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21 May 2012 17:33:21
Nottingham forest will not be selling gunter, however a bid of 1million is to be made for miller from 2 interested championship clubs and lee camp has interest in him from a number of premiership clubs, if these come off then at least we will have money to work with to bring some players in, troy deeny from watford is a player we are believed to be interested in

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Can't see why any championship clubs would want camp after this season nevermind prem

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Wrong! told you a couple of days back that Cotterill's rebuilding pot will come from McCleary, Gunter and Camp, with an outside chance of us getting a bid for McGugan. When these three are gone, by end of June, then expect some incoming players. Can Cotterill repeat his fantastic recruitment of January?

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Can't see why some Forest fans refuse to admit that selling Gunter would be a good move for us. Everyone moans that we let our better players run down their contracts and leave for nothing - here we have a quality player who is wanted by several teams - we should sell but only at OUR valuation.

2m-2.5m + Gunters wages = money available to sign 3 or 4 players to cover other positions.


As for Camp I'd be asking for 1m-1.5m. Scott Loach to replace him on a free

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Oh thats right sell a qaulity player and bring in 3 or 4 mediocre players!
we need to keep what little class we still have...dont sell gunter

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Dont sell Gunter, means we can't afford ANY half decent players. Then we are forced to play with mediocre players or promote kids who arent ready for first team football.

Its the same people who moan about players leaving for free who complain when we come close to selling one - we should have sold Camp, we didn't, he played like s**t for us for the next 7 months.

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Gunter is far from class... id say he has potential but he makes many schoolboy mistakes.
Wooton was much more solid, but you lost the attacking element...

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Why Loach on a free? When did he become a free? Lewis from Posh and Heaton from Cardiff are free but not Loach. Gabbidon to come in for Chambers. Which prem clubs would want Camp by the way? He has had a very poor season and has lost value. You also keep mentioning McCleary as raising money and you must know that getting nothing for a player leaves nothing to spend on a new one.

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Camp out for cash and loach in for free would be a perfect scenario

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No point having 1 class defender. Traditional Forest play 4 at the back.

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I didn't say anything about money being freed up with McCleary leaving but would point out that we were offering him 10k per week. Surely that 10k would still be available to offer to other players, either to Chambers/ Lynch or probably a new signing.

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I wouldnt pay Chambers or Lynch 10k a week.

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"I wouldnt pay Chambers or Lynch 10k a week."

I'm not saying offer them 10k a week. You could take that 10k and split it to top up the wages they are already on - if Lynch is on 4k then offer him 7k/8k with incentives for more based on performance.

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Fair point.

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You do realise its possible to a buy a good player for minimal cash ... look as tom ince for blackpool 60k and hes a quality player with HUGE potential

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Spot on about Ince. The problem comes that our fans will moan and groan when we sign a few unknowns from the lower leagues ........ unlike the awesome BIG name signings we pulled off in Miller, Derbyshire, Greening and Boateng {Ed003's Note - He wasn't 60k, he was free,but it does show bargains can be had}}

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21 May 2012 15:32:04
Ive heard this from a reliable source close enough to the club to have pictures of Wesley verhoek on the pitch at forest with his missus befor he got cold feet.

Chambers has rejected contract we offered so he's been told he's free to go

The takeover has been agreed and will be finalised
Within 3 weeks . The doughty estate are keeping a stake and getting paid 25 million. Don't expect big signings though as the new owners want to build slowly.

Derbyshire & mcgoldrick are transfer listed
Miller is apparently training like a mad man and he is determine to prove us all wrong

The delivery man

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The pictures of Verhoek on the pitch are all over the internet, and are even posted on this site in the photos section. So this is clearly BS. Chambers has not been offered a contract.


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Yeah sure! of course someone will pay 25m to the Doughty estate for less than 100% of the club. And happily hand over another 3/4m for new players.

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All I can say is that I hope you're right about miller, yet to prove himself at all. As for the takeover, I thinks its gonna be bs from any source until its announced officially.

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Pictures of Verhoek and partner were widely circulated on the Internet so that means nothing

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I understand your comments regarding the photo's but I can reassure my contact is an internal source who took the photo that you have all seen.

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So what verhoek to sign then?

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He's using the verhoek paragraph, to add some weight to the rumours underneath it.
At least you have added something to make it credible.

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So your internal source is the club photographer?

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Verhoek pictures from last season, he signed for FC Twente in January

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22 May 2012 15:23:28

This picture?


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I do hope this is true. Derbyshire and McGoaldrought we'll be stuck with unless some idiots try to buy him.

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New owners want to build slowly!! when have I heard that before...oh yes everday of the last 10 years!! Sounds really promising!!

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What drugs are you lot on re Verhoek that ship has sailed? He was due to sign before last season and refused as the terms of the agreement 'apparently' were changed last minute! END OF.

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Then your source is Terry the kitman? He took the original Verhoek pics and posted on twitter.

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21 May 2012 13:19:56
Tomorrow morning : Mark Arthur will travel out to America with Steve cotterill to take a look at the venues they will be playing at during pre-season. No news on takeover but they seem to be keen to travel out there. Maybe they are going to meet the new owners? here's hoping!

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I share your optimism, but doubt it.

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Can mark get one way ticket

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Mark arthur and Steve cotterill. Why not frank clarke?

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Dur! a chairman is not involved in the day-to-day running of the club. That's what a chief exec does.

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Stupid question maybe, but how can we (a club so obviously in the sh*t with money) afford to take the whole first team to America. These trips must cost a fortune, and after the season we have just had they should do pre-season in the mablethorpe sand dunes.

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The trips paid for by the gate revenue off the games played while there plus sale off shirts ect

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They need to see the venues.....what club do they run Barcalona!!??

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The owner of the orlando city team we are playing is a forest fan. So i presume he will give us accomodation training facilities etc and we just had to buy flights. I think going abroad is bad though as it allows less time for wheeling and dealing should have just played 4-5 home games and got more money off it.

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