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25 Sep 2018 20:46:28
Well Blackburn are taking us seriously for Saturday, rested the team tonight, can' see karanka following suit.

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25 Sep 2018 21:34:11
To be fair Ff I think that will be the case for all teams. Rest days all round I reckon.

25 Sep 2018 22:00:50
Yep your right Boro did it as well.
Result of the round should go to Burton,playing against a strike force of wood and vydra and a strong side in general.

23 Sep 2018 22:48:06
I think Carvalio is making some great diagonal runs in behind opponents fullbacks that our midfield still isn't picking up.
Can someone tell them.

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24 Sep 2018 08:02:27
I’m sure those diagnal runs will be discussed, probably in quite stern terms. There was a bit of talking about it Saturday actually.

24 Sep 2018 12:16:04
Exactly the point I was trying to make a couple of weeks ago I don’t think that the midfield as it stands today are good enough to bring the best out of the players we have
Still think there’s some more work to be done in the midfield

24 Sep 2018 14:52:40
We certainly are not lacking midfield options.It's just a case of striking the right balance. I think that we are quite close to achieving that.

25 Sep 2018 01:40:59
hes supposed to be a 13m creative midfielder himself, so if players don't spot his diagonal runs surely he should get on the ball and make things happen, that's what playmakers do, let grabban make the runs?

25 Sep 2018 05:34:26
Carvalho’s movement is absolutely brilliant, he’s always looking for gaps and space. Doing this pushes teams back and keeps their defenders constantly on their toes which leads to more time and space for the midfield. Creativity isn’t just what you can do with the ball, it’s also what you can do without it.

25 Sep 2018 13:03:59
Yep think some are missing the point of a playmaker he’s supposed to be picking out the runs not making them ,

25 Sep 2018 16:36:25
Is it etched in stone what he should or should not be doing? I think not! Communication is the key. That,I think,will improve.

25 Sep 2018 17:04:36
Hi has anyone heard if that Iranian strikers paperwork as come through yet

25 Sep 2018 17:54:42
Think people are clutching at straws if all we can praise a 13mill championship player for is the odd good run he makes OFF the ball

26 Sep 2018 01:59:40
if carvalhos runs have been so good why have other players not found him or tried too? and if the other midfielders don't see them surely he needs to tell them? iv seen him once live so far against sheff wed and I thought he was awful in the 1st half just jogging around an seemed disinterested an when someone did pick him out he blazed over from 10 yards out, but in the 2nd half he was much better cus he started looking and asking for the ball so for me its down to him if he wants to play like the 2nd half of sheff wed or not like the 1st?

26 Sep 2018 08:41:31
Carvalhos shown enough to suggest he'll be a top player when the team becomes more familiar with each other.

When the players around him can anticipate those clever runs into pockets of space & find him consistently, he'll have a bigger influence offensively.

He wants to play one touch football, that will only come good when it becomes second nature to those around him.

26 Sep 2018 12:43:17
Cjay been to almost all the games and you were obviously watching something different to me

26 Sep 2018 15:00:15
Folk tend to see what they want to see.

26 Sep 2018 18:39:12
Rose tinted glasses anyone?

27 Sep 2018 00:09:57
Cjay i’ m a forest fan and want to see him do well what’s your excuse lol

23 Sep 2018 22:03:31
What on Earth is happening at Rangers? Why have we sent Worrall there to rot on the bench? It's early days but the lad ain't getting much of a look in. Our defence is getting better with recent additions but I don't understand why we are paying Dawson a fair whack to warm our bench when Worrall would be adequate and significantly cheaper.

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24 Sep 2018 06:17:08
Worrell played in the European cup the other night for ranges maybe he is not full match fit yet to play week in week out.

24 Sep 2018 06:40:56
Heff and fox are faultless at the moment Binns , why would you want to replace either of them? Apart from a lucky deflection we’ve been solid in the last 3 games. I don’t understand where you’re coming from there.

24 Sep 2018 11:03:21
It's also good that the lads experiencing big crowds at ibrox,puts him in a good place ready for the English premiere league next season

24 Sep 2018 15:13:45
I'd prefare us to make at least 7 changes for cup game
Steel Dawson figs concalves Dias yocab bridgcutt
And it will still be a good 11

24 Sep 2018 17:44:31
It would not surprise me to see eleven changes.

23 Sep 2018 14:46:50
I have as some of you are aware had medical treatment and have not renewed my season ticket, as l was not sure if l would be able to come to matches. Anyway all has turned out satisfactory, but don't have a seat. I now get tickets for matches l can get to and all is fine.

