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10 May 2012 17:11:59
i heard that mccleary was having
a medical at reading today.

the source is slighly wishy washy but
i'd still take their word over the clowns
on vital.


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Yep i heard that

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Passed medical - now talking contracts

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10 May 2012 17:07:47
The us consortium trying to buy forest has pulled out if the bidding, other party's are interested however

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10 May 2012 12:04:13
Forest interested in both Anthony Gardner and Zak Whitbread. Both available on free transfers. Also, Leon Best could be snapped up if Miller is shifted before July.

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Leon best thinks he is better then he is

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Gardner was on trial last year, he's poor, and best isnt goin anywhere, all recycled lies

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Best is a county fan, Whitbread is wanted by a load of prem teams and Gardner was on trail at start of the season but turned down.
Besides that, good

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Best was a forest fan growing up and now follows both teams as he played for notts.
He has said he would love to come to forest and was very close until he went on a scoring spree at Newcastle.
Be a good signing

Hoppers u1

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Didn't McLaren trial Gardner? he couldn't spot a good player if it headbutted him. Gardner good for palace when i saw him on TV

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10 May 2012 11:49:44
people need too stop spreading gossip about arabs investing in forest arabs tend too go for premier league clubs not teams that nearly got relegated too league 1 btw they wouldnt be able to invest 20 million as the financial fair play is going to be introduced

Believable4 Unbelievable3 gossip is kind the point even if it isnt based on much. Arabs tend to go for premier league teams? theres only city?? And they can invest as much as they like as long as it is done cleverly in accordance to the rules. IE sell stadium rights or sponsorship on kit to their own company for astronomical amounts

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10 May 2012 01:02:13
American owners are in talks with Nottingham Forest Football club about a possiblw takeover. If all goes well Steve Cotterill will be given funds of £12.Milloin pounds to build a Premiership team. Expect news early next week.

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In all fairness, no leeks will happen, its all been water tight so far from all parties. all we can do is hope.

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I am a forest fan how do you know that American owners are in talks with forest

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Nuffing going to be confirmed till the paper work done it nearly sorted I been told he will have 12 million to spend n his top signing Dj Campbell 2 mill

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Told from who?? It's not that I don't believe you, it's just nice to know where you've heard this??

Hoppers u1

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That's strange... Because apparently they've pulled out?! And that's from a very good source.

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Very good source, local to the club claims that the American interest has fallen through. No-one really knows though, do they? It's a waiting game & until we get official confirmation, all we can do is speculate.

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Is the good source twitter and some edward guy is not reliable

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Dj Campbell will be signing for forest this summer for 2mill been told from number of people {Ed033's Note -

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Can anyone say for sure that there are linerested parties involved in buying NFFC, and can we get them to confirm ( NO WE CANNOT ) so we just to hope that we stay uo next year, because i think it will be L1 again my dreame are fading fast, forest fan in Brazil and forest til i die, stuff Flamingo

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If Mrs Doughty wants her 75 million back there won't be a Nottingham Forest next season. The soccer authorities should never have allowed the loan mechanism (where the interest is also tax-deductible) to become so prevalent. In normal commercial business the owner cannot load up the company with debt and enjoy that tax deduction - that blocker is known as Thin Capitalisation Avoidance. Soccer seems to write its own rules and now the wheels are coming off. The Forest directors ought to put the club into adminstration and have the loan expunged - but then football club directors are all puppets out for themselves and would have been struck off in any other line of business (as I believe Craig Whyte was, like a load of Spurs directors in the '90s before they polled up at the City Ground with Irving Scholar)

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A Canadian BILLIONAIRE is in talks at the minute. And that's on the official website.

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It ain't

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09 May 2012 23:34:40
Good free options include Joe Lewis, Nicky Shorey (wages probably too much and getting on a bit), Jay Rodriguez, Adam Hammill, Adam Clayton, Roman Bednar, Ramon Nunez, Sam Vokes, Gary Kenneth, Fraser Fyvie - there are options for Forest.

Even if we don't get any funds for players, any of the above players would not break the bank and would be good additions to the squad. Obviously it'd be great to make some better signings like mccleary and guediora, but it's unlikely to happen. Cotterill has proved his ability in the transfer window with some fantastic loan signings so we can hope that in the summer he can do it again and really push for the top half of the table next season

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Jay rodriguez is very likely to go to the prem most likely destination southampton and adam clayton is on the transfer list and not out of contract

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Jay rod is going for 5mil plus! We can't afford none of these players get real!

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Think some of the above would be great, id take jay rod above any of our front men and if im not mistaken cotterill sighned him?

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I like your thinking but its a little scary how quiet the forest website as gone !!!!!!
no talkie talkie from any one. I surpose the only thing we have going for us 1.the fans and 2 we have won some of the top trophys in world football unlike man city !!

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Think jay rodriguez up along side dex would be as good as any front line in the championship? Although thought he had another year on his contract....

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He's got another year, that's why people are testing burnleys resolve. He will go for about 4 million to the prem, he's not amazing, his Peno was terrible against us too haha

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Another Fabian Delph

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As a fan of Dundee United as well as Forest I can vouch for Garry Kenneth! However, he is not a good as Chambo!

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A forest fan that also supports dundee united. You must be a friend of dougies.
I must admit I havnt heard much about Kenneth.
Have there been any rumours about him?

Hoppers u1

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Imagine this x1
gunter lynch higgi shorey
cohen clayton guedioura reid
blackstock tudgay

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How about a young lad called bamford from chelsea on loan

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There are better than the young lad called bamford out there, if we decided to loan a striker.
He's untried, big headed (yes I know this for fact) and has had his head turned. Why would we want him back??

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Ramon nunez would be a brilliant signing, ripped us apart last season for Scunthorpe

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Sc probably gone on holiday he said he was desperate for one...that's why its quiet...Marthur left to deal with the out of contract players...

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John Paintsil on a free

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Patrick bamford didnt leave because his head was turned, he left because he knew what a mess we were in and he knows he can play for england one day.

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Bamford went due to a greedy agent. he will never play for chelsea first team, loaned out to some carp and then sold to west brom or wolves etc

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