomer???? Realist more like. He had 12 or more matches at end of season. All pre season and about 11 matches thus season. Work in progress???? Regress more like. The players seem bored with him.

21 Sep 2017 12:10:29
Its not going to be champagne football by the end of September if that's the progress you maybe expecting Rutland. It is a work in progress, personally I think people really should try and be a bit more patient. If we win on Sat does it mean we have turned the corner, no, if we lose does it mean we're getting relegated, no.

It is frustrating to watch us give silly goals away but think he needs more time to achieve what he is trying to do.

Put this game in perspective, we played Chelsea away in a cup game with 8 change ourselves. The bookies gave us 20-1, I was at the game and you always hope but really weren't going to win that one. Chelsea were ruthless with their chances.

21 Sep 2017 12:47:33
Yup agree ginger and i am certainly not remarking on the result lastnight. It was funny watching hazard bully mancs and worral to the ground thoughπŸ˜„

21 Sep 2017 13:58:04
Sorry Gingerkid, but I don't think it's that easy to just gloss over performances this season under MW. Against Chelsea, nobody expected a result for us, but what I did expect was for us to put up a good account of ourselves. 2 down after 19 minutes was just embarrassing. For me, MW has made 3 fundamental mistakes with his squad and tactics. Firstly, the defence. His failure to address the situation, having seen what happened last season is very poor management. Secondly, he had no choice over letting Britt leave, but replacing him with Murphy is another error of judgement. Cummings, who I think is a good player, but is unproven at this level. Thirdly, MW's style of play, the total possession football. I'm afraid that ship sailed years ago, and it's just not effective anymore. It's even worse for us, as we have zero attacking instinct so just knock the ball from side to side. Until MW addresses these issues, there will be no progress. Like others on here, the question of ability is now starting to be raised about MW.

21 Sep 2017 19:10:20
I'm glad Henderson played last night because it backed up what I thought about him last season.
I know we were unlucky with Federici getting injured but it's a key position in the team and a big weakness for us until at least the new year.

22 Sep 2017 18:20:04
RR1, yeah, I was amazed at how strong Hazard is for his size, he is a tough little character for someone with such ability. I remember him just shoving Lichaj off when he tried to make a challenge.

I still think its too early to make too much judgement yet Murdoch. I do think Cummings needs more help up top, maybe they can play Murphy with him? I really like Cummings but he is not getting the service.

23 Sep 2017 12:47:33
I'm amazed Warbo s game plan v Chelsea was to try to out pass a n d out football them. It must have been like the Charge of the Light Brigade heroic but suicidal! As one French general watching at the brave 600 said "C est magnifique mais ne c est pas last guerre" ie it's magnificent but it's not the right way to fight a battle" against impossible odds! So come on Warbo give the lads a bloody chance and be more dogged and pragmatic!

23 Sep 2017 21:52:05
People need a reality check. We were poor last year and could not defend. I blame MW for not improving us in any way defensively. Yes we are playing better football, but I honestly think that with the new forward attacking players we have, we have too many options . We have no settled team and players are unable to develope partnerships as too much change. Make us difficult to beat first, then improve our attacking. Ben B seams to have gone backwards


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