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11 May 2018 23:15:46
I see a lot of people seem happy to sell worral for a good price. And while I agree 8-10 mill is a great price, I think we need to remember that centre backs develop later. Remember lascelles was pretty much 4th choice cb when he left us. Wouldn't mind having him now!
would personally love to keep worral even if he's not first choice next year (which he prob won't be)

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12 May 2018 07:17:03
But if we need to sell to buy, Worrall is the most despensible of our youth. He's not that good and quality CB can be picked up quite cheap. Look at Figs for example, better CB than Worrall and cost a quarter of Worralls supposed value. BB and cash on the other hand, much harder to replaced a few seasons down the line if they meet their potential.

12 May 2018 12:34:52
I disagree I wouldn't contemplate selling any of the homegrown players other than grant as I believe we need them moving forward plus I believe a decent young center back is almost as valuable as a 20 a season striker

12 May 2018 12:41:22
B.B.? Surely not ? Can’t see it myself right now. He has zero attributes of great striker at the minute.

12 May 2018 15:13:45
Sorry redmash they are players we need once we have a stronger squad we can't afford that kind of value sitting on the bench till the club's finances are a lot better and we don't have to sell to buy

12 May 2018 18:59:47
Whether we like it or not every player has his price. There are too many factors embroiled within that prospective sale for us as fans to comprehend. All I would ask as a fan is that the money from the sale be spent wisely! Marriott anybody?

12 May 2018 22:09:28
2star,where was Harry kane when he was BBs age?

13 May 2018 00:41:30
Where B.B. should be gaz , no where near the first team. Sorry pal I can’t watch him week in week out and I’ve no doubt AK will have seen enough to know it too.

12 May 2018 23:58:01
In the pub having one 😆

13 May 2018 00:09:26
On loan to the likes of millwall I believe and looked nothing to get excited about.
Brereton is far better than you give him credit for.
When he takes a penalty you know where it's going and that's the sign of a goalscorer,Just need better players to supply him.
At nineteen and in a struggling side he's done well.
A lot on here wouldn't know anyway as they wanted vellios in and what a waste of space he is.
Or is it the system we play that makes them look bad??

13 May 2018 07:16:17
Defo he’s got bottle no doubt there. Now vellios is another matter and I’d be doing one straight down to the CG and demanding my money back for next season now if I thought vellios would be anywhere near the first team . I’d take Brereton over any of our other strikers at the moment. I just don’t believe he’s ready for that responsibility yet.

A bit like what I said about Osborn getting player of the year, it shows how bad we are one we’d say their performances are worthy of praise. It’s a biggger criticism of the other players around them actually.

13 May 2018 08:15:37
I'm not saying he's the finished article, he's far from it and is really frustrating in most games. But he is only 19 and we know the quality is in there somewhere, just look at what he did to arsenal. Now it's about getting that out of him consistently. He'll be a very good striker in the future I have no doubt.

13 May 2018 08:46:49
Well I’d be made up if he is because we’ve not had a consistent or for one for far too long now. The potential that was there when we had Antonio, Fryatt and assombalonga was mouth watering for that league until the curse struck again. I can’t shift my view that I’d osborn and Brereton is what we shout about right now then we are bad. Ben and Ben are average at best. It compounded if for me how bad we’ve been this season when Osborn had provided the most memorable performances of the season. It doesn’t mean I don’t like him or value his efforts, it does mean that the bar needs raising massively if we want to avoid the bottom six next season.

13 May 2018 09:38:19
If he had the right service he would score? Ha ha don’t make me laugh. He missed chance after chance in the last game. Tomlin sent him through on goal and he fumbled it , Tomlin was so annoyed he gave him a rollicking. Most of us on here would of scored given that service. We need new strikers and that glaringly obvious.

13 May 2018 10:41:40
Gazza red saying bb is only nineteen i'm old enough to remember trevor francis played in the first time and he was only sixteen and look how he turned out just saying !!

