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02 Jul 2012 22:50:06
Sky Sources: Steve Cotterill to stay on as Forest manager when the takeover by the Al-Hasawi family is complete, in which they hope it is before the end of the week.

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Ugh... Just saw that myself on sky sports news, oh well come on u reds!!

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Hope so. Decent guy. Saved us from relegation. Made great loan signings with zero money. With a decent budget he will get us promoted.

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Steve Cotterill's red n white army

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We should get behind the manager and team and make the cg a fortress again

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Nothing online?

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SOD saved Forest not Coterill

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Sorry but we only stayed up after O Driscoll came to the club hope we don't go back to hoofball get some decent centre halfs we are very vulnerable on crosses get a decent partner for blackstock and midfielders that can tackle!

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Nottingham post

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Nottingham Post isn't sky sources...

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"Hope so. Decent guy. Saved us from relegation. Made great loan signings with zero money. With a decent budget he will get us promoted."

Rubbish. Since when has 'a decent guy' ever done well in management? Our beloved Clough was a bit of an person to many neutral fans and we know his successes. Sir Alex, not a nice guy. Mourinho, good god he's arrogant but he's one of the best managers in the world. I can go on.

And no, he won't get us promoted, he won't get anyone promoted. And before you say 'He saved us from relegation', WE WERE TEN GAMES IN! No-one gets relegated ten games in! He's single handedly responsible for that goal drought and HOOOOFball, and when SO'D came he came up with loans (Cotts said he did before you say it was all him) and changed how the players trained (Morgan said this).

He won't get us promoted. Not now, not ever, not for anyone. {Ed034's Note - hahaha stevie cotterills red and white army........come on join in, you know the words

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Whatever you think of SC, for the past few months of uncertainty, I can't remember any whinging. He has been very dignified throughout. I can only imagine how some previous managers would have have reacted.

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Why when we lost was it cotterills fault but when we won it was SOD that won it, give him a chance he kept us up brought pep in to the team and how many times have we knock 7 past Leeds {Ed034's Note - One of the points I am trying to make, but when you won't consider any other opinion, is there any point. I've still not had my question of 'would you be happy if you hit your target, with a couple of weeks spare and then got sacked?', but I'm guessing it won't be, because there is no answer other than no

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Well at least we'll be the richest league 1 club theres ever been next season. {Ed034's Note - That'll mean we won't need a new manager as you think cotterill is league one standard

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Give Cotterill the credit for having the balls to appoint SOD. Many managers would baulk at making such decision. It's the same as selecting the team to play, he gets it right we win he gets it wrong we lose.

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What target, take a team that finished in the play offs less than 12 months ealier and attains the dizzy hieghts of 19th, worst run of games in Forests history. I believe if some person appointed David Platt as Forest next manager that you would get the same people coming on here saying get" behind him,give him a chance ",some fans have the memory of a gold fish. {Ed034's Note - When he took over he was told to keep us up, which is what he did. You cannot argue with this, as this was said when he took the job

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Yer then league 2 after {Ed034's Note - Great we'll have a league one manager, in league two woohoo

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Ed Id like to answer your 'would you be happy..' question mate. No. But football management is no place for making decisions based on 'fairness' - we want the best for NFFC and I dont personally think thats SC no matter what he deserves, the Raddy fiasco suggests hes not the complete 'nice guy' everyone thinks anyway. BD was 'sacked' a year short, he was supposed to have 3 years to get us up and the board wouldnt give him the last year (and if they had we can be sure he wouldnt have had funds considering they wouldnt even call him on his 2 sigings for autos in the prev Jan window) - I would have Billy back because he 'deserves' a chance to have a crack like you say SC does, however Billy would actually be a good appointment for the team. We can argue all we like about SODs influence but we casnt really dispute that on his own SC was garbage. {Ed034's Note - you cannot dispute that SC did what was asked of him and you cannot dispute it was SC who was in charge when all the good results came.
You cannot also dispute SC wasn't allowed to bring in any backroom staff and when he did it was SOD.
No football is not fair but at the end of the day it is SC's job and he did his job.
We are not talking about Billy, but no that was not right.
Football might not be based on fairness, it is based on results and SC won enough points to keep us up, which was all that was asked of him. For that he should be set another target and be given the chance to hit that target

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I agree that he SHOULD in the interest of fairness (sorry for the caps, no italics option ;) ) but taking away what he deserves and looking only at what is best for NFFC can you honestly say that he has shown enough for us to say hes the best option for us post-takeover? I cannot dispute those thing you say no and wouldnt dream of doing so, he wont have SOD alongside him this season in any case and on his own last season we werent just poor we were record-breaking bad. It does appear from reports that he may well get a shot at it and I will back him at the games like I always do but my head is already telling me this is a mistake, the same happened with the appt of Schteve for me and everyone was saying 'give him a chance' 'ge behind him' 'look at his stats' etc -sometimes you have to take a decision that pre-empts an outcome rather than just reacting to bad ones (which is essentially the trademark of our last ten years under Marthur) {Ed034's Note - you sound like a proper fan and the fact you say you'll get behind him is all every fan wants. I honestly think the football we were playing under him was good and honestly think he can do us a good job. Having said that if he is sacked, I will get behind the new manager

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If you think that last season was down to SOD alone then some so called fans need to wake up

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How can people say it was down to SOD it was the solid loan signings SC brought in. I think he deserves a chance till xmas if where not in playoffs then look elsewhere.

