08 Jan 2018 21:35:48
Welcome mr karanka. You will find Nottingham a bit brighter than the North East. Gary Brazil has opened the door for you to come in to job that will be a little easier than it was 2 weeks ago. Gary has shown that simplicity and the righr people in the right positions is the way forward. The back 4 the right positional players. Not the best but a unit with traorre and Eric very buzy at both ends. But what a difference putting Beb Brereton in the centre. Unliks Murphy who us easy to mark and a little predictable. Big defenders are terrified by pace and Ben and his constant movement had them pulled all over the place. Murphy is a decent striker but Ben is no winger and the difference his outlet gave thd team was superb. Well done Gary and its great thst you can pass the baton on to a fresh encumbant with a real air of positivity. Just brilliant!

1.) 08 Jan 2018
08 Jan 2018 21:52:54
Red you mentioned how well Ben played and it got me worried that Heckingbottom has never worked with such a promising club and international player. He obviously has his merits but right then I hoped we weren't looking at him seriously for that reason. I'm pleased we seem to have landed the best of the realistic targets. Just a shame that Ben Brereton club seems to be defunct now. We still don't mention him, but this morning every national newspaper did. Hands off J├╝rgen, Jose, Arsene and Mauricio. We saw him first. Well, Stoke did, but you know what I mean. COYR!!!