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18 Feb 2012 21:19:38
forest set to file for administration

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Their only creditor is dead, so it seems unlikely.

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We only owe doughty not the taxman

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18 Feb 2012 19:54:55
It has been confirmed to me that mcgugen is going to Birmingham on loan. He has a bad attitude problem and cannot stay out if trouble. Both he and his advisors thinkbit would be best to move away from said trouble.

Hoppers u1

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Given he's not been near the match day squad for a while that is believable, but I would be surprised if forest let him go to a team in the same division.

A few months clogging in L1 or getting skinned by some teenagers in a prem reserve team might help him sort his Billy Big Boots attitude out.

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Letting him go to brum will not affect us in any way, shape or form. Put a clause in that he can't play against us and pray he hits form against the teams around us.
The guy has such an ego and thinks he his better than anyone in the changing room........well your not and since you've been out the team, we've actually played as a team.
Loan him, get 1.5m in the summer and get a couple of pros that give there all every game i.e cohen type figures

Hoppers u1

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Why does nobody on this sight know anything?You can't play against your parent club if your on loan so no clause needed.

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Why come on and slag people off, rather than just saying the rule??
It is something I was not aware of and presumed players could, but most players did not because of pre arranged agreements.
I am sure it has happened, whether the law has changed, or whether it was in a cup comp' I am not sure.....then again I maybe wrong and dreamt it.

I am sure I am not the only one to think this though.

If you do not like what is written on here, do not come on. Simple really, but you would already know this being the clever d*ck that you clearly are.

Anyways is only goes to confirm that it would not do our chances of survival any harm at all.

Hoppers u1

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U can play against parent club it happened last season i think

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You clearly know nothing. If there's not a clause, you can. A Plymouth player did at Blackpool 2 seasons ago

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Yeh a plymouth player did play on loan for blackpool agaisnt them and he scored too:L {Ed001's Note - it is the Premier League that put in a rule to block loanees playing against their parent club, even that was only done prior to this season.}

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18 Feb 2012 18:11:16
did i hear right on the radio friday night that SC said he was after hammond or eskey,just caught it and radio was quiet,well i hope not,good win today hope we can keep it going coyr

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Were not allowed to buy anyone else on loan....

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What do you mean we can't take anyone else on loan? Yes we can

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Course we can bring players in on loan but you can only have 5 in the squad on matchday

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Yes we can

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We can... You can have more than 5 loans but are unable to have more than 5 on any given match day fact!

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Rather have hammond hesky cant score and thats what we need

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How many more'prolific ' strikers do we need,fantastic youth academy who we loan out or sell. The only plus side is that it's only costing us about 4.50 a week on player bonuses!!!

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I believe cardiff had at least 7 players on loan last season

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Yeh mayb at different times

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Leicester had 7 or 8 at one time last season and I think Cardiff may have done too. You can have as many as you like on loan - the only limit is on how many can actually be included in the 16 on matchdays (5).

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