03 Mar 2021 08:34:57
We have Watford, Norwich, Reading, Brentford and Cardiff next . I think
it unlikely we are about to go on a goal scoring spree . So it's a defence and midfield issue . It's seems churlish to blame the defence when our goal scoring record is poor but goals against come again and again on Figs and Christie side . So I think for a start Figs - whose confidence must be rock bottom- is replaced . Christie, has no replacement who would be better . Sow Yates, Garner Kosovic . Knockeart and Taylor . 15 points are available, it is difficult to see if we will win any if so I expect between 0 and 5!

1.) 03 Mar 2021
03 Mar 2021 08:46:15
When you play 2 players who cannot maintain a level of concentration and intensity for 90 mins on the same side of your defense, you're asking for trouble. Figs fell asleep when they scored their goal. It has to be time for Soh and Worrall to start a partnership in the centre of defense.

2.) 03 Mar 2021
03 Mar 2021 10:45:00
Figs and Cafu both caught ball watching as Tunnicliffe strolled in behind them.