13 May 2018 11:03:03
APS if they’re good enough they’re old enough. Enough said. When you drill into the comment I’m sure good enough means physically and mentally good enough. That’s why it’s nonsense to say we should soft soap around the younger players. Great players deal with adversity the same as older players. It’s all part of being a great footballer. If you watched any quota of games last season it’s clear , absolutely clear that Worrall and Brereton are a bit away yet. That’s why once there were other viable options Worral was taken out of the first team. So much so it was better to play a left back instead of him. Same thing would have happened to Brereton but there was no other viable option., each time it was tried it was proven to not be viable. Fair play to the lad for doing this best to fill a void - we had no one else.
Now young cash on the other hand I believe is a different kettle of fish altogether and does have what it takes, even so, little is said about him in comparison to Brereton, who a few appear a bit fixated with. Perhaps it’s that desperation for a good striker to come out of the academy. I understand why if that is the reason.

13 May 2018 12:25:13
Good post 2 star and a fair reflection of where we are at the moment.
But in Worrall,Osborn and Brereton and even Smith,whoes been treated appallingly ,it gives something to build on.
Clough and McKay are only Osborn age and showed in their first few games that they have talent and goals in them as well.
Problem with young players is they are inconsistent and need good coaching and coaxing to get the best out of them.

If you take Osborn for example at 23 he's played under about 7 different managers and been played differently by them all,that doesn't help either.
It's about finding the right manager in the first place,
Get that right like Burnley and Bournemouth did and success follows

13 May 2018 16:24:01
For sure FF, I wonder if our coaching could improve .

13 May 2018 16:24:39
Smith has been treated badly

13 May 2018 21:47:16
Other thing 2 star is Dowell was brilliant and scored for fun in his early days??
They don't suddenly become bad players,they just have a dip in form.
It's about managing that and taking them out the firing line when needed without destroying their confidence??

11 May 2018 21:25:56
Looks like Karanka intends to raise the bar on quality in his shake up.

I'll be really pleased if we send the Warbo's imports home to Scotland. We should not be nurturing a failing leagues talent only developing our own?

If Manc and Bridcutt go then there are better players out there and neither are great at moving the ball forward which is a regular moan of the team with some?

Height, pace and some creativity will sort out our defensive/ midfield woes plus a couple of decent strikers so Ben Bro can develop.

Looking forward to the reshuffle.

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11 May 2018 21:43:40
Totally agree but FF79 will still defend Warbo lol.
A new chapter will start with a summer of new signings and outgoings with a team that AK can work with

11 May 2018 22:14:34
Not about sticking up for warbo.
I'm just not sure Karanka is any better and results say he isn't.
It's ok saying get rid,but it's not that easy to do in reality.
I'll see who he brings in and how they gel as a team.
Personally I think he wants rid of even more than the few mentioned.
The players will be happy to leave if not wanted,but only if the contract matches what theryre on,if no takers they'll stick around,knowing that if he fails they'll get a chance with another manager when he's gone.
Make no mistake the Greeks will be expecting huge strides from Karanka for backing him.
They'll be no mid table,they will want more,so he needs to hit the ground running or he'll be gone by Xmas.
I'm not a fan of massive team overhauls,its far better to do it gradual by integrating a few at a time.

11 May 2018 22:27:30
Ff not the only one that will defend Warbo. like I've said karanka as shown nothing at forest and that's with the 10 additions he bought in so it's down to him to prove he ain't a one hit wonder at Middlesbrough, because at forest he's shown nothing better than Warbo, fact.

12 May 2018 05:35:45
Skegsjay if u remember right warbo bought us closer to relegation this time last season, I'm not putting him down, all I'm saying is let's give karanka a chance.

12 May 2018 08:46:15
I think the main difference is the signs MW signings were shocking all those Scottish migits, but I have been impressed with ak permanent signings so far you have to admit ak seems to know what players you need to do well in this league

12 May 2018 10:34:27
That always makes me smile when posters go on about the Scottish midgets he signed.
There were only two.
Anyone who didn't know would think he signed a whole team of Scottish players.

12 May 2018 12:48:35
I’m sure he signed Mcimpy, macdwarf, mctiny, macshortie, mclittle, macmidget,mcpygmy, macelf, mcdiminutive and macPdiddy. He defo signed mcDuff.

