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24 Feb 2012 19:43:06
Matty derbyshire is to have his contract terminated

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Is it because he lied on his CV that he was a footballer?

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It is surely in his own interest to move on because he has no chance of breaking in to our first 11,dont know whats gone wrong with him i thought he would have been a decent signing when he came to us

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Whats the point that would cost us loads to do that as he is on a 2 or 3 year deal on around 9k a week when we could just sell him in the summer. if we terminate his contract then we will have even less money to offer new contracts. common sense really

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Cud b by mutual consent n not cost us, but can't c that happening 2bh, so wud b foolish 4 us 2 terminate.

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Not if it's mutual

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Biggest lie on here. He's been injured with calf problems.

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Injured with brain problems more like

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Think we need to give him a chance and get off his back!

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24 Feb 2012 15:38:52
not really a rumour but my brother's mate lives next door to one of the players. apparently the squad all really like cotterill. if this is true, i can't see where it's all going well. maybe nerves on matchday? fans booing can't help

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Perhaps the players all have relegation release clauses?

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I've heard from a player that deffo does not like coterill, he did say others felt like that too, they don't have faith in him. Saying tht tho campy ran out of his goal 2 celebrate with cotteril wen we scored at the weekend so sum must like him!

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I've heard from a player that sc is very liked amongst the squad, mainly because of his honesty and the fact he does not have favourites, unlike the previous two managers and everyone has a chance of making the match day squad.
So someone's telling porkies out there

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Everyone has a chance to make the match day squad? yh im sure raddy agrees with you there!

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Is S.O.D starting to have a positive effect, the team starting to look like they know what they are supposed to be doing,could become next manager at end of season

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Raddy is not good enough. When are people going to realise??
As for everyone having a chance......that came from a player, not me. All u can do is what I got told

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I know 2 players that don't like the manager & say that the team doesn't have faith in him.

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Would that happen to be the players that thought they were untouchable and would play every week no matter what? if thats the case then true colours are now on show

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24 Feb 2012 08:28:46
The Sun, February 19
It's all Clear for Roy's Garath swoop

ROY HODGSON is set to take advantage of the financial uncertainty at Nottingham Forest to swoop for Garath McCleary.
Winger McCleary is out of contract at the end of the season.
But he has not been offered new terms because of Forest's cash worries.

Noticed this had not gone on this site yet! I hope hes not going, as much as some people dont rate him, hes still been one of our better players!


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We cannot let him go. others may be but he is on form - let them have anderson instead!!

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Think i like about the G man is hes a grafter and not a moaner unlike other "mc's" at the club

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Andos been told he Cn go out on loan, so he will go at end of the season anyway, shame really as he is a grafter!

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If you lot are refering to the mc's as mcgoldrick and mcgugan you need to wake up because mcgoldrick has never had a run of games unlike tudgay of late and what has tudgay done. And for mcgugan he as been our best player for 2 years and our only inspirational player but now we are struggling as a TEAM evrerybody is slating him could anyone player lift us at the minute we need team players to help mcgugan flourish not get rid of him! a quick question do any of you lot play football......... i think i know the answer

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There's a very simple reason McGoaldraught don't get a run in the team - he ain't good enough. Had 3 different managers now and not one of them has seen enough quality in McGoldtooth to start him regularly. Mcguagan has got the quality when he applies himself but is far from inspirational, the last game he started when he got subbed he stormed off down the tunnel in a right mardy. Which he had no right to do saying he was the worst player on the pitch that day. Guedioura's taken McGugan's role in midfield and how could u drop him? He's by far a better player - Better range of passing, More skill, Better tackler, only thing Mcgugan's got on him is that he's probably has a better shot(but we ain't seen that much lately)
As for what has Tudgay done, er top scorer in a team devoid of chances!

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Tudgay and mcgoldrick aren't brilliant strikers ( tuds is marginally better) but the reason he gets played is he tries hard even if we are doing badly

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Guedioura make magugan look like a pub team player! that is what you call a midfielder Lweis has everything but thinks he is a big tine player when really he is average but by god what a player Guedioura is

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I will follow Guedioura for here on in i have never seen a midfilder as good as him in many a year. i work with wolves fans he say he is better then their current midfielders and can not understand why he is in thier team. he is easy a 4mil player enjoy him while we can

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I agree with that, Guedioura has both ability and work ethic, miles ahead of any of our midfielders (except maybe reid). I'd be delighted if we could keep him at the end of the season, but if wolves have any sense they won't let him go whatever division they're in.

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