14 Dec 2019 22:49:25
Watson seems to be immune from criticism - his miss today was beyond belief! He can't run, shoot, dribble, pass forward, head and has no energy. Reason why Worrell gets MoM nearly every week because Watson not doing his job in midfield ie holding. Games against Preston (1st half), Charlton, Wigan, Leeds, Hull - no holding whatsoever! He's slowing up play and should not feature in home fixtures. A role on the bench as cover for injuries only - finished at Championship level! PS. Silva has his shortcomings but still streets ahead of Carvalho. Sort it quickly Mr Lamouchi please.

1.) 15 Dec 2019
15 Dec 2019 11:06:51
You get a good 10 games out of Dawson and that's all. he's come back from injury half the player he was prior to his injury. His positioning for 3 of the wednesday goals was shocking. Get Figs and Worrall at the back, get Ribeiro back in for Robinson asap. Sell Carvalho and reinvest wisely.

2.) 15 Dec 2019
15 Dec 2019 16:30:17
As i left the ground and admitt to leaving early a chap was telling me he had heard there had been a training ground bust up don't know if true or not.

3.) 15 Dec 2019
15 Dec 2019 19:05:20
Red hot red I stated on banter site that this wonderful defence has gone to the dogs since Dawson returned. I'm afraid the old one's are being found out the same as our 36 year old centre forward was.

We need strength and speed at this level. Thank goodness its happening now so Sabri can do something about it in January.
Also I have never seen such an unhappy bunch of players even before the game started, completely opposite to about 2 months ago.