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25 Sep 2017 09:51:48
So then, tell me what mw can do to get this team to play better, that you don't think he hasn't tried himself already. And remember no money for new players, so it has to be with the players and team he already has.

Therefore, do you think the team he has at the minute is a top 10 team or a relegation battle side?

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25 Sep 2017 10:29:33

Set them up playing a simple system and do the simple things well.
Play Lichaj and get over it!

Drill a defence hard and stop playing with bridcutt because as far as I can see he's been everywhere the ball hasn't. I'm sure he used to be a foot taller?


Keep the same team and formation every game.

Work like crazy to press the ball.

Let's be honest. Who thought playing like Barcelona would work in this league?

In short. . Rebuild the confidence after his crazy departure into fantasy football.

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25 Sep 2017 10:49:14
No22. Bournemouth did quite well playing in the Championship using the ball on the ground.

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25 Sep 2017 12:30:53
get goal keepers keeping goal,defenders defending, midfielders midfielding and strikers striking :) if defenders (and the GK) are not comfortable or capable of playing the ball out,don't do it all of the time. its great to watch if players can play that way and I like the idea of us implementing it for the long term, but you cannot practice this and expect it to work in what is a very competitive league. Work it through the academy and we'll hopefully see the benefits in the future but MW does need to be a bit more realistic with some of the players abilities.

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25 Sep 2017 13:58:31
Why is there no money spent just half of britts money more season tickets bigger seeing more sponsors coming through reduced wage bill yes we can't spend 30 mill on a new defence doesn't always take mega money to get a good player look at McKay I'm sorry but this defence has played under several managers with several different tactics all leaked goals bottom line there not good enough.

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25 Sep 2017 14:24:53
Before the increased Season Cards, so forth and so on we were selling players and still losing Millions, not Thousands. The increased income only covers a partial amout of the loses, the full recovery of the club is going to take years unless the team strikes lucky and reaches the Premiership soon, which is unlikely. Do not forget the club went after players other than the one's that arrived, one goalkeeper decided to stay where he was,and another went from international duty straight back to Bournemouth with a recurrence of his knee injury. We also had a lad stay with Luton, so forth and so on. Our problem is not like us having a headache where we buy something then a couple of hours later the problem is resolved, we are in a financial mess but things are getting better.

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25 Sep 2017 15:46:00
Its a great question and somehere amoungst these post lies the answer. Villas first gial came from a ball played from defence to a strike coming off his marker. My concern is that MW who was not a great player is trying to tell good footbwllwrs how to play. He appears to favour zonal marking which in reality means forget the ball and your oppenent and shirk responsibilty. Warbs has spent well and we have some good experienced players if only he can recognise that. All a manager needs to do js pick the right players and do not burden them with modern tactics. Unleash them press from the front!!!!

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25 Sep 2017 16:04:15
Apparently we've team up with "Health Span" to help the players recover from injury blah,blah,blah,you ask me. we should be teaming up with "Checkatrade dot-com"and get a plumber in to sort out our leaky defence!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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25 Sep 2017 16:54:58
RR1. I have to disagree with you about Zonal marking, the idea behind it is you are defending an area of the pitch and not a player. If you mark a player he can pull you out of position which leaves gaps for the opposition, in theory by defending an area of the pitch gaps should not be available to the opposition, but with any defensive option you have to get stuck in and tackle a player when they are in your area.

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24 Sep 2017 23:16:24
Just watched the Villa highlights. For their first goal, Mills moved up field on their attack and slammed into the back of their forward, he was too busy admiring his crude challenge to get back to where he should've been and was caught well out of position, as the attack continued the ball was played through where he was supposed to be and they scored, and then in normal Mills fashion, he stands round looking at everyone else like it's their fault.

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25 Sep 2017 08:02:38
Is he really that bad every game that every goal is his fault. He looked ok to me but different perspectives are available from where you see the game. Could the problem be the tactics and the line MW asks the defence to keep which leaves us exposed if we go sideways and inevitably give the ball away.

