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21 Jun 2012 18:15:02
Celtic have made a bid for Dexter Blackstock, on Sky Sports News.

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If Dex is sold (and God I hope not) we have to let him go for good money. Without injuries he is our 20 + goal scorer, in my opinion more important than McCleary was.

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Regardless of whether forest would accept the bid or not, no non-scottish player with any ambition whatsoever is going to go to the SPL. We already know the league winner for the next three seasons at least. With no old firm games not even a decent wage is guaranteed.

Scottish kids and old men only.

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So playing for team that will fight relegation again is showing more ambition than playing for a team in the Champions League is more ambitious. jog on. He ain't anywhere near good enough for Celtic anyway

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"he ain't good enough to play for Celtic"

I could play for Celtic! League 1 football played in two big grounds.

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Stay clear of forest IMO. The last joker we signed from you is the worst defender in the league and couldn't get a game

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Who would want to play in the spl its the most boring and un-interesting league in europe

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Dex aint good enough but kfc commons is?

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Any Celtic fan who uses the "we offer Champions League football" argument should really restructure their argument to sound more like "we offer Champions League Qualification stage football"

They need to realise that its the wage a player can deman as a result of the CL/ SPL TV deals that are the main attraction - player A moves to Celtic, bumps up wages by +100%, plays Rangers 10 times in a season (or maybe not) with a few other opponents of League One standard sprinkled in between. After grabbing 20/30 goals they decide they move back across the boarder to a team like Wigan or West Brom ..... again with a bump up in wages

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Forest will not sell whilst takeover being finalised and Celtic have not bid for Blackstock- source John Percy

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'If Dex is sold (and God I hope not) we have to let him go for good money. Without injuries he is our 20 + goal scorer, in my opinion more important than McCleary was'

whilst he is our most accomplished forward he has never scored close 20 goals in one season at any point of his career. {Ed034's Note - if it wasnt for his injury, he would have done last season

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I will make a bet now that should he stay at forest he will score 20+

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21 Jun 2012 17:45:57
Rumours of dex to Celtic on sky sports news

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There should be contract clauses to retain players who have been support/paid as a consequence of longstanding injury.

Didn't we support Alan Rogers through a leg break, only for him to leave upon recovery. Yes I know people will say he was rubbish, but you get the point.

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21 Jun 2012 15:44:04
@mbuyabis again on twitter, claims al hasawi will complete purchase "very soon" {Ed034's Note -

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He has said this in response to someone else... Whether it is true or not is another matter

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Dexter blackstock is being targeted by Celtic. Sc don't want to sell ANY players whilst the club is under being taken over.

Source sky sports news!

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Speaking to birtles on Monday and rumour is Bryan Roy and two other players looking to get a consortium together to buy the reds !

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Response to post about brian roy well a few months ago stan tweeted to roy and lars saying check ur dm's and if they are up for it and they both responded with yes

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Just been reading social network site and found this.

Congratulations, you club Nottingham Forest and God deserves all the best to have provided to the Qaddissiya.
This is obv translated from someone posting on his account. His reply was a smile & a smiley face wink!

I'm passing on this as fact not the BS a lot of you come out with. By the end of the month is the common trend

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Excuse my ignorance but what are Roy's and lars dm's ?

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Just noted from twitter the picture of the girl in the forest t shirt was taken in a hotel on hill street London. Sorry if I'm slow on the uptake!

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Direct messages, ie not public.

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21 Jun 2012 14:24:27
Unless the announcements are coming from the offices of Seymour Pierce or elsewhere I can tell you for certain that nothing is happening down at the CG today. Just been down there to see if I could get hold of somebody to arrange a community event. There are no restrictions on entry to either the main reception or the Champions study centre, which you would expect if something was going on. It's another lazy day on Trentside I'm afraid and there are certainly no signs of anything happening soon.

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No I am not a sheep, before anyone starts, why do we all get our hopes up in regards to being taken over, I hope I am wrong but I fear another season of mediocrity

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I think your right, all a big spin to get season tickets sold and the new sponsors in on it!

