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23 Jun 2012 20:25:28
on twitter paul taylor states takeover not too far away and might bring new manager, but he thinks SC should be given a chance.

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He also states that that is his opinion and he has no inside knowledge at all.

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I follow Paul Taylor he's tweeted nothing of the sorts!

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Why do people confuse to and too? {Ed034's Note - I think it has been used correctly. Try not to be too bothered about the spelling on posts ;-)

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'Paul Taylor ‏@nottmtails

Hopefully won't be too long before things start to happen... new owners normally means new manager, but I'd like to see SC given a chance.'
Paul tweeted this 10 hours ago. You can't follow him if you missed it, it was his last tweet today.

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23 Jun 2012 19:09:57
I have heard the deal to buy forest is very much still on an very close to being completed. Cotterill has been told he will be given a chance to impress and has been told to put his plans into motion, forests first signing will be gerg halford as cotterill made him his number 1 target since the end of last season

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If Greg halford is our number one target we'd better get ready for league one!!!

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No one even knows who or when the takeover will be... Therefore you wudnt know what has been said to cotterill and who his targets are
If you're going to post dribble post something we might believe

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Greg Norman would be better!

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Greggs then we'd definitely be keeping Reidy.

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I thought I knew something when a friend of mine said there was a buz about the BBC office, but nothing has come of it. Lets just wait, I'm promised it will be sorted next week.

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Halford is awful

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A number of my brothers are Pompey fans and they really rate him, big strong centre forward, one of their best players apparently.

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Idiot he is a defender and a bad one at that!

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Gregory "Greg" Halford (born 8 December 1984) is an English footballer who plays for Portsmouth. He is naturally a right back or centre back[1] but can play in numerous positions including central midfield, right midfield and even as a striker.

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He can seel programmes and make tea too but he doesn't. If he's a striker then Lewis Hamilton is a shot-putter.

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Thanks for filling us in who greg halfords is.

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23 Jun 2012 08:33:42
If the deal has fallen through then why is fawaz buying £4 million mansion in woodhouse Leicestershire, because he most certainly isn't buying them.

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I hope something happens soon because as it stands i dont think the squad will be strong enough to compete next season, It was the loan players that kept us up!

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Im from Loughboro which is 4 mile from woodhouse i can confirm this rumour is flying around the town you nice village woodhouse

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And you know this how?

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A helicopter was circling a very sw**ky property in woodhouse Thursday lunchtime. Mabye it's the same one?

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He just said!!

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I live in Woodhouse eaves neighbouring Woodhouse and have seen the house I'm assuming they're talking about. Just saying the house exists, but doubt fawaz will buy it

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It is an 8 bedroom house being sold by Bentons estate agents in Melton Mowbray

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Takeover still on spoke to our main sponsor at 11.30am at radford rd. His words was twitter rumours were fake no need to worry deal just about done.

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The wife works for a estate agent in Loughborough

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Deal done will be comfirmed monday morning 10am on sky sports obtained from a insider at bbc radio Nottingham.

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Deal Done found out a 4pm today really good info not sure who with just said Arabs

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In reply to the last comment I have heard this as well and all this crap about the deal falling through is fake

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It's not, it won't and you don't know at all do you!

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I posted the 4pm post i found out today on the golf course and it sounds really really promising

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You heard on the golf course? That sounds reliable then ...

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"Deal done will be comfirmed monday morning 10am on sky sports obtained from a insider at bbc radio Nottingham" Righ, so your 'insider' at the BBC knows that SKY sports radio will announce the deal? - {Ed034's Note -

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How reliable is ur source? It's all been said before and nothing! I can't see owt on twitter

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I live nearby and there has been numerous rumours about who is buying the house,fawaz was one of those. I was gunna post it but someone beat me to it. {Ed034's Note - I think the fact you originally started this post, I would say that there's a good chance you may be fibbing by writing this

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My insider at BBC radio Nottingham said it would be comfirmed on sky sports news at 10am monday. also to be comfirmed on BBC radio Nottingham at the same time but not everybody in the U.K can tune into raidio Nottingham as it is a local station.