We aren't set up to play sideways we are set up to go forward but for some reason it doesn't happen often enough.

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25 Sep 2017 08:52:40
Personally if anyone in the back four looks poor at defending,it's darikwa,he's a ball watcher,gets exposed far to easily.

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25 Sep 2017 13:25:41
And that's the truth of the matter. Darikwa's strengths are playing further up the park with Eric behind him.

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24 Sep 2017 22:54:02
442 please, two big men up front murphy, velios.

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24 Sep 2017 18:38:14
How is Jorge Grant doing over the river?

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24 Sep 2017 19:04:11

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24 Sep 2017 19:52:03
My brother is a maggie and thinks he's best player by a country mile. Apparently he is not alone over the other side of the trent in his thoughts BUT it is the fourth division

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24 Sep 2017 22:43:25
My mate also a pieman says that yates also on loan there is better than grant a no nonsense tough player.

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24 Sep 2017 16:36:55
Statistics can be made to suit pretty much what you want, but the statistics for the Villa game really says it all. Our overall passing accuracy was 84.2 %, but our passing accuracy in the Villa half was only 69.1 %. Villa had 268 less passes that were accurate than Forest, Forest created 13 shots with 5 on target where as Villa created 11 chances with only four on target. Forest made only 18 tackles with a success rate of 66.7 % where as Villa made 24 tackles with a success rate of 79.2 %. Surprisingly we had 75 long balls compared to Villa having 58 long balls. Off course it shows that it does not matter how much you have the ball but how effective you are when you do have it and how good your tackling is.

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24 Sep 2017 17:20:51
Here!!! ABF??? Can you be more specific?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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24 Sep 2017 18:10:07
Rogie,I didn't see him making a "sub"on 60 mins,doesn't look short a meal to me.
But a lot saying he's not using his "loaf "πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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24 Sep 2017 19:28:19
Someone said the stress of the job,has left him fading away. to a mountain!! πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”

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24 Sep 2017 15:48:06
I think πŸ€” this banter site is a great way to get to get things off your chest and get your point of view over, we all know that MW will carry-on regardless and do his own thing, but at least we have had our say and hope it counts for something😎

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24 Sep 2017 15:55:06
Spot on oj71. Its an outlet for us frustrated footy fans. We live in hopeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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24 Sep 2017 17:22:09
Gives me a "outlet" from the "Trouble 'n' Strife!!";πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

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24 Sep 2017 18:34:08
Just give her a tenner rogie and send her to the outlet,but don't forget to ask for your change.😁😁😁

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24 Sep 2017 19:06:32
FF79. Your a cheap skate

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24 Sep 2017 19:33:39
Never try to spoil a good thing,
Just saying😊😊😊

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24 Sep 2017 23:23:27
How's it going rogie know that feeling lol πŸ˜€.

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24 Sep 2017 23:24:09
I used to come on here for the same reason RR but some of the posters got on at me more than her!

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25 Sep 2017 11:50:38
Not too bad TOWIU!!! When she sees my shoulders going up and down,she knows I've read something on here πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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24 Sep 2017 15:28:20
First time post here but wanted to contribute to the discussion.

I find it a little baffling that people are already starting to get the hooks out for MW. Trying to embed an ethos and style of play is always going to take time especially with young players and seasoned pros who have not played this way before. We need to get behind all the team and embrace what MW is trying to do which is play the game the right way. Granted this style needs tweaking but that will come.

Also it's laughable that people complain that he 'keeps playing the same 11'. These are probably the same people who criticised PM for not playing a settled side.

We knew this year was a transitional year we just got carried away with a flying start. Stick with the team and the club, big steps from last year have been made!


