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22 Jun 2012 16:04:29
Paul Anderson's move to Blackpool now looks unlikely according to the Blackpool Gazette.

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Thanks for dumping us (Sheff Weds) with Marlon Harewood! Rubbish!

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You are welcome :)

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Always a pleasure never a chore, now come get Boetang.

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Marlon big fat pudding perfect for wednesday

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I have heard that he was shown round, liked what he saw, said he waited to join and then they offered him 1500 per week which was more than 50% less what he is on at Forest.

Footballers are not as green as they are cabbage looking when it comes to money.

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Despite what many seem to believe forest pay good wages for the championship. So good it's hard to get rid of players who don't have a prem alternative.

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Matt derbyshire would be the perfect strike partner for harewood at wednesday!

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If however sheff need another striker I hear you can get McGoldrick on a buy 1 get 1 free deal. {Ed034's Note -

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22 Jun 2012 15:58:09
Qadisiyah send a letter to the company to bring players ڤato Alsome Keita, and his unwillingness Balkhtaib company ڤatutemlhm date to Sunday 6/24 to follow the signing of contracts........ tweeted by fawad could this mean forest

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Who the hell can tell?

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Why would it mean Forest, no mention by name or even the slightest vague reference. {Ed034's Note - I think it was more of a question to ask opinions

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Harewood can still do a job for Wednesday but better suited to Sheff Utd

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Get your facts right Harewood was on 1k a week, i got told this when complaining to someone high up at forest that he was useless and taking up a big part of a wage budget {Ed034's Note - Same figure as I have heard

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22 Jun 2012 14:07:47
Ive heard of someone within the world of football that al hasawis bid to buy forest has been accepted and the FA are currently going through the paper work and put the stamp of approval on it, expect it to be confirmed next week

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I give up

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Stop posting stuff that no-one but Seymour Pierce can know about please!

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You mean you heard it down the pub last night more like.

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If your gonna make stuff up make something new, we've already heard it 1000 times now.

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The FA don't put a stamp of approval on it The Football League do.

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Who is getting bored with this now.

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I'm glad others are getting really bored of all this now, I was beginning to think I was the only one. I have no idea what's going on at the club, but at least I'll admit it.

Agent 279

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Well- I have heard barrak abama is gunna buy the reds and nuke Derby! Happy days. Who else is sick of ready rubbish. Let's at least make it interesting. Barrak abama - yeah!!

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I, like many, am bored with this now. This situation really isn't fair on the fans who love the club. I get that the club are not responsible for the sale, but surely a little honesty wouldn't go amiss. All any of us really want is some transparency so that we know where we bloody stand. Maybe a statement saying something like "There are very serious negotiations taking place and we will make a formal announcement as soon as we know". All we get is "I didn't say imminent". Someone at the club MUST know something, I don't believe for one minute that they are completely in the dark. We are getting dangerously close to the point at which we need to have a squad taking shape, yet all we see is more players leaving because there are no funds to offer contracts, now SC is already talking about the sodding loans market. What have we been reduced to?

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Yes I am bored with it too but these things move at their own pace and in the REAL world confidentiality is key. By the way its Obama!!

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22 Jun 2012 08:43:52
Mark arther is to sell the club to a local consortium and boycott the Kuwaiti takeover because he doesn't like foreign investment. The local consortium will give Steve cotteril nothing for transfers! This is depressing! The Kuwaitis were going to put 20-40m into the club... {Ed034's Note - Where have you got this info from?

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Marthur isn't selling the club. Doughty estate are the ones selling and it's brokered by Seymour Pierce.

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I have never read such rubbish, Mark Arthur is nothing to do with the sale. Nigel's estate is selling it, he is as much an observer in this as we are. He will probablt only be told about the final sale just before we are

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Mark Arthur has no say in who will be buying the club. It's not his to sell for starters and is being handled by SP.
Stop posting made up drivel. {Ed034's Note - a quick note to posters who's comments have not appeared on this. There's has been dozens which have said the samehing, so I have added just a few

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I did not post this but from what i understand marthur tried to get a local consortium together but it was rejected and IF the kuwaiti's do take over then marthur will walk as he dont like foriegn investments and apparently the party leading the bid is being looked at by the FA to see if they are fit and proper to run a club this info was on the npower championship twitter page i copied both tweets to ed on here but think some1 beat me to it

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Any new owners and thinking of a way forward, whatever that is would be good at this stage....I for one would be happier if the future in whatever form it takes did NOT include Mark Arthur

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Hopefully he will walk, better that than the new owner paying him off when he arrives. USELESS.

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22 Jun 2012 07:24:06
@Supermomo76: Please remember it's merely a "rumour". Fawaz is working with a group owned by Saudi royals to buy #nffc. Their visit to the club was...

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Was what? is this a quiz?

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A saudi prince died and a few people on twitter have decided to link this unfortunate event with the hold up in the sale of the club.
if the kuwaitis are buying the club it seems more likely that...
1. the deal is just taking time
2. If the princes death has held up the deal it is probably more likely out of respect than direct involvement

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I'm hearing alot of runours saying that al-hasawi is using forest to pressure the board at his previous club.. I hope this isn't true but with the photo of his daughter in the forest shirt, it may be true :/

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Its always been the Saudi Royal Family. I mentioned this weeks ago. Check the history I did. wbd

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I think the takeover is a load of rubbish if it was true one of the daily tabliods would have twigged it by now or even a rumour on sky sports but absolutly nothing Ive been a Forest fan for 44 years & never knowns us to be in such a mess even the FBI or MI5 could not keep this quiet.

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21 Jun 2012 23:19:20
Derby county are after Luke chambers and Lewis mcgugan - source - 'The People' newspaper

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Published on a Sunday. You the editor? {Ed034's Note -

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So it has taken you until now to print this rubbish as the people is out on a sunday

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