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30 Jun 2012 18:53:20
Adlene guediora has just tweeted Robin chipperfield saying close and then a wink at the end. Does this mean anything?

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No just look at his other tweets and you will get your answer

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Choppers is asking him if he is in Wolverhampton? And Adler replies"no"
Good try at getting something going though!

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I hope so, he was OUTSTANDING last season. Cohen n Guediora centre mid happy days!

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Cohen guediora in midfield with blackstock and steven dobbie up front,jordan rhodes on the bench..heres dreaming COYR

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I wonder if we'll get whittingham and pratley now lol

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Dont want either whittingham or pratley...prefer Guediora and cohen by a mile

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30 Jun 2012 17:19:16
Whilst I know no one will believe me I have been told from a very reliable source that the rumour around the city ground is that the club have sounded out Harry redknapp to see if he fancies the managers job. Apparently it's in the balance due to his reluctance to move from down south but money talks. Watch this space!!

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He wouldn't even move from Dorset for Spurs, he commuted every day. Harry wouldn't wanna travel to Nott'm everyday. Otherwise I think he'd go for it if major funds were promised.

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In a interview on sky sports with harry Rednapp he said he would only go for another premiership club, he wouldn't want to go to italy or Spain and turned down job offers in the middle east. But you never know

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With Gianni Paladini tapping up Darren Ferguson of all people in his role of advisor to al hasawi it doesnt look like any top managers will be with us soon heres hoping he meant to tap up his dad instead!

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Would love harry redknapp as manager. I can"t believe spurs let him go. i bet he wished he took the england job now. would be an amazing appointment if we got him.

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Never offered England job and would not touch Forest as he wil not move from Dorset. Plus he sees himself in Prem only.

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What redknap said in interview when asked if he wanted to manage in premiership was - never know what might happen. It was the pause after yes - then the word unless - then you never know. So a little hint of 'we'll see'

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Rednapp and Billy Davies are yesterday's men and coaching/tactical dinosaurs.
We need a coaching strategy through the club and a talented up and comer ideally with European experience to develop our great traditions {Ed034's Note - How can you say that about rednapp??

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England only approached Roy Hodgson and Harry as already said he would of took the England job so he hardly turned them down.

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I'd love to see a Mancini style manager

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I'm sure Harry Redknapp is on a lot of football clubs radars at the moment.

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Billy Davies was a great manager for Forest, I'd welcome him back as manager again. Typical of fickle forest fans with short memorys.

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Brian Clough was great. How can you think Billy Davies was great. Twice tested after xmas at Forest and bottled it both times. Forget about Billy Davies because he is NOT welcome anywhere near our club!

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Billy Davies NOT welcome anywhere near our club??
Speak for yourself mate not the thousands that still rate BD. {Ed034's Note - Me too. I think he'd love it as well. I watched the interview on YouTube the other day, when we liked them in the cup. He definitely has unfinished business

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30 Jun 2012 16:02:20
just passing this on

John Percy ‏@John__Percy
Takeover of #nffc expected to go through within next 7 days. Fair to say the Al-Hasawi family have provided SP "emphatic" evidence of funds

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Hope so then we can talk about actual players coming instead of all these rumours

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30 Jun 2012 14:50:36
Can't reveal my source but let's just say he is a former forest player who is now an agent ? And is a close friend of the family he has told me that forest are in talks with big Bill Scalari the former Portugal manager
They also intrested in Jordan Rhodes and Michael Owen also possibly Owen hargreves , Wayne bridge , shay givven , jemain jenas they are looking to use the free transfer out of contract players to big names

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When I posted originally 'let's look at the evidence' to inform of scolari's admiration for Nottingham forest and the fact that over the years he would have spoken to fawaz about forest's virtues, I thought then that if fawaz were to buy forest that scolari might figure somewhere in the running of the club and it is still possible, but thought if voiced I would have been shouted down.

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Go to bed and dream on...

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Errrrrrm nice to dream but please be realistic! we might be repoted to the leauge over tapping up of fergerson! thats a big difference from big phil!

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His name is Phil Scolari...

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I stopped reading at BILL Scolari!

Is he Phil's brother?

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Didnt think it would be long before the idiots escaped the asylum, what planet is original poster on,doesnt matter how much money new owners have ,they are not going to waste it on anyone, we need to build a team

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Has nobody noticed that the last time Scolari managed Al-Qadsia was well before the Al-Hasawi's had control of the club? Hence the chances of them having any kind of connection are actually pretty remote, so if people are going to put two and two together maybe they should learn to count first!

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Dad's army if we get that shower in. May as well have gone down last season. Michael Owen, pah. Overpaid, injury riddled, bench warmer. Owen Hargreaves, ditto. If we have money I hope we are not stupid enough to waste it on them.

