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24 Jan 2012 23:21:14
Luke Chambers will join Bolton in the next few days for £1m. Forest will use the money to keep Morgan as he is considered to be a better player by Steve Cotterill. Forest will also launch a bid for Dean Lewington offering £400k which MK will accept. He has been recommended by O'Driscoll as a player who can clearly make the step up and is very good with set pieces.

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You mean the Bolton side who have just signed a central defender from the MLS?

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I wish this was true, chambers had a good season last season but thats all it was medicore compared to wes and lynch is a different style of centre back that we need. (before someone replys saying im a fickle fan and you rave about him when hes doing well and moan when he isnt doing too well... ive never been a fan of chambers especially as capt.)

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What crap, as has been said Bolton have signed a CB. Also they will not spend money if they get any they will offer contracts to key players and get 2-3 loans in. Muppett.

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24 Jan 2012 14:06:32
Bristol City interested in McGoldrick to replace Maynard who is off to Wigan.....personally I would drive him there!

Forest Lad

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I feel for the lad as he has never really settled in. I think a move for him would be best

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Not true as we tried a swap plus money deal for maynard during the summer so this isnt going to happen as they said they didnt want mcgoldrick!

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Again another bone idle pre madonna I would piggy back away from the City Ground

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How do you know?

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About a year ago I watched forest training for about an hour and the standout player was mcgoldrick, I then watched him on the Saturday and he stank the ground out. I think it will never happen for the lad.

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To the fool that doubts this info, they have had a change of manager since then muppet. This one rates McGoldrick and thinks he can unlock his undoubted talent.

Forest Lad

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24 Jan 2012 12:57:39
What do you know about the Wes Morgan to Leic thing? rumours coming out of LCFC that they have pulled the plug on the move as they wont be held to ransom for an unrealistic fee, they feel they have offered a very fair fee in the circs and Forest are just being a little too greedy, they have now turned their attention to a poss Portsmouth target? and with St Ledger settling down it may now not be as urgent as it was......any rumours from that end?

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News ive heard is that forest do not want to sell wes and only a very good offer (over the 1million being spoken about) will make them listern, and even then wes is very much commited to forest

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23 Jan 2012 23:56:50
forest are mulling over offers for luke chambers and raddy majewski. with any money gained, forest will make a bid for crawly town forward man matt tubbs. and offer contracts to wes morgan and gareth McCleary . Paul anderson will leave at the end of the season and forest will release g. boeteng, matt derbyshire and paul smith regardless of where we end up.

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Hope Anderson does leave. Listened to the match on Radio Nottingham V West Ham & never heard his named mentioned.
Did he actually play?

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First thing we have to do is pay west brom 600k that we owe them for miller

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One of Forests main problems is that most of the players are not able to pass the ball on to their mates in an orderly way. I saw this once again on TV agains Leicester. They hit the ball towards the other Forest players so that they cannot pass it correctly on. In that manner we had plenty of turnovers against Leicester and in all the matches before. Raddy, McGugan and Greening are in my opinion the only ones that are able to pass the ball a bit decent. The other ones are are just humbling with the ball. I watched Bayern Munich against Mönchengladbach and it was like watching football from another planet if one compares the passing abilities. OK Forest is not Bayern Munich but I would demand a average passing from players that play championship-level. What I want to say is that Forest MUST look at the technique and passing abilities of their players and try to hold players that are at least able to play a decent ball on the distance of 5 meters. When I played football my coach always told us that if you do not have good technique you must work at your power abilities so that you can compensate missing technique with power - but unfortunately most of the Forest players do not seem to have power nor technique. COYR

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I would rather keep Morgan than Chambers , so if true i could accept that .
anderson has been off the boil for 2 seasons now so i woudn't be alarmed at seeing him go

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Paul smith will be our goalie next season, camp is the one who will go.

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How do you know all this....are you frank Clark?...

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Boeteng only has a 1 year contract so would not need to be released as he is a free agent. Therefore i find it hard to believe the rest of this. Matt Tubbs rumour is very old rumour. Where is your proof or evidence?


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Sounds plausible - although no source

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Any deasl that were done before ND left, are being honoured by him. So if there is any money left tgo pay on the Miller deal, he will pay.

It makes me laugh how some people come on here and make out they now the ins and outs at The City Ground.

How do you know that there is any money left on the Miller deal, never mind how much it is or that fact you know that any money we bring in has to pay that off.

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Everyone's slating anderson but he's struggled with injury this and year and needs to get back to full fitness, would be a great free transfer for any championship club.

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Forest have power and technique,but only under good management like billy davies look back at the last two season reviews on dvd if you have forgot already.They were a great passing team,scored good goals and were ok in defence, dont you remember ripping apart leicester and derby scoring 5 in both?being in the playoffs two seasons in a row?

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If cotterill starts playing 4-4-2 instead of 4-5-1 and playing the long ball to tudgay(no offence to tudgay hes our best performer improved loads) we might survive.Just shows you how important a manager is! playoffs ,playoffs to relegation.Mcclaren and cotterill have been flops

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