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12 Jun 2012 15:41:07
The take-over will be announced with complete details on Thurs 21st June.(Watch this space) {Ed034's Note - I think it is probably after the 23rd, as that was the date for renewing season tickets and it has been extended

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Theyve not yett set a new deadline tho and its possible that they wont extend it by much, depending on how quickly we are sold. If 21st is correct then theyd want to extend it to give us more then 2 days

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You going by emt today?

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I have a very good feeling that this takeover for Nottingham Forest, will put us back on the map by being the biggest club in the East Midlands

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Ive got a feeling that we will be taken over but not by sum1 mega-rich its gunna be a consortium wiv money to spend but not much {Ed034's Note - Is this based on anything or just a guess??

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Last week something was meant to be announced on sat or monday.... its dragging on a bit.... reminds me when were meant to be getting whittingham.....looked promising but nothing happened.... {Ed034's Note - No one at forest have ever said any dates and most of the dates being set are from on here.

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Biggest club in East Midlands? Am sure we're already that now, but we'd wanna be the biggest in the Midlands, when we were better than Villa! Am sure whoever takes over will have good, hopefully amazing money to kick start the new era.

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How can forest be the biggest club in the midlands with no money! Think about what your saying!

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How can forest be the biggest club in the midlands with no money! Think about what your saying!

what does that even mean

History you person not money wise

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12 Jun 2012 15:11:35
Mark Arthur has said there's more then one group trying to buy forest it was on the championship news on sky sports news it mite be summat we all knew but at least it was on sky sports which gives us a little hope!

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And that he doesn't have a clue who is involved.
Now that has a pleasant ring to it!

Just hope it stays that way until he is shown the EXIT.


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Yes best thing about any takeover is the chance to get rid of martha !

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12 Jun 2012 12:44:14
Natalie Jackson ‏@NatJacksonsport
Adam Pye the new #nffc club sponsor says the takeover deal is imminent! More on #EMT and out 13 30 news

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Just tuned in to EMT. Adam Pye very excited. intimated bigger news in 10 days' time.

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Oh Yes! the guy from Pye said 'the takeover is imminent - I'm so excited - it's bigger than this!! Midlands News! - So Natalie Jackson was right.

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Yes, but Mark Arthur said "he knows more than me then"

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Most positive thing yet to watch that Pyeman on the BBC website.I thought his eyeballs were gonna pop out when he mentioned the "exciting times ahead".
Looks like lift off within 10 days!!
C'mon your redsssssssssssss!!

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12 Jun 2012 12:30:16
Nat Jackson (East Midlands Today) tweeted and then deleted that new sponsor Adam Pye confirmed "takeover is imminent"

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12 Jun 2012 08:36:09
Shay Given will be going to QPR and Aston Villa will sign Lee Camp as his replacement. I gave you Miller and Derbyshire news 1st last year so watch this space.

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Robert Green is going QPR

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Would like to think that this will happen but doubt it, Steve Harper from Newcastle on season long loan as replacement to give Darlow 12 more months development.

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About time we got rid of camp

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12 Jun 2012 07:14:01
So all those rumours about a big sponsor seem to be rubbish. John Pye and Sons will be Forest's main sponsor this year. Who? It's on the club site

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Both sides of the river then: 'Come on you Pyes'

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Who? U can't be from nottingham if you haven't heard of these . They are a massive auctioneer company .

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Its only for 1 year though. And i would bet there is a buy out clause put in just in case of a take over.

But i am nervous again that Mark Arthur will find a way to mess things up again on the take over front.

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You're right mate. People saying its definitely going to be this, it's definitely going to be that, proves they didn't have a clue. Some guy even said it would be dunkin' donuts!

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Bit like all the rumours we getting taken over pye in the sky

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Seems funny for only a year contract though...

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Nothing wrong with the sponsors John Pye - they are: "The Nottingham-based company, which is the UK's fastest growing independent commercial auction house, have signed an initial one-year contract with the club." You don't see a poor auctioneer - It's not a 'Penny Bazaar' market stall and doesn't have any bearing on who takes over the club - We are not a ManU/City/Chelsea YET, so cannot expect to attract mega big sponsors. Even if we have a large cash injection, success won't come over night. Their quote actually has a hint that something is in the offing, however:
"These are exciting times for both Nottingham Forest and John Pye & Sons - we are both about to embark on new ventures which will no doubt see us grow in stature within our competitive fields. We very much look forward to playing a part to help support a season of smiles and good cheer at The City Ground."
The Leeds United sponsors aren't exactly a household name - 'Enterprise Insurance Company Plc was established in July 2004. While not a high street name which sells direct to the public, Enterprise provides its expertise, plus a wide range of general insurance products'. There are few, if any, big sponsors in the Championship - obviously the big sponsors will be sponsoring big Premiership Teams and until we get there.....
Don't forget Forest have a long way to go in building up the team again, after the 'Wally with the Brolly' totally destroyed the good team we had before his interference - bringing in 'as-beens' which did not fit in with the Forest style of play. When you think back to the Billy Davies era when we were flying high - we only needed an elusive left back and had we managed to keep Shorey for the rest of that season, we would have had a very good chance of promotion - instead we got a complete change under 'Wally' - then came the other 'Wally', Steve Cotterill and we began playing 'hoofball' right up until Shaun O'Driscoll joined the coaching staff and they began to play the traditional passing game - the ONLY thing that prevented relegation. Let's just hope that the new owners allow the Team to play this way for the coming season, no matter which new players they bring in.

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Funny that, the rumours were just rumours. Actually someone did leak this and no one believed him.

I've never heard of them but I'd never heard of Victor chandler before they became our sponsor (that's why people sponsor things!). They are a local company and at least we don't have a bookies on our shirt now. That looked so Jeremy Kyle...

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Does this mean there isnt a takeover because i would of thought if fawaz is going to takeover the club he would have wanted a kuwait sponsor

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If you read the website it's only for one year and it speaks of ambition for both parties. Sounds like a prerequisite of a takeover agreement with a local feel to ease the foreign influence.

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New Away Kit.
Umbro & Blue

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Does this also put the rumours around any possible takeover ini context as well. Surely any prospective new owner would want to have the rights for choosing this included in any deal. Hope I'm wrong but it says to me that any takeover deal may be a long way off. I can't see that we would be in any particular hurry to settle the sponsorship deal unless it's been driven by the manufacturers of the kit to ensure that they have stock for the start of the season. I'd still have thought however if a takeover deal was close to completion that we could have put this decision off?

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Actually, they are the away sponsers, does not mention main sponsers

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The Kuwaiti's don't like gambling so the Bet Victor sponsor had to go.

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Its not a bad away strip,better than the black and green thing last season,coyr

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Just a thought, maybe a new sponser has had to be arranged as victor chandler is buying the club?

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That don't mean anything that VC sponsor has to go cuz he's buying us.... Leicester! King Power own them AND sponsor them....

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Victor Chandlers extended substantial six figure sponsor deal expired in March 2012 so we were always going to be looking for a new sponsor for this coming season!

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Pye are sponsoring both home and away kits!

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