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29 Jan 2012 15:26:14
Apparently we're looking at a couple of swedish players, emilio rossi and sandeep monkoo. Rossi's a left-winger and monkoo's a centre back.

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Sign them now

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29 Jan 2012 14:49:45
SC was at Hull game yesterday to watch and talk about taking Olofinjana on loan for rest of season..sees him as the enforcer that our midfield needs.

Young Jom

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And he's been seen down Pay day loans to pay for him!

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No more midfielders....its defenders and people who can score we need.....gawd Cotterballs as bad as McLaren

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29 Jan 2012 14:12:02
lee camp to stay until the end of the season but if Wigan stay in the premiership he is heading there. manager Roberto Martinez has already made a cheeky enquiry about him.
Another little bit of gossip: Martin O neil Has made an enquiry abot Chris Gunter but nothing concrete as yet

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Wigan have a great keeper who is much better than Camp so why would he go there to sit on the bench?

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Wigans keeper is one of the best in the prem. So my question to you is, why lie?

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29 Jan 2012 10:49:54
Matt Derbyshire has handed in a transfer request. JT

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Gutted need a good diver I mean goal scorer to replace him, was a huge fan but he's taking up valuable bench space now

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No great loss.

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Good riddance, get what we can for him and spend it on a player who cares and can stay on his feet.

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Matt who?

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Just wish he'd done it on Jan 1st. Please someone make a bid...50p will do

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Can confirm this is NOT true

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29 Jan 2012 10:49:23
Forest have turned down a loan bid from Birmingham for Lewis McGugan.

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Heard hes allready gone

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29 Jan 2012 10:48:03
McGoldrick to go out on a 1 month loan to Huddersfield

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Lets bloody hope so, I will drive him.

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It will be a sad loss if he goes! (Right has anyone seen my medication?)

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Poor old huddersfield

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Who's gonna clean the players boots if he goes.

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Could we swap him for Jordan Rhodes?

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I think we could but they would probably have to give us 1 million as well!

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Offer 3,999,999 + mcgoldrick for jordan rhodes

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Mcgoldrick to Palace for rest of season with veiw of becoming permanent

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29 Jan 2012 10:46:04
Hearing Mike Edwards to come in on loan and Freeman to stay at Notts until the end of the season in return.

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What rubbish. We'd just recall Freeman or wait for the 28 days to expire. Why bring in a worse defender on loan? Which will cost money.

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29 Jan 2012 07:21:21
Birmingham want to sign McGugan on loan.It has been reported in Sun papers that Calderwood has told Houghton that he is the player to help a promotion push.

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Would be a stupid deal for us...possible then.

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It says on loan.... ridiculous!


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Martur will make sure it happens, he will see it as a chance to showcase Forest"s up and coming talents,good old mark!

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Brum offering choice of Ibanez,Fahey or Rooney as 'swap'....if we could get Ibanez and Fahey or even Jordan Mutch then I would say yes!

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You got no chance with Jordan Mutch

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Jordan Mutch, a big yes please. The others, they can stay in Birmingham.

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Don't make bullsh1t up.There is no mention of anybody swapping.

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Why would any of them agree to a swap, especially in the state we are in at the moment.

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Why would they not? They are not playing and it is only a loan...jesus you people are so negative.

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Mcgugan signed a three and a half year deal at birmingham for a fee of 1.2 million. Houghton has been impressed by his recent performances. The payments will be in 3 stages tho, 2 over next season.

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