04 May 2018 17:58:56
El Arabi Hilal Soudani being linked again to us. Looking at the guy he is Diego Costa morphed with Britt Assombalongo and a goal every 2 games so that should more than frightened the life out the Championship?

Our Foremoaning friends will no doubt be complaining about signing a 30 year old but I bet they would not complain if Jamie Vardy landed at the City Ground?


1.) 04 May 2018
04 May 2018 18:21:41
Redinexile, it does not matter how good they are, if they do not suit the way the manager wants to play we do not need them. We need players that play as a team, not glory hunters playing as individuals.

2.) 04 May 2018
04 May 2018 20:28:08
We are not signing Vardy!
AK will have done his homework on Soudani if he wants him?

3.) 04 May 2018
04 May 2018 22:24:39
Quite sure that Karanka thinks he'll fit or he wouldn't have tried to sign him in January

4.) 05 May 2018
05 May 2018 18:57:10
Sounds like he will fit, phyisical, ball winning striker with a bit of pace and eye for goal. The only question is will he adapt to this league but certainly sounds worth a punt and if AK think he is who knows could be great signing, will always be fans that moan. I remember fans moaning when we signed Assombalonga and Collymore saying they were expensive for unproven players at that level.

5.) 05 May 2018
05 May 2018 21:07:04
RedRascal, if as you say he is physical, ball winning, pace, and eye for a goal he will have no problem with adapting to the Championship.

6.) 06 May 2018
06 May 2018 08:54:30
Am not entirely sure we want a lad who refers to the game as"soccer".

7.) 06 May 2018
06 May 2018 11:14:46
He can call what he likes if he scores goals lol

8.) 07 May 2018
07 May 2018 06:39:15
no good having a guy who can score lots of goals if the defence is not good enough and leaks goals worse than a collander

9.) 07 May 2018
07 May 2018 15:04:12
The defence will be tightened up I am sure.