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24 Sep 2017 15:59:09
Same start as PM LAST YEAR, NO IMPROVEMENT IN creating chances and defendjng naive. Playing football the right way???? Their is no right way. Their are two sets of goals you defend one with your life and attack the shit out the other. Style comes with success. And as a poster said earlier you HAVE TO EARN THE RIGHT TO PLAY.

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24 Sep 2017 17:52:47
It takes more than 8 or 9 games to change a team from a hoof ball pub team to a passing football team. Training is fine but not the same as a competitive match.
As said earlier you can make stats say what you like so comparing this season with the last one at this stage is pointless.
I for one think it's better football to watch even though the results aren't quite going our way

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24 Sep 2017 23:19:46
Welcome cjc going to be good to have someone on here who talks a bit of sense by the way wait for the backlash lol.

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24 Sep 2017 23:21:51
Wow Rutland lol well said cjc and welcome.

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24 Sep 2017 23:25:57
Totally agree polskared a lot better football than we've seen for some time.

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25 Sep 2017 04:54:06
Nice one cjc but affraid most on here want a title winning side lifting the champ lge trophy in 5 mins. You will be shot down but a few of us are realistic and agree with you bud.

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25 Sep 2017 10:33:23
When you have been given all the time, all the resources, all the support, and the run of things people expect results!

Nothing else matters and seeing as MW had half a season to get bedded in the current start to the season is bad.

Not so much in the points total because we did ok earlier, and that new season affect boosted us, but the clueless spinelss mentality and lack of effort is staggering.

Sort it out or go.

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25 Sep 2017 11:41:53
9 or 10 games back end of season is hardly half a season,and support from the owners?yes
All the resources?No
He's had to sell Britt and had to go bargain shopping on a tight budget.
Made some good buys in Murphy McKay and cummins,been unlucky losing cash Vaughan Cohen and ward to injury,ward and Vaughan would probably be regulars.
So try a little patience

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24 Sep 2017 14:55:13
As an ex semi pro goalkeeper and former goal keeping coach I was very disappointed at the way Smith lined up the wall for their second goal.
It is one of the first things you learn / teach. The last man in the wall stands at least a yard outside the line of the post. Our last man was in line with the post therefore any swerve was always going to cause trouble. It is such a basic error. Junior keepers are taught it so how come our first choice doesn't get it right.

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24 Sep 2017 15:26:57
Because he's not ready for the first team Gazzi and the pressure with that is leading to basic errors. I'd say he's our best option though and I can see progress. Regrettable the management team did such good business in the summer yet didn't address one of our biggest weaknesses.

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24 Sep 2017 17:10:54
To be fair 2 star he did try hard to sign the Dane and fredricea was signed,So he does recognise the goalkeeping situation.

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24 Sep 2017 17:38:48
They did try no doubt. With hindsight as their advisor they might have grabbed two keepers early in the summer window.

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24 Sep 2017 18:28:02
Problem is as well we are bargain basement shopping,he's not allowed to just go out and pay whatever in fees or wages,that's from the owners he's signed 8 players and still not spent britts money,you don't get top quality when those ristictions are imposed,but we've seen the other side with money no object.
We need to be patient

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24 Sep 2017 14:54:44
Looking forward to Tuesday night hopefully Brereton on the bench will be a tough game but can see us taking a draw easy

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24 Sep 2017 14:42:55
I believe MW is on borrowed time, defeat in the next game and I think he will be gone. 4 losses out of the last 5 Championship games is not good enough. Birmingham's goals against is 13, Sunderland's is 14 and they are in the bottom 3. Our goals against is 15. Only Hull at 16 and Bolton at 19 or worse than ours. He knew about this defence last season, why or why did we not strengthen in that area. How many other clubs have had 3 different captains? We really need defensive Dougie back or we will be relegated. MW does not seem able to stop the rot.

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24 Sep 2017 15:09:55
That is the point. He has had the time but has he got the nouse????

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24 Sep 2017 17:16:04
Glad you posted that Jake,last time you said that we won.
Nailed on win then.

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