Don’t pretend he didn’t FF, the whole world knows it is so.😂

12 May 2018 13:32:32
I think Karanka is just a manager with higher expectations and used to working with a higher quality of player than Warburton. Warburton came to Forest as a solid championship manager with a reputation for building young teams who played open football, this seemed a good fit considering at the time we had little money coming from the owner and our one big asset was our youth setup with several of our best performers in recent years coming from the youth team. Karanka is a manager with links around the world to top European clubs and who has major ambitions to play in the top division. He will happierly play youth if they are good enough but if not he won’t rush them and he knows that experience will in the end do w better job of getting you promoted.
You can’t compare those managers as they both are very different and I think had very different aims and ideas. Personally I am excited to see what Karanka does now and I just hope he is given the time to do it as I don’t think many managers in recent years get given the time to really start fulfilling their visions.

12 May 2018 13:38:24
He did try and sign a McDonald'2 star.
But Fulham wouldn't let him do one.

12 May 2018 15:49:52
Lol so he did yes - the told him to take his Greek bread and do one .

12 May 2018 21:12:20

your mate tried to sign McGinn, Foderingham and that Motherwell winger. Thankfully he failed otherwise we would be in League 1 next season!

You will struggle to find anyone from the Scottish League that has come into the Championship or Premiership and made an immediate impact?

13 May 2018 00:20:20
We might be in league one next season red anyway if Karanka continues where he's left off this season with results?
Now what's that's guys name who came from Celtic and went to Liverpool via Southampton for a mere 80 odd million??

13 May 2018 08:52:54
Ff I think we need to give AK this window and judge him next season mate. He has a squad of players from the last 6 managers, some kids and some last min bargain buys. Let him complete his cull and get his own squad then see what he can do. I am not sure about him either but he needs a fair crack.

13 May 2018 21:07:48
Problem is Redfin,you give them a window and if they mess it up someone else has to clear up the mess?
That's where the owners should say, hang on a minute, You told us this squad is no good?

We let you sign 10 players and results haven't improved??
We need to know this time these are the right players and why??
And your not having another ten, we prefer quality over quantity to add to what we have?

11 May 2018 12:29:17
Apparently Bridcutt, Mancienne, Murphy, McKay, Vellios and Kapino have been told that they can leave.

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11 May 2018 13:29:47
Several more need to be got rid of as well. Henderson, Etimov, Lam, Cummings,Ward and Tralee.

10 May 2018 20:13:05
Just heard that Bridcutt has been told he can leave. Anyone know if this is true. Wasn't expecting that one.

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10 May 2018 20:31:44
Just ask yourself, do i trust my source. The manager certainly has some tough decisions to make.

10 May 2018 21:23:25
Thought bridcutt had improved vastly and was showing his true potential after a shaky start

09 May 2018 23:16:30
Looks to me like Tomlin will take a chance on a return to the gold at Cardiff. I think he'll have a lot of time on his hands. That won't exactly be healthy for him, if you know what I mean.

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10 May 2018 08:27:01
Not gold but fold!

10 May 2018 10:01:19
You could be right with gold as if he is contracted he will get a promotion hyke in his wages as per the same if relegated. He will not feature for cardiff so if he wants football then i am sure we dould make him an attractive offer. He has the footy brain we need at this level.

10 May 2018 11:12:45
Maybe he's bitten off more than he can chew??. then again I doubt it! 🍰🍔🍔🍨🍨

10 May 2018 12:06:26
I would like to see him here permanently as long as his demands aren't greed orientated! I think that he is capable of serving is up a footballing feast.His hunger games time would be satiated at the CG!

10 May 2018 14:20:49
Would like to think the current hierarchy will offer him a decent wage with a huge bonus for promotion to the premier - rather than Fawaz - 4 years on massive wages with no incentive to perform

10 May 2018 16:52:35
Good for him.
Dodged a bullet there??
But not really, cus Warnock won't want him. He's sussed him out already.
So here comes tomlin, unless he can stay away from McDonald's?

10 May 2018 16:55:11
Tomlin is like Taarabt so Warnock will probably also make him Captain next season to harness the talent he needs to compete in the Prem on a limited budget.