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30 Jun 2012 13:35:35
Kevin Davies will be Nottingham Forests first Signing,with Miller going to Middlesborough.God it's good to talk about Forest in this way .

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Davies will not leave Bolton and the main point is he hardly ever scores, POOR scoring record for a striker!

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2003 - present 316 games 67 goals around 1 goal every 5 games! Clearly not good enough


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Not all about scoring, he brings others into play, wins and holds up the ball

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To good for forest, could still play in prem

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Suppose that's why Bolton got relegated?
He's 35 and has been the most undisciplined player in Premier history Fact!


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I think he also gets the most bookings in the league.

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And if you ask any defender in the top division who is the most difficult player they have faced,most will answer kevin davies {Ed034's Note - I doubt that but he is prem quality and I would be suprises if we got him

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Donegal Red very happy tonight with result against tyrone! GAA stuff in Ireland guys, Most tyrone fans are sheep supporters, Great for Donegal Reds! Forest have great support in Ireland by the way,U REDS!

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Sunderland wanted him in Jan

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The suggestion that kevin davies isn't good enough to walk into our frankly pathetic squad standing on his head made me chuckle :)

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30 Jun 2012 12:46:29
Forest set to sign
Matt mills 3 million
Adam lallana 2.5 million
Louis saha free
Jordan Rhodes 4 million
Greg Cunningham 1 million
Danny higginbottom 500k
Darren ambrose - 300k
Steve Davies 1.5 million
Romelu lukaku loan {Ed034's Note - Lol I'm not sure if I should out this in the rumour page or wish list

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Matt Mills has already gone to Bolton, that deffo won't happen

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I'd say no chance in a million years to lallana

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Steve Davies is over 50 and doesn't like football. The "Golden Nugett" suggests that rumours about Forest are pure tosh like the rest of this rumour.

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How do you know the fees? Lallana wouldnt drop down too championship. four strikers on that list, too add to the five we have.

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Davis is going to Ipswich, palace wont let Ambrose go for 300 k, mills is going to the Reebok,

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Let a more positive silly season commence

without a completed take over there will not be a renegotiation of current deals let alone bids for new players... furthermore if cotterill doesnt stay it is likely we will look at getting a new manager before they identify targets

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Huddersfield are determined to keep hold of Rhodes, won't go unless for a hugely inflated price.

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Didn't Mills' Bolton move stall/fall through?

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Christ not even finished the take over and the kids and tools are whizzing around making up names and numbers.....gonna be a long few weeks.

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Mills is crap let lascelles play

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AHAHAH Lukaku?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Mate get off Football Manager - I swear you do this EVERY window, just a list of people we won't buy and alleged fees which we won't pay

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30 Jun 2012 11:23:35
there is no need to worry about paladini, he is not apart of the hasawi consortium. warnock won't be coming to forest that is 99.99% true. darren ferguson probably won't become manager but out of the 6 on the shortlist davies is apparently one of them
great times lie ahead for our great club, we'll be back where we belong in no time!

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The only good thing that would come out off ferguson is that he would be able to get his hands on MUFC youth loanees, other than that, it's a no go

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If davies came back i'd buy a season ticket, just so i could throw it at him at the first game.

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Davies is in the running, now money is no objective he will work with the selectin of players with new owners, 4 of the players will be who we had on loan last season,then another 4 kuwait internationls.

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What shortlist? 6 on it? I know supporters are a little excited but why are you all on cloud cuckoo land?

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We dont need Davies, he is NOT our future, we need better than him

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Wasnt Billy Davies the maniac that tried to close our youth acadamy to fund a first team player!! Wasnt it Davies that wouldnt play the younger players from the academy and let them go for free!! No vision that man, no class, just buy today and sod tomorrow. Just an upstart who wants to argue/blame the chairman when he got it wrong. Lets find one of the rising stars of the game like Swansea and Norwich have for our sucess.

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We are getting ahead of ourselves mnassively...
having said that it is fun to be positive for a change in a transfer window

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That has got to be over excited fans making up these transfer rumours.... no one knows who's coming at least until we know who the manager is surely....and even though davies was awesome it will be a backwards step and no sensible owner would do that.

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Go on then who is the list of 6 if it exists? Hope Mick mcCarthy is on it.

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If billy davies is such a good manager how come no other club in the country wants him?

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Davies was still under contract with Forest till the end of last season even though he'd been paid off. Same when he went from Direby.

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I think most chairmen involved in football know exactly what they would be getting with BD. Someone who knows what they want and how to get it. Unfortunately you also get someone who could fall out with himself at his own birthday party. I guess most chairmen think he's more hassle than he's worth.

Agent 279

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Correct thats why he hasnt been offerd any jobs since forest

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I would seriously doubt the good things we've heard about these Kuwaitis if they brought back Davies.

