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17 Jun 2012 14:54:33
Warnock will be our new manager after he has ealked away from leeds an our new owners want him in, first thing he wants to do is tie up fitz hall up on a free transfer

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I also heard that warnock had walked from Leeds the other night but couldn't find anything to back it up so it could only add weight to all the speculation on Kuwaiti takeover roomer or just coinciden

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Bullship yes i said ship

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Then how come Warnock has said he is going to build up the leeds squad, he would not come to us, we will get some owner that will not put any money in, lets face it league 1 here we come {Ed034's Note - Aaaaahhhh some fans are just so negative

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I can't see us doing a thing at all whatsoever.. apart from loose some of our players.... then we'll go down to league 1. every day some one says something is being announced 2 days later and that comes and its another 2 days later..... come on and say something convincing someone!! i cn't beleive anything! {Ed034's Note - Nobody at forest has ever said a thing, other than there are people interested. The sponsor dropped a big hint saying something will be done over the next couple of week. I honestly think we are on the verge of a very exciting time and cannot wait

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We have a manager why the ridiculous speculation about someone else. Cotterill saved us from deadcert relegation, so show a bit more respect.

I told you on Saturday morning, unless talks collapse, the hope is for things to be finalised quote 'by the end of this week', so I look forward to saying 'told you so!'

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Just got a phone call from the man buying the club. he says he's flying in tonight and there will be a press conference at 13:00 tomorrow, where it will be announced. He says he's very excited and is interested in 8-9 players

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Please check your facts first, Warnock is still very much the Leeds manager and has confirmed his plans to lead them into the new season on the O.S.

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Reading between the lines a confirmation of commitment normally is followed by a resignation lol

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Also , Harry said he was going to talk to Daniel and everything would be alright - relax!

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Can i just ask about the phone call why would the person who ever it is ring a supporter and tell them?

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17 Jun 2012 00:13:45
Ican knot reveal my source but lets put it this way he is a main figure in the forest academy what he is telling me is that WHICH IS OLD NEWS there two paarties intrested in bying the club the kuwaities are actuly going through the due dilligence stage of the purchace and one of the main problems is to do with the Dougbhty estate of the club nigel doubty gave the club a loan to pay off our debts including the redevelopment of the city ground some years ago and now his wife is entitled to take back these loans and thsis is one of the details which is taken time to sort out a reasonable package for both parties involved now the consortium involved are very keen and our wishing success but also be cautious in the transfre market hence bringing in the right management as they would prefer to use the academy scolars more frequently and as mutch as i liked Billy Daies he did knot like the academy system but again they would also be scanning the transfer market where we cant use academy

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Cheers for that. Not.

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I think your rumour is about as accurate as your spelling

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00:13 + the spelling/grammar = drunk, posting rubbish on rumour sites

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The late nigel doughty treated that loan as a community investment and did not expect it back which his wife would not be able to get it back incase you didnt know she only received 250,000 from his will

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"The late nigel doughty treated that loan as a community investment and did not expect it back which his wife would not be able to get it back incase you didnt know she only received 250,000 from his will"

Firstly there was no will and secondly she has only received 250,000 whilst the solicitors were going through probate. Personally I think its a little ridiculous for somebody of ND's wealth to not have a will, nevermind an up to date one (it has left us wide open for his wife to ignore his statement in print and on video that he did not expect to receive his money back)

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What a load of rubbish 250k from his will
Who are you her bank manager?

I know he put a hell of a lot a personnel money into the club, but he still had a bit left over don't worry

Was that just 250 in cash? What about the huge house in Lincolshire and property in London? And shares in his muti million pound turn over bussiness?

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Totally disrespectful to Nigel Doughtys memory and family to speculate what his family are getting the takeover will happen when it happens have some patience

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Their certainly was a will but unless your surname is doughty you won't know what's in it.

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The contents of the will were reported in the Nottingham Post about a month ago.

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Right for starters his will contained 194 mill after debts paid off it left 145 mill his wife received 250k his kids was given same amount and the rest was left for his financial commitments this was made public back in may i will try and find a link to prove it if you want

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Cant quite remember where i seen the payout of wife and kids but this was in the lincolnshire post last month

Nottingham Forest football club owner Nigel Doughty, who was found dead in his gym, left a fortune of more than 194 million.

After his debts were paid and his outstanding affairs settled, he left a net estate of 145,935,603, figures from the Probate Registry in London reveal. {Ed034's Note - Last post on this. I think we all get the gist.

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