If not he will be available in January on the cheap as Cardiff wheel and deal?

09 May 2018 22:03:19
So the runners and riders for Marriott who wants "to improve and play at the highest level he can"are:-

Rangers who would have to blow all their share issue and more to fund him to play Mickey Mouse football.

Leeds who have an unproven manager at Championship level and have to shift some high earners before they buy.

Sheff Wed who have a major rebuilding job and an unknown/ unproven manager who may struggle to attract young English talent.

Forest who have 2 star status, developed Britt and a manager who can attract top talent.

All AK has to do if Forest want him is tickle his tummy?

Deal done?


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09 May 2018 22:30:14
Hope the asking price isn't silly it could go belly up!

10 May 2018 00:13:58
I’ve got no idea wtf you’re going on about? I thought I only had a couple of beers tonight???

10 May 2018 07:59:32
Madness. Absolutely!

10 May 2018 17:33:12
You really think there will only be Wednesday leeds and rangers after the bloke and for Wednesday big rebuilding job what about us lol and as for a manager that can attract top talent not seen that yet I must be watching someone else I will not be holding my breath on signing big names or great up and coming players but we shall see how many bellys karanka can tickle bet he had fun with tomlins belly lol 😆

10 May 2018 18:23:07
Skegs you’re such a negative cynic but hope you have ordered a large humble pie remember around this coming
November you maybe be eating it!

10 May 2018 19:37:45
Hey, nothing wrong with my status old boy.

11 May 2018 10:56:32
Red Freddie I don't mind eating plenty of humble pie and getting loads of stick off you if we're battling top 6 next season.

08 May 2018 22:15:15
Shock Horror!

Forest will not be offering new contracts to 3 of the most experienced and talented players in the squad! Thank you Messrs Cohen Vaughan and Hobbs. Injury has robbed us all of fully appreciating your talents.

The real shock and horror is the negativity surrounding AK's decision to replace these wise old heads with Dawson, Watson and Marney who despite their ages have excellent fitness records and far superior top level experience to move us to the next level and manage tight games.

They will provide excellent foils to the youth coming through and the pace identified to join in the summer?

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08 May 2018 22:29:49
Marney has an excellent fitness record? 😂😂

08 May 2018 22:39:27
Marneys record on fitness is far from excellent. I reckon his knees must be about shot.Wouldn't touch him with a bargepole.

08 May 2018 23:24:08
It’s a Shame red, any team in this league would benefit from those three if fit

08 May 2018 11:44:19
Marney, acl injuries and not played since last year...a great addiction to replace other sick notes.
No doubt will be given a lengthy contract.

08 May 2018 11:48:52
Before pooh poohing Marney check your facts. 400 league appearances and present in 75% of Burnley's fixtures in his first 3 seasons. He actually has less miles on his clock than Vaughan and Cohen having established himself later on in his career.

09 May 2018 13:24:27
Am just boxing up a spare pair of my work trousers to ship them off to the lad Marney. Knee pads provided free of charge of course!

09 May 2018 14:44:46
Hardly played for the last two seasons through injury.
34 years old he'll just carry on being injured for periods,they don't get over injuries well after having bad ones.

09 May 2018 15:59:29
NFFC (Nice Fit For Crocks!!)🚑🚑🚑

09 May 2018 17:08:57
as well probably want to sign a centre back or two with dawson being one, would anyone be interested in huth on a free this summer as leicester have said he will leave this summer at the end of this contract. only concern would be his age (33) with not wanting to sign 2 old centre backs, and wages. its not w rumour just wondered if people thought it would be a good move, could be an option as he may be settled in the midlands and wanting to stay.

09 May 2018 22:00:37
Red I'd check your facts, He's another sick note.
Yes he'd be a freebee but it's not worth him warming up the bench and claiming wages.
Forest is becoming a club for loanees and players past their sell by date.

09 May 2018 22:02:42
Marney has not played in the Premiership because Burnley have purchased better players and he cannot get a game rather than him not being fit so he will have been looking after his knees!

I think you will find our medical team under AK are much better at eye testing and the like?

09 May 2018 22:14:16
Get real!!!

H has had two ACL injuries. He is 34. And he has played 30 odd games in last 3 seasons. Fact!

