23 Jan 2021 17:01:39
All we can do now is hope that there are 3 teams worse than us this season - which I’m not convinced there are - and then demand recruitment sackings in the summer, along with the sale of most of that squad, and probably the coaching staff. I’m not sure there is anything to be excited about anymore. If a big team wants Mighten, sell him - he can’t handle the ferocity of the championship, so take the money. Because we won’t be in the Prem any time soon.

Another diabolical performance which puts to bed any thoughts that we have decent squad depth - there’s was the depth and they were just humiliated. If Figs ever plays for us again, I’ll be gutted.

1.) 23 Jan 2021
23 Jan 2021 17:36:10
What can Hughton be thinking to have Figs anywhere near the starting 11?

2.) 23 Jan 2021
23 Jan 2021 19:46:16
sale. who would want to pay for any of these crap artists.