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20 May 2012 23:28:55
Heard it here first Nottingham forest are heading for administration

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My ar$e you stupid Ram

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Zzzzzzzz boring

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LOL who in their right mind would let the club go into administration ? Doughty estate owed say 75 Million if they went into administration they wouldn't get even a quarter back maybe 15p in the pound ! So again IF your going to make up a rumour at least make it plausible so WE MAY BELIEVE you rather than thinking another keyboard warrior talking crap

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It wouldn't surprise me.

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What nonsense, the only creditor is the owner.

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I don't think you understand what administration is. Administration happens when you can't pay your debts and one of your suppliers tries to get you wound up. We don't have any debts except to the ND estate. They are the only ones who could put us into admin but they are also the owners so why would they do that?

No, we will bumble along as we are until either a serious backer comes along (as i understand it they don't want any cash, just to retain a stake in case we get into the CL sometime in the future so they can get some of their money back) or the family decide they want to put some more money in.

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I heard they're not

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And you came up with this cause with havent got new owners yet ?? well done

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Muppet Derby fan. The Doughty family have already confirmed that they will honour Nigels wishes and support the club for one more year if a new buyer isn't found.

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Dead right - if the Doughty estate, as reported, want their loan back as a condition of the sale, a buyer will look at the books and walk away. It's a total impasse: no buyer is going to go ahead with a 10 pt deduction. The Doughty estate look at the "loan" as an "investment" whereas the whole lot has been spent and wasted.

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No s*** sherlock!

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Can`t go into administration - we just have one creditor in ND....

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It could make the club easier to sell if we go into admin, maybe you take the 10 points as the lesser of two evils?

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Dont be fooled, the Doughty Estate is not the only creditor, they owe Nottingham City Council 6 million.

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No they don't. ND paid off the council loan last year.

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Absolute rubbish, the council loan was paid off 2 years ago. Just check the accounts it's all in there.

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Also the loan was only 4.8 million to begin with.

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Forest owe the council nothing. I know this as a good friend of mine works for the council and has checked.
Why do rival fans bother wasting the lives posting rubbish on here?? Do they really have that little in them??

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We do owe a lot of money! but as it has already been pointed out it is to our owner. It would save a lot of time if people checked the clubs accounts before they posted some of their comments. They can be found on the clubs website. I find it amazing that on here (not just this thread) people come out with this stuff and start little wars that pi$$ everybody off when all they have to do is a little research. Its not hard.

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For all you people who are thinking we are going to sign loach if camp goes its not going to happen. hes off to blackpool this summer.

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