Its amazing how silent the media have been on the matter. You would have expected even rumours to be coming out from the Sun etc, but nothing because their is nothing!

Well done Forest you've conned us all, me especially because i've renewed my season ticket. {Ed034's Note - Extremely harsh as Forests stance has always been to say nothing and it is other media/companies/social networking sites that havbeen talking about it. The only thing been said is that we are for sale and a number of parties are interested. I think Forest have handled it in a very dignified manner.

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I think Ed is right on this, the club have handled it well. And I think SC has acted with dignity too in all of this with rumours about being replaced flying around.

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Would you have not renewed your season ticket anyway?? Surely you would if you were a true fan!

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Does anyone know when the Season Ticket deadline has actually been extended to?

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Even if the takeover is going on / or not the team needs our support, there is some great lads that give their hearts for Forest and SC once again without any money to spend. So lets all get behind our lads and hope that the takeover soon will be sorted.

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This so called takeover reading sc today is more likely to take weeks i say again weeks rarther than days its begining to look like we will start off the season with half a team

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All this moaning re another season of being mediocre. Well I for one a fan of 45 years have seen fantastic times through to rough times but its always gripping stuff, be it reaching play offs to fighting off relegation. I always look forward to a new season and every Saturday or Tuesday whenever they play. Thats because Im a true fan and will support through whatever the club goes through. All this talk of Im not going if they dont sack Marther, or buy ******* or Doughty resigns or club not bought by rich Arabs gets right on my nerves, the club dont need you and your not fans, clear off moaners write to an agony aunt instead

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All these conspiracy theorists are going to have to explain to me exactly how the club has worked this one...

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Living in a free society allows one to have a voice, whether you have been a fan for 46 years or 1 year, people have opinions and this forum allows one to voice them, it doesn't make an individual any less of a fan....... COYR

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Check sports. Theres mention in that

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21 Jun 2012 11:19:52
lescelles will be gone by early next week, 2mill straight up and another couple of million due to appearances etc. take over not be down for at least another week or so and we are falling way behind other clubs in our prep for next season. so forest have been forced to sell lescelles in order to offer contracts to current and new players.

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No no NO! This will not happen. We havent been officially told that a takeover is soon but i think we all can guess that it is so why would we even contemplate selling a prized asset?!

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If they are contemplating a deal like that, then maybe a takeover is further away than we all think

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We will be lucky if any takeover is completed before the start of the new season i hate to think what the starting line up will be if this turns out to be correct

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Come to think of it the Swallow Hotel is run by Marriott Hotels.

Apologies - the takeover rumour mill is turning me into a .....

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21 Jun 2012 10:49:42
Paul Anderson and George boateng have left forest would imagine Anderson gone to Blackpool. Not sure about boateng though. In today's this is Nottingham. Interview with SC {Ed034's Note - From what I have been told, Anderson is waiting to see what we offer him, as SC has promised he will be offered a new contract, but until the T/O happens, SC does not know how much that contract will be

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Anderson is not a Blackpool player, its on Newsnow. Has stalled his move, i wonder why ?

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Because he thinks he is better than what he actually is ?

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The move was stalled because Blackpool offered him a contract with worse terms than his current forest contract

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According to Paul Taylor twitter from the post, he has agreed to go to Blackpool but not officially announced yet,

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Nep said anderson has left along with boateng ( no loss there thank god )

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Paul Anderson is going nowhere, trust me, I know this for fact! Also, if Ando gets back to where he was season before last, in my opinion, he will be a real asset to Forest, especially with McLeary gone.

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Ando is not going to blackpool. But has not been offered anything by Forest yet.


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21 Jun 2012 08:05:43
I work in a hotel just off junction 28 on the m1 and theres a meeting today with(I heard from management) people from Nottingham forest and Nigel Clough. The conference room was booked yesterday for an immediate meeting with the derby boss.

