23 Jan 2021 21:12:47
Warburton, Montanier, Karanka, Lamouchie, Hughton and anyone I missed. Why over the last few years have they all failed so miserably to lift our club out of the dire state it is in. Many posters blame the owners, poor dof decisions, players that are to old, players who don't care, long contracts, etc. etc. or the managers and their players simply not good enough to do the job they are tasked with. I think it is a collective of all these things to varying degrees. How we get out of this disasterous cycle of events and repair the damage that keeps occuring is really very worrying. Nothing short of a total rethink and rebuilding of how the club is structured can change the absolute shambles it is now in. I have followed Forest for over sixty years and never felt so upset at by what I now witness. U REDS.

1.) 23 Jan 2021
23 Jan 2021 22:26:42
Marinakis needs to go back to when he bought us and randall needs to write the same letter and make sure its carried out.
Fans now just get excited by mass signings of so called good players and when they fail?
Just expect more?
Because that has become the norm at great cost.
I get called a moaner on here but i'm a realist that sees you can't run any buisness chopping and changing on mass every six months.
Only way out is Vrentzos and dof and all the entourage are sacked along with hughton.
Bring in a proper dof and a coach that can work together, make a plan and stick to it.
Rooney is getting a better response at the sheep from a poor squad than hughton is.

2.) 23 Jan 2021
23 Jan 2021 22:30:27
Warburton and montanier at least tried to play football the rest are boring aholes that football fans can do without.

3.) 24 Jan 2021
24 Jan 2021 07:21:29
all of you who say maranakis needs to sell. do you really think anyone would buy this club. no good looking back to the clough era and 2 european cup wins, that's history. this club need to offload the crap that as been brought in by previous managers to try and stem the flow. time for a rebuild with with decent players who want to play for the club. over the last few seasons there have been 6 players who constantly failed on the pitch. and if not for there mistakes, forest would have had promotion. look back at the games and count the points they let slip by there mistakes.

4.) 24 Jan 2021
24 Jan 2021 08:23:29
Bliddred shows how much you know about forest that you think the manangers and coaches buy players?
We only stood a chance of promotion last season no other.
Like you day you don't bother spending your money on forest and will never pay to watch us again.
So why do you care?

5.) 24 Jan 2021
24 Jan 2021 09:05:54
Blid. ex and current Management do not have a say who comes in with the Fat Greek in charge.
Since he obtained Forest his Gung Ho ways have taken Forest as a club to the Dark Ages.

You work for Marinakis you dance to his tune or it is bye bye.
Marinakis is the catalyst of the problems.
Owning 1 club is difficult but having 2 is a joke.
In his eyes Forest is just a side project of which he will get bored of.
Nothing will change with the Fat Greek at the helm.