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Get ready for monday at 10 am then ed as think if its wrong this site could get very busy but with more than one person stating it,,mmmm makes you wonder {Ed034's Note - There's a lot of rumours flying around about Monday. I would guess if it was Monday morning, there would be a story in one of the sunday papers in the morning

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If this top secret info was leaked to all the radio stations than I think someone would have let it slip on twitter :/

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Yeah. Don't understand why you get grief Ed. The People sport writer thinks there is a story about it tomoz {Ed034's Note - I didn't realise I got grief

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I think SSN on Monday morning will have more important football news to concentrate on ie Englands progression/exit from the Euro's. Forest, if - and I really mean if, have anything to announce will be so low on the SSN priority list, it just might fall off the bottom.

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I think as long as rumours about then the club must be moving in the right direction...

In our case no news is bad news !!

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It's a lie as I work for the radio station and we've had nothing come in to announce anything regarding the takeover sorry

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What aload of cod...

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Yes don't we all work for the BBC

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On the councils website theirs actual planning information for a helicopter pad on that property your talking about.

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We all just need to be patient, it will be announced next week!

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23 Jun 2012 01:53:14
All over twitter that the forest deal has fallen through! The fawaz deal they say but its reported theres still another bid on table!

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Looks like it was his old club called his bluff yesterday and deal fell through, got this from @supermomo76 on twitter(Ed you may not want to publish name) reading his tweets he has always said that Fawaz bid not real

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Where on twitter did you find this I've looked all over and nothing !

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No it isn't.

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All the take over stuff is typical Forest in pre season build your hopes up with stella signing all to then know nothing happends i think the takeover wont happen or if it does it be with someone with not alot off cash at all

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I have sources in HR and this is totally un-true. The deal is still going through. Probably a sheep or one of them nasty foxes.

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Whether its fallen through or not, whether or not it was ever on the table is irrelevant. If its happening it will happen. If its not happening it won't. The one thing you can be sure of is, as Forest fans no matter what happens we will be in for an interesting season. Talking about what ifs and maybes and stirring the rumour mill won't make things happen. Only time will tell and it is beyond any of our control, so just sit it out and hope its positive.

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No I'm a big forest fan n just writing wat I've been reading! I was questioning if the rumour was true all nite n all the answers I got was yeah it looks like the Kuwait bid has fallen through

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23 Jun 2012 01:09:09
Middlesbrough FC manager Tony Mowbray will re kindle his interest in Nottingham Forest ace striker Ishmael Miller, if the likely departure of Marvin Emnes to Swansea City goes through. Mowbray

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Ace? Clearly a lie... {Ed034's Note - I don't think it is. Mowbray likes miller and enquired in jan about him

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Ive got ya back ed mowbray does have a soft spot for miller lol

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Ace striker ishmael miller = lie

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That would be great news if true...a Championship club like Forest should not be carrying any players earning over 1/2 million year, and often this amount guaranteed for three years.

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I have always hoped he would play a major part in the future of Forest but the only major part he seems right for is as a ptient in Casualty

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If they are stupid enough to pay 2 million for him, then they can have him.

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Will drive him there anytime day or night for free

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When fit and hungry for it, Miller is the best striker in the league. {Ed034's Note - I rate him highly and think he could be a huge asset this season. Not sure bout best in he league though

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He is lazy and self obsessed which is why he has not made it in Prem....not a team player get what we can and get rid! {Ed034's Note - From speaking to him I disagree

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Name one time he has played selflessly for the team, encouraged others and not flounced about cussing and swearing. He has failed in Prem, he has failed everywhere he has been after the initial new club flourish. He is injury prone and talks the talk but NEVER walks the walk in a red shirt. Too easily impressed editor, stars in eyes. {Ed034's Note - Everyone is entitled to an opinion and that is mine. When he first signed he look very good, but injuries meant he didn't get a run in the team. I would like to see him given a run of ten games. Not sure what you mean by the 'stars in eyes comment'??

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