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16 Jan 2012 22:38:01
Forest are to put a surprise bid in for Clayton Donaldson.

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Who ?

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I heard this too. Would be a very good signing

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How many strikers... we need defenders to sure up the defences, and stop conceding sloppy goals... plus we could do with a new captain Chambers doesn't cut it for me.we need a mckenna type that picks up the scraps. when we lose the ball.

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Absolute crap...why would they? He is too old and not good enough. We need defenders pal at least make up a lie about that eh?

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17 Jan 2012 17:59:37,,11748_255296,00.html

Clayton Donaldson, does't fill me with confidence.

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16 Jan 2012 19:12:14
maybe good news on the way for us reds fans, just got
back from a trip in japan, and its all over the national news
that capital bankers and billionaire playboys ryoichi jinnai,
and masayoshi son have linked up with the grampus8 chairman toyo kato, and are in the early stagers of talks in a bid to buy nottingham forest, i have sent copys of the newspapers to the NEP and the SUN and STAR so they can check it out, fingers crossed

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Dream on

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Would be awesome if in anyway true!!

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To be fair the first too names are actual billionaires and the third is a football club and its chairman? So may be some truth, google the names

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If this story, or even you, had any credibility, you would be selling this story to the nationals.
I know this because I have been in the paper game a long time and know how it works.
You certainly wouldnt come on here and putt up as a much as I wish it was true

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Sounds to me like you have just searched rich japanese people on the Internet. Be great news if it's true though, I will wait for the sun and star then, one things for sure, NEP will not publish it

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Hmm yeah whatever, why would japans richest man with 7 billion dollors want to buy our club, yet again get the fans going with no evidence, post a link to the article if true

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I have just spent the last half an hour going through every japanese paper in english on line, ranging from the japan times, japan today, aisha, NHK etc etc, gone through all sports pages and archived stories, not a thing........just another WUM, sad sad man.

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Is your name RICHARD HEAD by chance

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What a sad person you are!

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Been looking on the net for the last 2hours not a thing, then i found it a small peace in 1of the finance papers called nikkei financial daily, check out the 22,12,2011. there might be something in this, it sounds to nerdy to make up

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Wotever...Cotterill Out now

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To the above. Why not leave a link? or are you running a SEO campaign for Nikkei?

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Regarding the nikkei financial daily......I've just googled this and there's nothing on what you said. Can you either put an attachment up, or stay making stuff up??

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Post a link mate can't find it :)

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Put the link on then?

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Load of b.llocks!

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Doing a quick google search for "ryoichi jinnai" "nottingham forest" proves your theory completely wrong, you huge flange.

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Why do people that are supposed to be fans feel like they have to make pathetic untrue rumours up? no link, no sense

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Its called desperation, we desperately want some good news, we desperately want something to happen to get us out of this crap, we despaertely want to stay in the championship otherwise it really is curtains and total mediocrity this time....oh and thats probably not going to happen with SC at the we are despaerte!

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Rioichi Jinnai is 84 and grows bananas so doubt he will be coming to Nottm!

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Whoever put this on this website is a satchel. absolute kn0bhead. Why bother trying to get REAL fans excited at the prospect at having some proper money to spend on decent players, when you know its a load of lies??

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There is no link i brought the news papers home, nice bit of abuse, very grown up

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Hi, The Sponsor here. There IS some substance in what the poster has posted.Last Friday ND was about to put pen to paper on a buy out of the club only to receive a call from Seymour pierce with a last minute offer from the far east.

This is TRUE FACT. Since I withdrew my sponsorship and refused to attend games and come off the mailing list, Doughty has become very nervous. Gates are down and his reported 250k a game he has had to put in has gone up 17%

Doughty is trying to put this debt against the club but this has been blocked by the F.A after a tip off from the inside

Maybe Frank?

Anyway expect a takeover from the Far EAST very very soon

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A preferred bidder has been identified, contracts are in place and the next few days are pivotal, Andronikou said.
Why can't we find a investor

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Any large paper these days, have every story saved and cataloged on there website.
You are a liar and feel the need to carry on.
Prove everyone of us wrong and put some sort of link up, or be a grown up and admit you are making it up

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This clown and The Sponsor really are very ill people....seriously!

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US papers report Bill Gates has put in a bid for the club and has promised to pump the club full of money, renaming the ground Microsoft City Ground.

Sorry, no link as my bull$hit filter won't allow it.

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John simm is supposed to be buying us out , then rename the stadium simm city ground

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