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Whose to say that SC didn't learn from SOD last season? If he took all that on board then we stand a great chance. We should back the manager whose done NOTHING wrong, certainly no permanent damage unlike previous managers.

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If SC allowed to bring in some better coaching staff than Jimmy Floyd(just what did he do) and Rob Kelly then I say let him have a go. He had a mess to sort when Wally left and from what I gather had many players with 'issues' to deal with.

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02 Jul 2012 21:07:23
@MESportsTalk understands Abdul-Aziz & al-Hasawi have finalised Forest deal: 20m to spend & poss new stadium by 2016! @Iromg

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Can't see that myself. Can anyone else confirm or deny this please

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Nah cant find owt either

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I think you know you're wrong don't you?

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I can't find anything about it

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Yes it is on there just read it myself, check further down on earlier tweets

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It's not on there

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But its not on the Forest site, so not true untill its on there

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Yeah I have now also found it
@sunbeam007: RT @JacobsBen: @MESportsTalk understands Abdul-Aziz & al-Hasawi have finalised #nffc deal: 20m to spend & poss new stadium by 2016!

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Agree, he tweeted it. But as to how true it is, well, we'll see...

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MESportsTalk is a Middle Eastern sports magazine and website. They appear to have tweeted this info, but then deleted it later, but not until many Forest fans and other journos had seen it and retweeted it.

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This is true and will be unveiled as early as tomorrow, forest are also signing a Kuwaity striker,described as the best in Asia but struggled in the last few seasons with injury.i no this will happen,and it's been leaked and will come to fruition within the next 23 or so hours

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02 Jul 2012 18:54:33
I have this on great authority that Luke Chambers will not be signing a new contract at the club and he'll link up with one of his old manager's at FC Twente.

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Haha now we no the wolly has lost it.

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Disagree, but if he goes, cheers Luke, the pleasure was all yours!

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Calderwood signed chambers {Ed034's Note - Yes correct but mclaren did manage him

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And made him captain {Ed034's Note - This isn't a competition. I am just pointing out that why the op said about mcclaren being an old manager is true. I am not sure why calderwood was mentioned as it had no relevance to what was said

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Ordinary player with delusional opinion of his own ability.

Agent 279

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I'd associate the words "manage" and "McClaren" very loosely...

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Sorry but only King Billy managed to get anything decent out of Chambo.

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Thats why he is at Ipswich having a medical today eh?

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Disagree?!? person its on their website!

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02 Jul 2012 18:09:08
kyle lafferty from glasgow rangers will be first player through the door when takeover is complete. deal expected to be done around 700k before the weekend.

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U mean same player who signed on a free for f.c sion

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1. He refused to have his contract transferred to the new company, so he would've been a free agent. That is, would've been, because he has already signed a 3-year contract with FC Sion of Switzerland. I don't think I have seen a more obvious lie on here.

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Why put complete rubbish?? Do you get pleasure from putting rubbish? Lafferty has already signed for a team in Switzerland... On a free

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That is the worse rumour ever. Moved from rangers 2 days ago

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Child like school boy error. Tin hat!

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Obviously no one saw the interview on sky sports earlier with the chief executive and the fact that they have written to all football league and premier league clubs about trying to buy their players and that they have asked their lawyers to file a "breach of contract" against each of the players who have gone to other clubs.


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Thank God cause Laffertys a bin lid.We can do better than that.

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Premiership Squads are overloaded.In the next few weeks there will be a load of decent Premiership standard players become available as Managers finalise things and more overseas players are brought in.just a pity we didn't get Billy Sharp a few years ago when BD was interested.A top class striker who knows where th net is.

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02 Jul 2012 17:37:19
Forests first signing will be Gabriel zakuani, as cotterill wants centre backs in quick and zakuani is top of his list,£1 million bid expected to be lodged in once the takeover is complete

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1,000,000 for Zakuani... are you having a laugh?

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Seems to be loads of first signings and everyone of em different

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Maybe on Football Manager!

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He's an excellent header of a ball, can read the game well, tackles hard, but his pace lets hime down. Saw him play against us twice last season, Dex had him in his pocket at their place. Good buy but never a Million. Shovel foot Wes went for that.

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Shorey is on a free and 10 times the player, there is a lot of quality players available as free agents this year so we could build a quality team with little outlay

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Thats weird considering his pace on fifa is his best attribute !

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I went to both Posh Vs Forest games and I live in Peterborough so I hear a lot about him.

He's short for a CB but an amazing header of the ball, a good tackler and without him Posh would have struggled significantly more than last season. At the CG he was my MOTM as he did not a foot wrong all game, at LR it was the direct opposite - Dexter ripped him to pieces. Despite that performance, he'd be a good buy. But a million quid?