What about Ryan Yates?

09 May 2018 22:43:16
Doesn't matter how good the medical team are,the guy is a sick note.
That medical team havn't got Vaughan fit again.

10 May 2018 16:56:46
Maybe Ryan Yates knees could go on loan to Marney and then we get the best of both worlds. A wise head on young shoulders (knees)?

Signing Marney is all part of Karanka's plan to give you a new sick note to moan about while he gets on with the job on the pitch!

10 May 2018 17:32:04
Red he’s been sidelined for acl injuries, a good signing you say?
I totally disagree a shocking signing in my opinion.

08 May 2018 16:12:35
Sounds like AK is keen on landing Pants as our Number 1. However, we are again linked with Foderingham with speculation that Danny Ward will go to Rangers with Gerrard.

Sooner have Pants for size rather than Foderingham or better still Danny Ward who was great for Huddersfield if we could sign him rather than loan?

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08 May 2018 17:04:46
Pants is not bad but dosen,t look like a natural keeper to me ,my theory is because of his size he was put in goal at school and has stopped there !
Not fully convinced .

08 May 2018 19:16:48
We used to put the fat lad in goal?? Not particularly directed at you Carlo Carlo but if the gk is less than 6ft he’s too small and if he is a tall un’ he is not good enough and only a gk because he’s tall?? Why didn’t he play basketball?

08 May 2018 19:36:02
Do you mean crossley? Top class keeper - loved him to bits.

08 May 2018 20:11:44
Can you remember Fatty Foulke ,what a keeper!

08 May 2018 21:49:09
Did he do one Carlo?

09 May 2018 20:45:25
The size of him he could do more than one!
Have goggle ,big un .

08 May 2018 13:06:50
Like many other Reds I will be waiting to hear Tuesdays decision on the players informed they have no future here under AK. Brutal honesty makes me think that figure will be high. We are not good enough and we have not been good enough for far to long so I hope AK will be ruthless and work towards a new squad and a new start by off loading those not up to it. They have had their chance. That said, it could as difficult if not more so to move some of these on because of the stupid contracts dished out by his predecessor. AK as one hell of a difficult task ahead because Marinakis will want the decks clearing of as much deadwood as possible before adding to an already top heavy squad as the manager aims for his twenty three player limit. Best of British there then boss. U REDS.

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08 May 2018 16:21:16
I am sure he will be ruthless and one or two surprises in the out going department. He will stick with the youngsters who have been out on loan as he will need to have them to top up his 22/23 preferred size squad?

08 May 2018 22:28:14
If you remember rightly retford .
Warbo only signed
And dowell loan.
Only one was a given a contract too long for his age?
Murphy?on that we all agree.
The rest of the squad was inherited so you can't lay the blame squarely at warbo's door.

Karanka bought in ten only two good enough and that's figs and watson and the the occasional flash from Billy bunter
By playing Worrall we've attracted bids of 12 million, which is twice what he spent on players.

09 May 2018 05:48:22
Ff799, on your list that means Murphy given too long a contract, Darikwa will stay as will Bridcutt. The rest will be gone, and Warburton had longer than Karanka to access the squad before a transfer window came around.

All our managers have had different ideas so inherited players they do not want.

08 May 2018 11:45:33
What is it with people worshipping Warburton, he WAS garbage.

11 May 2018 15:16:33
Lolley isn’t good enough???? You mental!? Best Jan deal in years!!!!!! Think Colback was a solid signing in Jan from AK too! Only Dejagah and Fuentes who didn’t really perform out of AKs Jan signings though Tomlin and Geddy have been up and down but both played part in last 10 games especially Tomlin.
Out of Warbs signings only Dowell and maybe Darwinkwa were any good really. maybe Bridcutt. McKay did exactly what Rangers fans said and started brilliant and then nose dived horribly!

07 May 2018 13:54:55
Congratulations to AK on stabilizing the ship and saving us from relegation following Warburton's deluded recruitment policy.

The summer will see the remnants of the Fawaz era completely erased.

The majority of Pearce's signings apart our recruitment policy historically has been a disaster.