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A meeting of that nature would be kept hush hush hotel wouldn't need details of both parties just person who booked meeting room so dont lie

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Can't be true. This would be an illegal approach. Bored at work I'm guessing?

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Why would we meet Nigel Clough? There is absolutely no point to this rumour. What are you suggesting when you decided to post this?

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Nonsense, not sure half of the fans would even want cloughie now. {Ed034's Note - I'm not sure if even 1% of fans would want him.

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Nigel clough can not work for anyone else apart from derby something about not having the right badges.

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But Forest have had to pull out of a deal after discovering that Clough only has a B licence, one of the lowest-level qualifications.

Under new regulations brought in last summer, Championship clubs can only appoint bosses with A or Pro licences.

The rule was brought in under instructions from the FA and is backed by the LMA bosses union and Forest cannot find a way around it.

Clough has not enrolled on any further courses and is now effectively stuck at Derby. He is allowed to carry on there with just a B badge due to him being in that role when the changes were made

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Funny, i thought warnock was leaving Leeds to go to forest ,according to forest fans, not,lol {Ed034's Note - I think the lol is on the Leeds fans, not forest

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Wasn't this from last year?

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Well I can confirm this is true, there is media outside a hotel near junction 28 near a designer outlet....don't believe me, see for yourself.

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Haha as if they would do a meeting in a bloody travel lodge , get a grip this is a load ov rubbish and yes that's the only hotel near the designer outlet , so stop talking crap, unless there doing the meeting in the castle wood pub next door over a few pints , utter tosh {Ed034's Note -

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Why would they book conference facilities for a meeting between 4 or 5 people?

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The Derbyshire Hotel, A Travel Lodge? Mmmmm didn't know that.

Do Principal Hayley?

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It pains me to say it but Directors from both Forest & Derby have a positive relationship & meet up regularly including NC.

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Thats not the only Hotel there are 2 at that junction

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Sorry to say this but i work for Principal Hayley and there is no conference at The Derbyshire {Ed034's Note - I think we are all going over the same thing on all the replies to this post, so I think you will all agree it is time to move on

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I just thought that id confirm this for you that is all Ed {Ed034's Note - No worries mate. Just had a lot now saying more or less the same. Thanks for the post though mate

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My Mrs went shopping at mcarthur glen today and told her just to drive past to see if she could see anything and she said there was alot of people around main doors but dont really mean anything.

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21 Jun 2012 07:32:19
Just bumped into an old school mate Frazer Nicholson the Forest press officer in Tescos on main street in Balderton, Newark.Hes all suited and booted and wouldnt confirm anything but he said that he had a very busy day pending and had a very big grin on his face. Anyone who knows Frazer knows he doesnt go to work this early and certainly doesnt wear a suit and tie unless its a spiecial occasion . Heres hoping

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Omg not heard this before, I seen him in coop and sainsburys, beat that.

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There seems to be a lot coming out of twitter , here and other sites, think by the weekend we may have new owners, a lot of momentum all of a sudden someone must now something

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Don't believe it, NEP say any deal is still weeks away! {Ed034's Note -I am not saying it is true, but the NEP, at present, do not have the best reporters for Forest and would suggest that they will only know when it is complete.

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Fraser has got a job interview at BBC - gonna be the new cleaner at HQ

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If youre a Forest fan do not bother with the NEP because they are always way behind the news stories and secondly Paul Taylor is a Notts County fan and always puts a negative spin on any Forest stories because as all County fans he is a tad jealous!

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21 Jun 2012 07:29:12
Forest after Justin hoyte apparently
Source daily star

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Got a feeling that when /if the takeover goes through we will be linked with more players lol

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A big IF i think

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21 Jun 2012 00:26:42
ed forest coach jody caudwell tweeted this

Jody Caudwell ‏@JCaudwell
@fletcherluke not your average visitors! Hopefully some news in next few days!
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2h Jody Caudwell ‏@JCaudwell
Interesting visit at Wilford lane this afternoon ‪#nffc‬
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