But, in sitting in various stands next to fellow fans l have found out what a most miserable and unfriendly crowd we have. I might have been unlucky in my choice of seat, but l think that the reason the seats have not been taken is of the said observations. Try and lighten up fans be more accommodating to either fellow reds or visitors.

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23 Sep 2018 15:54:23
Hope you continue to be well mate. take care

23 Sep 2018 21:44:07
51 Ff799 has an empty seat next to him. I'm sure you both bring a smile to each others faces in the BC Stand? 😊

23 Sep 2018 22:09:17
51. Hope your illness is now behind you and I wish you good health for the future.
I have been saying this about Forest supporters for years they are finkle and impatient.
Crap manager year after year. Not buying enough players then buying to many. All of them knowing better formations than the manager
The list is endless.

23 Sep 2018 22:19:08
Yep it's still empty but apparently sold when you phone up.
Either someone's got more money than sense or there's a bit of a clock up?🤔

24 Sep 2018 06:43:30
FF79, surely a modern radical free thinker such as Red makes his purchases on line ?

24 Sep 2018 09:00:23
Thats seats comes with a health warning and direct dial phone to the Samaritans.

24 Sep 2018 09:24:44
Yep Online ticketing is the only way pick your seat and whoopy cushion. I live in hope that one day they will be able to organise drinks and snacks to the seat!

799 and 51 need to exchange seat numbers to buddy up.

24 Sep 2018 12:49:32
Ff799 any chance of forwarding the details ,looking to park myself somewhere, is it a nose bleeder seat ,high at the back?

24 Sep 2018 19:18:02
51 they won't let anyone have the seat it's sold and they won't g8ve details out otherwise one of the lads was having it.

24 Sep 2018 20:04:51
Lol nice one red!

24 Sep 2018 20:53:31
Thanks anyway Ff799 COYR

22 Sep 2018 23:42:51
Watson garbage don't know how to break teams down who set up defensively. 1 up top and 2 holding mid is incorrect. should be 2 up top and 2 attacking mids with 1 holding when your playing the lesser teams.

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23 Sep 2018 07:35:40
Last couple of years we would of drawn that game or even lost the game.we dug in and got the win and that’s the sign of a team that will do well.

23 Sep 2018 10:14:18
Lesser teams? Anyone beats anyone in this league. Stick to doing what were doing best & this season could turn out to be the one.

So far unpicking teams with ten men behind the ball has yielded plenty of points.

23 Sep 2018 10:33:26
That's all fine in theory but look at the table everyone is beating everyone else and we are only 1 of 4 clubs to lose just 1 game.
Sooner have a clean sheet in this league than getting mugged by the bus parkers playing more gung ho.

23 Sep 2018 21:30:45
The 2 central midfielders aren't both playing as holding midfielders. 1 is a ball winner and the other is a creative midfielder with rolls being reversed as and when. We play with, essentially, 3 attacking midfielders and 1 up top.

24 Sep 2018 20:05:55
If guedioura is playing as a holding midfielder he ain’t doing a very good job it!

22 Sep 2018 21:06:37
Well done lads grinding out a result from the bus parkers.

What a difference a week makes. We are now one of only four teams only to have lost 1 game out of 9 league matches.

Next 3 games against the other 3 teams so we will see how well we are set after Matchday 12.

Onward and Upward.


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22 Sep 2018 09:43:53
The target today is at least 3 goals today. A goal from a corner (Hef? ) a penalty from a break running through and a drive from outside the box.
Job done 3 points Onward and Upwards.

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22 Sep 2018 10:58:11
Would be fantastic. I do hope you're right Red

22 Sep 2018 11:32:53
It would be even better if Grabban were to put the penalty away.

22 Sep 2018 12:32:54
Osborn to score a free kick today.

22 Sep 2018 21:12:59
Well guys we permed Ossie, GrabOne and the penalty!

23 Sep 2018 16:35:31
One outa three ain't bad

20 Sep 2018 22:23:00
By my reckoning, there are seventeen teams in the Championship that have played Premier League football since we last had that honour. Four definitely haven't and there are two more that I'm not sure about. Which ever way you look at it, it makes for sober reading! Would be interested to compare notes as some of you are more informed than me?

