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17 Apr 2012 20:05:29
Negative again from SC.When will he learn that Gunter is not a right winger.Not at all confident in Wooton who's a centre half not a right back and Reading have good wide men.He's dropped a creative player in Reid and given the initiative to Reading.I think he's given up on this match.Trust me,its going to go down to the last game against Pompey.

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Reidy is knackered due to being at the qmc every night with his little boy, who has just had an operation.
There's more to playing than just if your injured or not.
Why are people still being negative towards sc?? He has turned us around full circle and has us playing great football.
I would suggest the only negativity tonight is from you and not sc

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Unlucky about losing tonight. If we can keep mccleary lynch and chambers then sign guediora and Cunningham and a decent striker to play with dex and Marcus we will hopefully be a force next season! On another note congrats to reading on there promotion. Throughouly deserved (although I'm not sure if they deserved to win tonight!)

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SAFE so now....must keep O'Driscoll, Lynch, Guerdiora (perhaps) Elekobi and McCleary if we can.
Got to go McGoaldrought, Miller, Derbyshire
Got to get Left back and new striker

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Id add chambers, anderson, camp and mcgugan to that list.
Camp doesnt want to be at the club neither does anderson.
Mcgugan needs to move on, his yo-yo form/interest is getting old
Anderson was one of the alleged 7 who put in transfer requests after the mauling at leicester
Chambers is simply not a captain and between him and lynch id rather keep lynchy

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Anderson has not handed in his transfer request, and does not want to go if he does not have to. He would stay if given the chance, but as of yet does not know whether he will get that or not.

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Rubbish! Forest played well last night. Couldnt get the goal their play deserved.

Very little to choose between Reading and Forest!

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Readings goal was unfortunate on our part because it was a dive and we were extremley unlucky tudgay and elokobi did not score

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Derby/No Rivals FC (Otherwise known as Leicester) or County stirring.

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17 Apr 2012 15:29:34
As a county fan I met up w other couty fans aith other fans who said Ray Tre had said forest had been sold to the American consotium w

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Where was this??

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SC quoted today saying several interested parties

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After the season we have had i am just glad that there is any interest at all

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Can you put a link up where sc says this??

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Surely we'd have heard it by now? More County stirring as it seems.

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17 Apr 2012 01:55:33
Joel lynch has been offerd a new contract, it will be in todays papers

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So has Gareth McCleary. With the making it public does it mean the likes of Luke Chambers haven't been offered new deals?

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Chambo has agreed terms with WBA

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How do u no ?

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'Chambo has agreed terms with WBA'

lets hope so. good riddance to bad rubbish.

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How do you know about Chambers and WBA?

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Refused new contract from Forest, negotiations have now stopped, will be announced a WBA player on the 1st July

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Thats bulls**t chambers hasn't been offered a new contract yet

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Why would anyone care? He has played poorly all season and will embarrass himself in prem.

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So just because It hasn't been made public, that means he hasn't been offered a new deal?

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If he had refused a deal and signed for a new club, then he would have been dropped by now and replaced by higginbottom

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Read nep for full story but basically forest have offered lynch and mccleary contracts to retain our assets to make the club look more attractive to potential investors
i dont know where the money is coming from

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Rubbish he is Cotteril's favourite player, and the first name on the team sheet. Captain fantastic!1

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If chambers is joining west brom on 1st we would do a kelvin wilson with him and not play him.

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Not playing someone because they wouldn't sign a new contract is the sort of thing davies would do and doughty played that game on many occasions (chris bart-williams was banned from the premises for not signing a new contract and rejecting a move, he was captain at the time).

we haven't been in a position to be that picky this season though

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I'll think people will find clubs are more interested in J.lynch and G.Mac hence forests rush to sign them up.

I think West Brom will be more interested in an established prem defender like scott Dann from blackburn...

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Did someone just call chambers captain fantastic?
I would rather have my grandma as captain

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It was sarcasm, although he has had a poor season after last years high standards. But some of the criticism Chambo has had is unjust imo. There are several other players who have had a poor season. Why make him the scapegoat?

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Chambers has not been the rock at the back he was last year. He rose to the challenge of replacing wilson, he hasnt risen to being captain and i think it would be bad for squad harmony to remove the captaincy and keep him, it wouldnt work. but it hasnt worked with him as skipper so i think it is time he left and found a new challenge

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Chambers is not captain material, he is certainly not a leader and this season has proved that!

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To be honest it has surprised me that Chambo has failed at being skipper. Last year the boy was Immense. You could see that he was marshalling the backline and his voice good quite clearly be heard. I think the wolly has a lot to be blamed for, for losing the confidence of several players. Having said that, I think Cotterill has done a great job, restoring confidence in the squad. And for that he should be applauded, there is no doubting his man management skills. I think we're lacking a couple of old heads in the side. This season we have defo missed the leadership qualities of McKenna. Maybe it is time for Chambo to move on, but again we're going to let another decent championship player leave without a fee.

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If my memory serves me correct. The bartman was frozen out, because of a clause in his contract? Another appearance would have triggered a new deal, on a higher wages. Something Forest could not afford after the mess Platt left us in

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Bart-mans contract was running down and he rejected a move to charlton, so doughty banned him from the CG.

stern john was banished from the squad because 1 more goal would've triggered an additional payment to his previous club.

there were other cases of a lower profile but those are the two that stuck in my memory.

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The above poster is spot on.

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You might want to go having a pop at BD and ND, but Brian Clough did a very good job and freezing out players and keeping them away from the ground.

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I disagree with all of the comments slating chambers i think he and moussi have been the 2 players that have stepped up in forests resent run of form and all this hype about radi being the reason why is rubbish look at the defensive record recently! we all know and radoslaw majewski had absolutely nothing to do with it! also credit to the defensive coaches as its clear to all people with a footballing mind that forest clearly have been more structured across the back 5!

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Personally I would offer Chambo a new deal and give him another season wearing the armband. Lets build a solid core down the middle. Him and Lyncher could have the making of a very good championship centre half pairing. Lets get behind Cotterill, with what will be an eventful summer at the city ground

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What matches have you been watching? Raddi not influential?? IDIOT
Moussi has been poor all season.

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What a load of Rubbish, Chambers is from Raunds Northants i know his old man Les, and he hasnt signed for Wba so dont talk crxp

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I have watched every game saw one good performance from radi and he scored 3! all the others were aweful take last night for example noticed him 2 or 3 times! fed up with the radi bum boys!

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Is it just me that would like to see Chambo remain at the club

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No, not just you. I'd like to see him stay too as long as it's not as captain. He needs to go back to the reliable and dependable defender of last season (there have been positive signs of it lately)

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