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17 Jan 2012 12:22:22
Rumour going round that Billy willbe at the King Prawn tonight?

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Billy Painter?

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Billy Hunt more like it!

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We realy do have a small club mentality now thanks to our savour ND and his pal MA

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Apparently he is coming back to keep us up

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So what? An ex manager, so what?

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He is a pundit on ESPN for the game tonight

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F*** off now cloterall, this great club does not deserve to put up with clowns like you, Come back Billy!

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We are not a great club now, we are a joke!

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WE are still a great club! Clubs like fester,and derby o gill don"t have a rich history like Forest, TWO EUROPEAN CUPS!

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Well said that man, other clubs can never accept Forest"s great history in European and English Footballing suscess!You can never take that away from us. U Reds.

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I'm aForest fan my whole life, so I say with pride and confidence that our "TWO EUROPEAN CUPS" mean nothing with the way we're heading. The game is about money these days, so Leicester are a much bigger club now than we are and Derby, if they can push on, will be too. Our club has been run into the ground and there is no way, other than a massive out-of-the-blue buyout, for us to turn it around. I'm ashamed of the state of the club at present. I can't totally blame the players, as they have to fit in to what the management wants, and SC can only work with what he's got (which is a shell-shocked bunch of half-decent players), so who's to blame? The board? Who cares....they won't sell up, and no one seems to want to buy us, so this is where we are. I can't bare it at the moment, but it doesn't look like changing, so we all need to make our peace with it. There's no point in the "OUT" cries, as no one else wants "IN". These are dark, dark times, but surely this is what proves the fans from the "Well we won two European Cups" supporters.....Things are going to get worse, but either jump ship or put up with it because you're a fan....they're your only options! COYR

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Right a message to Nigel Doughty and Frank Clark (and Arthur must be told).
And before any bright sparks say Doughty has left, He still controls the purse strings so is still in charge.
Billy Davies MUST be brought back before its too late.
Cotterill is a busted flush who's excuses become more pathetic and his demeanor more uninspiring after every defeat the latest being last nights 0-4 debacle at a poor Leicester side.
Anyone who watched Billy on ESPN can see that he still Loves the Club, Loves the Fans, Still believes the players are good enough (unlike 'not sure' Cotterill) and feels he has unfinished business. He even confirmed that he DID offer to come back but that fell on deaf ears.
The fans made it clear they want Billy back by constantly chanting his name throughout the match and the players before the match backed that up with their comments.
The only people who don't seem to want him back and as such are now purposely ruining our club are Clark (disgrace from a former Forest man) Doughty (obviously NOT a fan) and Arthur (is he the issue all along?)
How can these guys allow us to lurch from defeat to defeat without scoring a goal and putting in poor performances without taking needed action.
We are heading into Division 1 because of the decisions and now lack of decisions made by the Board and now it seems they are doing this to punish the fans.
Interesting Billy's comments compared to Cotterill:
BD "The players are good enough they need to be galvanized and told that there are enough points to play for"
SC "The players need to become more battle hardened"
One motivates the other doesn't add a thing!
If ND is a true fan then please Nigel its time to act before its too late.

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I was there for both European Cups but so what? We are no longer a great club, we are a club who long ago had a great manager and a motivated talented squad. We are now a medium sized club destined to yo yo around the lower leagues. Sooner you accept that the better.

The only way this will change is if we had a big investment!

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It's not about the investment weve had plenty of that and where has that got us?
It's about a board that are working with the manager and are looking to build.
For example Swansea, Norwich to name but two.
Swansea's team that stuffed Arsenal cost a total of 5.5m
We need a comitted and intelligent board behind a good manager at the moment we have neither!

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Forest goin down with a 5er in the bank. 5er in the bank. 5er in the bank..
Wes morgan to leicster. 0in the region of 300k.
Lee camp to fulham- 750k
earnshaw is not coming back.
and derby will win 3-0
Really wouldnt 1-2 Be a forest fan right now.

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17 Jan 2012 01:58:19
Andy Iro (MLS) on trial, source:Star

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Trial... get him playing hes 6ft 5 and has a pulse!

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Could be a decent move for him into the championship then could make a push for england set up if any good

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Hope he's better than Findley!

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He has been offered a trial. he has not accepted a trial

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England...what a clown. He is described by the fans in Canada as loveable yet clumsy. He was released over there ffs!

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He's 27 and played 71 career games. Alarm bells are ringing.

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Think Titus Bramble

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Think much worse than that!

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Look up his old club Torronto,you can see some highlights. HES GARBAGE.

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He will be right at home with this lot then

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Conceded 13 goals in 13 games, i know its a team effort...but still. Cack

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