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11 Apr 2012 20:41:08
Dagenham & Redbridge boss John Still has confirmed the club has received no offers for striker Brian Woodall, despite rumours linking him with a big money move to Nottingham Forest.

This has not been posted on here before has it? First ive seen (From 2 different sites off NewsNow)


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They chose the wrong club for "big money"

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Dagenham are struggling in lge 2 so y would we want their striker

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11 Apr 2012 11:07:42
If blackburn get relegated they will make a move for Derbyshire and if Notts County get promoted they will try to sign McGoldrick

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Can't see either happening tho but fingers crossed

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Why would anyone sign Derbyshire?He hasn't kicked a ball in anger this season.

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Complete bs if Notts County get relegated then they should get McGoldrick. He is the worst striker we have ever had. Apart from his cracking goal against Palace on the last day of last season he has never done anything and cost us over a 1m... Derbyshire is also **** but at least he was free.....Get rid of both asap

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Worst striker? I don't think so. Remember Andrea Silenzi? A cracking signing by mr Platt..... :)

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Frank Clarke signed silenzi

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Yes you are right, he was. There is no "e" on the end of Clark...

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Brian cloughs a football genius, David platts a ******* ****** {Ed001's Note - so who can come up with the best (without swearing!) words to fill in the stars?}

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Vascectomised penis

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Wacking Funker

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Eugene Dadi, enough said!

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Mancini blower

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Frankly I thought Bannister was crap the supposed replacement for Sheringham

But not as carp as Dave Hilley the supposed replacement for Ian Storey Moore - alright neither of these were supposed to be strikers but attacking wingers

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Thought we brought derbyshire for undisclosed fee

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Can't even remember Bannister he was that bad. Hilley signed 4 years before Ian Moore left: how about Ronnie Rees, Jimmy McIntosh, and Jimmy McCaffery who were all tried on the wing? Bert Bowery - he was usually greeted by a sound of silenzi. As for the real-deal Silenzi, he was supposed to have got 26 for Torino or someone the season before he came to Forest, but maybe it was a Torino Academicals in Mali or Bolivia and not the one in Seria A. He wasn't good enough to turn out for Clipstone Miners Welfare.

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Silenzi was a 1.8 million signing for frank clark.anybody remember robert rosario,john fashanu,gary bull.all not good.

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Really this means davies was a bad manager signing mcgoldrick adebola anderson and findley

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Rosario was actually brought in by Brian Clough

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Bannister wasn't that bad, he scored goals in the top flight, albeit very few. Lets face it Sheringham was a hard man to replace. Silenzi, Rosario, Dadi, Gary Bull. What about Clough's golden boy Lee Glover.

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If platt didnt f*** us up we coukd still be in the prem now

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I totally agree with the last comment, he managed to find the 3 footballers in Italy who couldn't play, his idea of a midfielder was Gary Jones who must have been the slowest player I have seen, and had no idea tactically. I take great delight in watching him get fatter every season.

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Derbyshire was out of contract. He'd been released by a Greek club Olympiacos

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I can see why they didnt want to keep him !

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Does derbyshire even play for us anymore i cant remember the last time he played

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