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02 Jul 2012 16:12:29
@qadsawimalaki is claiming on twitter that bader al mutawaa will sign for nffc once t/o is complete

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45 in 62 apps is pretty good whatever the standard

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Just done a bit of research into this player, some of his goals are amazing, mint player and a good signing

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Watched some of his stuff on youtube if mutawa comes and scores like that should easy get over 20 a season aint had a good striker since collymore wot u reckon ed {Ed034's Note - Not seen the clips but I would love another collymore. He could of been englsnds first choice striker for a long time, if he has his head screwed on

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By research, you mean youtube.

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I agree ed have a look when you get chance wiki saying mutawa already a forest player cant be right that ed can it {Ed034's Note - No, not until the t/o is sorted

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Youtube is visible proof.... better than wikipedia... but not google.. .that rules....looks a great goalscorer... better than rooney at this time...

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Yeah Wiki says he is better than McGoaldrought - I think someone might having a larf at your expense. Cracking goal against UAE though on you tube.

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The wikipedia edit was hilarious. As for Bader, he could be a hidden gem, no teams go to Kuwait scouting because well, there's no real reason to. He could also be poor, we don't know.

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02 Jul 2012 16:01:25
joel lynch just put on twitter unemployed then best go sign on that mean he left the reds @jjl33 check it for yourself

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It means his contract is up. Doesn't mean he won't sign a new one when the takeover is completed. He may, he may not.

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Moussi 'left' the club and went back to France before re-signing for us after McClaren's arrival. Nothing to worry about here, if Joel were to be moving on I'm pretty sure he would've gone by now.

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Moussi also missed alot of pre-season because of it and that showed on the pitch.

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Need lynch 2 stay need 2 have some players remain at least 2 build new squad around

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Should of let moussi go big donkey

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02 Jul 2012 10:36:06
Luke chambers has signed for Middlesbrough.

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I hope so, he did nothing for us

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No he hasn't

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Anyone know how much longer before SC can start buying and offering contracts?
Is there any truth in the whole thing being sealed and delivered this Thursday? {Ed034's Note - i would suggest straight after that

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You're making a huge assumption that SC will still be in charge.
Personally I doubt he will be.
Forest will go for promotion straight away and that means a different manager.

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SC will be in charge next season and we should give him a chance. The shrewd loan signings he made in January saved this club from the abyss. I'm sorry but no manager could have got our strikers scoring goals last season.

I'm more interested in who the new captain will be to be honest.

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Hopefully they will make Cohen the captain, he was one player we missed last season

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02 Jul 2012 09:57:24
my son, who works at forest has heard something on the lines of a swap deal involving david mcgoldrick and a certain nathan tyson who departed for the dirty end of the a 5-2. as much as i think goal drought is as much use as a chocolate fireguard, i would not welcome back any player who can switch to the clubs most bitter rival, especially after all the flag waving incident.

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LOL whatever

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Potentialy we could be one of the richest clubs in the country, and your making out your son "works for forest" and Tyson could be coming back. Why scrape the barrel with rejects? This time last year Nathan Tyson's dad said no no don't sign for forest.....not good enough for him last year, let em rot

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What are you on were did you get it from and how much ??

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Is this the same nathan tyson that was mostly useless for us and even less of a valid human being at derby?

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Ignore...Its a very jealous sheeper

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They should name the CG treatment room as 'The Tyson Treatment Centre'. After all thats where he spent most of his time.

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Sprinter with boots - slightly worse then walcott

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Same old tyson always injured

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01 Jul 2012 23:46:33
The new owners have targeted two things a driver on the field, ( a captain )
A manager that can manage in the prem

If what I'm bring told is true this is the key areas to addresss. names have been listed & are much more advanced than people think.
The plan is to go for promotion this season BIG TIME.
Noy pye in the sky

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Rubbish. SC will be given a chance as far too late in pre season to change. New owners are sensible not knee jerk fools.

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SC given chance?? Let's hope not - sorry for him, but do not think he is the manager to carry the club forward - it is never too late to change managers - clubs do it all the time - mid season/start/end - often it is done too late to make a recovery. What is important is to make the right choice this time.

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Too late in pre-season?
The players arent even back yet.

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Can manage in the prem? did i miss something? did forest get promotion last year? we need a guy that can get us up in the championship! its the hardest league to get out of, so that is what they should be looking at.

SC came in to keep us up, he did that in the end by 10 points. i would stick with him for now, hes earned his chance.

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Too late in planning and preparation fool! You are obviously a keyboard warrior unaware of the real world.

Everything is arranged by SC his way, his arrangements etc. New owners understand need for stability and gradual change not wreck everything like with Erikson at Fester. They are also from a culture based on honour and will see that SC deserves a chance. He will have until January by which time they will be established at club and it will not be too late for change.

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January??? Are you real? Think they will have someone in place within the next two/three months or even sooner!

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SC and MA will most likely move on with nice compensation packages.

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We need a striker who will score 20 a season last year we didnt score at home from november to febuary or somethingg

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Whos the striker we need...rhodes ?

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I would go for Ross McCormack

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Theres one person that defo needs outin once t/0 confirmed mark arthur he shud have along tym ago

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