23 Mar 2018 20:54:55
Watching how England are trying to play by playing the ball out from the back long or short gives us a clue as to how Karanka will mould our squad next season and shows that the job is only half done?

Pants/ Defence plus one ball playing centre back sorted. I recall Dawson could pick a pass?

Holding Midfielders -Sorted

Left Wing back and full back required.

2 running midfielders required plus an offensive ball player.

Another winger with pace.

A couple of strong running strikers to support Brereton.

In AK we trust!

1.) 24 Mar 2018
24 Mar 2018 05:54:44
Is that all?

2.) 24 Mar 2018
24 Mar 2018 06:45:50
We will just get a new team again RED