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11 Jun 2012 16:01:20
this is in today's kuwaiti times

Ex-Qadsiya chief buys British club

Fawaz Al-Hasawi
KUWAIT: Kuwaiti businessman Fawaz Al-Hasawi, who resigned as chairman of Al-Qadsiya Sports Club this week, was yesterday linked to the purchase of Leeds United, one of England’s largest football clubs, and Nottingham Forest. Jamal Mubarak, Football Manager of Qadsiya Sports Club, confirmed to Kuwait Times yesterday that Hasawi will buy a British football club, but he refused to reveal its name, saying the information is still confidential.

“We can’t reveal the name of the British club, as Fawaz Al-Hasawi signed an agreement to keep this information secret. But he will announce the name by next week,” Mubarak said, claiming that the contract will be realized 80 percent. According to him, Hasawi is now reviewing the obligations and other matters related to the club. After completing the review, the contract will be signed and announced, he said. “Of course anything may happen or come in the way of completing the deal. However, most probably it’s definitive,” Mubarak said.

News reports quoted Hasawi yesterday as saying that a deal for “a second tier English club was indeed imminent”. According to report in an online newspaper, Hasawi’s negotiations will be about choosing a coach first, and that Hasawi was eyeing a former coach of Queens Park Rangers. According to news reports, Hasawi bought 100 percent of the shares of the club and is waiting for the final signing of the purchase contract. News reports also said that Hasawi will work on brining in Kuwait players to improve their skills. “If I buy the club, I will support the movement of any Kuwaiti football player to this British club,” he was quoted as saying.

By Nawara Fattahova, Staff Writer

i copied the whole page so nothing was missed {Ed034's Note -

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Old news sorry

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Very old news i knew this 2 weeks ago

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The article 2 weeks ago was about his tv interview this article is saying he has now resigned from his old club which happened over the weekend and has practically brought an english club but at the minute is unable to reveal who it is as an agreement of confidentiality was signed

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WHo is going to buy Forest with these figures - just shows how much MR Doughty put his hand in his pocket to support his team:
Key Financials
Year to Date Turnover Pre Tax Profit Shareholder Funds Employees
31/05/2011 15,160,000 -11,378,000 -68,021,000 144
31/05/2010 14,698,000 -12,344,000 -56,336,000 148
31/05/2009 12,074,000 -8,524,000 -43,838,000 142

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Increasing turnover year on year and falling losses - not bad! The losses also include changes for accrued interest and are therefore not all operating losses, the charge for which goes at the point of a takeover.

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Where do you get the falling losses from. they've increased haven't they?

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11 Jun 2012 11:55:53
The Doughty estate are considering a bid received by email from the National Bank of Nigeria.

They have promised to make 20 million available for new players pending receipt of the estates bank details.

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Bank of Nigeria also offered to buy my old Honda Civic a couple of years ago and when i told them i work for the police, they soon disappeared into the moonlight!

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And would you trust an "EMAIL" coming from the national bank of NIGERIA ?

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An Email LOL

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I like what you did there. Very clever :)

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The Bank of Nigeria? Oh great. I 'd feel better if it was from the Bank of Greece supported by the Bank of Spain.

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Done deal

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All they require is your bank account details and sort code right?


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Good one! Let's hope Marthur doesn't get involved. He'd send the details

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What next the Greek bank have put a bid joint bid in with the Irish bank

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That sounds like a version of the Nigerian telex scam or the Philippines lottery scam: you have won [insert megabucks amount] and it's waiting for you but you just have to send 10,000 to cover expenses

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Why would a bank invest in a loss-making business? If you're going to make stuff up, at least try and make it believable

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It's quite funny that some of you fell for this joke - it's based on the old scam. Nice one.

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Ha ha! Actually made me lol! Those responders who didn't get the joke need to get a life, or perhaps a brain cell!

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Can all of you that did get this joke please send me your bank details so i can send you your prize thanks

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