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21 Sep 2018 06:12:56
it was interesting that forest haven't been back since 99 and sheff wed 00

21 Sep 2018 07:01:30
That clears up one that I was not sure about arran_85.👍

21 Sep 2018 15:03:35
You can add Sunderland, Blackpool, Portsmouth and Charlton to that list. All been PL teams since we were there, all League 1 now. There's a cautionary tale in there somewhere. . 😉

21 Sep 2018 16:23:10
That's a good point Scouser.

21 Sep 2018 16:34:01
There are also seven or maybe eight now in the Prem that have played league one football in that time. The word of the day I suppose is perspective.

22 Sep 2018 11:42:25
Stats demonstrate what a loyal fanbase we have but also show where we have been as a club.
Over expectation must be tempered by patience and full backing for the team and manager for steady progress over the season.

Despite the slow start there is a steely determination in the performances that has been missing for many a year. The depth of squad should enable this to be maintained over 46 games so keep the faith.

19 Sep 2018 23:39:36
Ben Osborn apart from the free for grabben goal his dead ball efforts were pathetic, he hit 2 corners from the side it was on to other side of the pitch bypassing all players not just forest ones. he had good game but should leave dead ball duties to someone else, cash out of it tonight Dias should start against rotherham.

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20 Sep 2018 07:09:14
Doesn’t seem to matter what the result is or how well he plays, there is always someone on here ready to have a go at osborn. The fact he overhit a couple of corners is completely negated by the cross for the first goal and the setting up of the second plus his general all round play.

20 Sep 2018 08:48:53
Seems to me we have never had anyone who could take really good corners now for several years. Can anyone remember a player who could do so consistently?

20 Sep 2018 10:05:43
A solid performance and a great three points and yet someone is moaning about two over-hit corners. Dear me.

Hope your half-time pie didn't ruin the match experience, Mr Meldrew.

20 Sep 2018 20:55:16
Osborn generally takes good dead balls. Last night he proved what a cracking player he is. I wish he’d have buried his chances Saturday and last night , he got in some excellent positions and his flick was the brilliance behind the second goal. Time we all gave him he respect he deserves, I felt player of the season last season perhaps reflected how poor we’d been but that takes nothing away from Osborn and his exemplar performances consistently - glad we’ve not sold him.

21 Sep 2018 20:46:45
All the recent managers of different football persuasions had Osborn in their team. To me he gives his all for the club in a Chris Cohen manner. Benny will score goals but his assists are equally important. A future captain of our club when we are in the premier league following CC,s footsteps - but I hope not injuries

19 Sep 2018 22:48:53
Well for a manager who according to some does not have a clue we seem to have destroyed some myths tonight.
1, A settled team selection starting to gel
2. Another dominating performance and virtually unemployed goalkeeper.
3. Hunting in packs to chase the game down from the front.
4. GrabOne off the mark doing what he does best.
5. Carvalho providing a spark and opening his account.
6. Colback showing his class
7. A good winning performance

7 reasons to be cheerful even the Resident Banker should be happy at the head of the queue at the Melton Road Humble Pie shop. Fill your boots.


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19 Sep 2018 23:41:55
No argument from me red tonight,long may it continue.

19 Sep 2018 23:42:20
Spot on Red but they will be hoping for a fall on Saturday

20 Sep 2018 00:49:18
Anyone hoping for a fall on Saturday is not a Forest fan.

20 Sep 2018 05:55:47
Redfred hoping for a fall?. really. no a WIN. !

20 Sep 2018 11:03:57
A positive post from The Bank! Who ate all the pies? 😋

20 Sep 2018 14:59:13
As some on here love churning out negative stats, how about a positive one :
we have now won twice as many league games this season than we have lost. .lol.

20 Sep 2018 20:16:09
Some of us just say it as we see it,it's nothing to do with being negative it's what we have witnessed with our own eyes.
If we play well I'm always saying so,if we play badly I also say so.
Problem is we havnt played well that often for the past few years.
It's called just being honest and not glossing over poor performances and just hoping that something will turn up,no point kidding yourself that everything is Rosie when it's not
I've always said I didn't want karanka here,but I'll praise him when we perform well and I'll tell you when we don't,
I don't do excuses,the odd bad game will happen and we will have the odd bad luck,
All about opions and that's the fun of this site.
If we all agreed the add would be redundant.


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