In 4 months Karanka has laid this bare and exposed the limitations of our Academy system. In short we produce too many nice players who get too comfortable in Nottingham but are not winners. Losing to Bolton twice in a week sums up the lack of mental strength within the club.

The players parachuted in are clearly made of sterner stuff and have saved the day so we should all look forward to AK's summer rebuild which will get us competing at the right end of the table.

We have the right man for the job in hand at this stage of our new era so to all the Foremoaners judge AK next summer as the board will do having had a full season with his own team.

You might not see pretty football but you will see winning football and progress which you need to instill into a team before you can develop the pretty stuff. Even Cloughie worked this way!

Also remember in our better teams of the past we have always had a "fat lad" pulling the strings!

Onward and Upward COYR's.

Agree12 Disagree3

07 May 2018 14:37:59
Redinexile, it does not matter which side of the fence someone is on regarding the manager but i think you will find both fans and owner will give him close to January like Warburton got if we are not close to the top six.

Although i like the manager with the results we have had under him since his arrival we only avoided relegation due to there being more teams being slightly worse than us.

I think the manager could well turn things around, he has now had more than enough time to decide the teams weakest links and has now got more than enough time to replace the weakest links, and a pre season to get his ideas across without any pressure of having to win games in the Championship while he does.

With the time he had so far and all of the pre season, he will have had more time than Warburton to sort things out so as January approaches if we are not looking in good shape why would he deserve untill the summer to try and get it right.

07 May 2018 16:49:08
I think it’s bitterly disappointing how much we have struggled under Karanka. In other seasons when the bottom teams have been better our points total would have taken us down.
I hope and it is just hope at the minute that he can move us forward after a pre season and his own signings. Doesn’t look like he will ever take the division by storm though.

07 May 2018 19:33:20
The only reason man. City won the premiership was because there were 19 teams worse than them.

07 May 2018 20:09:26
Oakhamred, i like your thinking, the big difference with Man City though is they have Won 30 games, Drawn 4 games, and Lost only 2 games in all those games they scored 102 goals while only conceding 26 goals.That is Premiership winning form.

Had the manager joined us at the start of the season and had the same results as from when he did join us that would have been relegation form.

08 May 2018 13:05:03
Agreed 2 star but the results tell us more about the players Karanka inherited than his ability. We were never going to pull up trees with a 19 year old centre forward. At least since Jan we have been better at the back with TF in the team and have been creating chances for our forwards.
Next year will be much better.

08 May 2018 13:09:57
That's a fact win at all costs.
So why all the euphoria over what Karanka has done??
He hasn't done anything to improve us at all.
It's that simple and yes we'd have been in serious relegation fight if the points weren't already on the board.

08 May 2018 13:50:57
I’m staying open minded just as I did last summer. If I’m honest as the curtain fell last season I feared for us this season without a big overhaul (which never came). I feel the same again now and hoped for a much stronger finish. EG victories against Bristol city, Brentford and Bolton would have been massive in terms of demonstrating at upward trajectory. I feel we are miles away from doing better but will remain positive and hope for better times next season.

08 May 2018 14:23:47
Ff799, the euphoria for me is because Karanka came in had very little time to access the team before deciding what he had to do, and whom he could bring in.

I liked the way he publicly said what a lot of us were thinking and he did not pull any punches in what he said. He wasted no time getting players through the door, all be it some of them being panic transfers, the loan players mostly but he wanted certain qualities and got them.

He did not really have enough time to get the players to gel, although results have not gone as we all would have liked there have been signs of improvement, you can see he has a plan and all be slowly,it seems to be coming together.

That is why i believe with the time he has had to access the situation, and now having time to get who wants and a whole pre season with most of the players he, and the team will get better.

Nothing as you know is guaranteed but that is the way i feel.

08 May 2018 15:54:01
To be honest euphoric is not how I am feeling. More like optimism. The euphoria is to come.

08 May 2018 21:59:03
Good luck with it win at all costs.
Dangerous game kicking out 15 players,if at all possible?
Then going our and bringing in 15.
The last ten other than figs have been mainly crap.
Lots of excuses for the poor results from Karanka, but they don't wash with me.


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