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People seem to be forgetting the good football we played and the survival season against all odds, and then 3rd & 6th finishes. Far cry from what we got now

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30 Jun 2012 10:48:06
Paladini believed to have made illegal approach for Darren Ferguson on behalf of Al Hasawi family. ( NEP website )

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Remember the statement from the board we ask all fans to ignore media speculation wonder if they new something about this?

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How can it be an illegal approach when they are not in control of the club yet? And why does Palladini have something to with this all of a sudden? Expect more and more of these stupid rumours as the hype builds around this takeover. COYR

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Bring back Billy, he worked wonders with very little money, imagine what he could achieve with pocket full of cash.

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Yeah billy is great at spending other people's money!
Sad thing is people who rate billy can't remember when we were top of the tree, they think that two failed play-off campaigns is good! Get over billy and keep watching, yesterday's news was the first day of the rest of our first supporting

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Achieve with a bit of money like he did at derby 20 million in his first season and promised automatic promotion and scraped the play offs and then spent another 18 mill when they got promoted and them moaned that he hadn't been backed

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NO NO NO. Please stop this Billy worshipping. He is poison and why hasn't he got any job offers since leaving us?

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The people who write for the NEP need stop ruining our club !

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I could be wrong but I remember hearing that when Billy was sacked, he still had a year left on his contract so we carried on paying him last season. If he took another job, he wouldn't be entitled to the wages from us so he (wisely) chose to sit the season out and collect his money for doing naff all. He may have had job offers but I suspect that's why he's still unemployed.

On a related note, anybody that saw the humiliation against Leicester in the cup saw that Billy (who was a pundit for the game) seemed desperate to come back and "finish what he started".

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No idea whether his contract was paid up or not but he was applying for jobs in january.

His staff must be getting a teeny bit angsty by now. They were nothing like as generously paid as him.

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They would not entertian Billy They want to develop Youth. Billy would never want that to happen, look at his record at all the clubs he's managed He scrapped all reserve teams and youth development {Ed034's Note - Big statement that they want to develop youth. How do you know this as I'm intrigued

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They have stated that they want to develop the club on and off the pitch. In Kuwait they spent money developing young players and an academy they know how to build a club...BD knows how to scrape promotion with a mixture of has beens and yes men.He cannot provide sustained development that these people want.

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Darren Ferguson?! Surely we could expect better than that if a change was made?

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30 Jun 2012 10:47:49
When the takeover is complete the first two players cotterill will look to sign are elekobi and guedioura. {Ed034's Note - Fact or hope??

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I hope so they both played a big part in keeping us up, reckon they should bring earnshaw back as well

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Until things are signed and sealed im not tempting fate by naming managers and players.

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Both those players back would be great.

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Earnshaw is past it......we have enough misfiring average strikers thanks.

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30 Jun 2012 10:41:41
Rumour has it paladini made an illegal approach for darren ferguson on behalf of prospective new owners...
Surely as they are prospective and our board remains in place we cannot be punished for the actions of a man who as yet has nothing to do with the club? {Ed034's Note - Has it from where??

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Nottingham post but OS posted the other day At this time we ask fans to ignore all media speculation and we will update supporters as soon as there is anything material to report.

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29 Jun 2012 23:19:01
Once the Letter of Intent is signed the Buyer will expect to be able to perform a detailed inspection of the company and its records. This Due Diligence by the Buyer is the process of final verification of the critical information that the Buyer used in making the decision to purchase the business. It is almost always a contingency to the sale, and usually requires 2-6 weeks. During this time the Buyer will review the key operational, financial and marketing details of the business, including, but not limited to:
Accounting and bank records
Contracts & Leases
Employees records
Customer records (confirm Customer Agreements)
Key suppliers (confirm Vendor Agreements)
Visit the business to inspect assets
Environmental issues
You can also expect that the Buyer will require a personal interview with all employees who are key to the ongoing success of the business.
Owners should always be prepared to deal with the unexpected. Due Diligence can bring additional negotiations. This is the part of the process where misunderstandings are most likely to surface. And this is another reason to support the Seller's involvement in developing and defining the details of the Due Diligence process before signing the LOI.

After the Due Diligence is complete and any other contingencies to the sale have been resolved, the parties' attorneys will prepare the Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA). This is the final binding agreement that will consummate the sale of the business. It will contain the elements of the LOI along with representations and warranties of the Buyer and Seller and the details of the transfer of ownership.

A good attorney that has experience with selling businesses should be consulted to assist in developing the Letter of Intent and/ or developing/ reviewing the PSA.

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It's closer to being completely finalised than this post would have you believe.

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Is there any point copying and pasting information on due diligence? Especially as it is from an American website and has little to do with the process Nott'm Forest are in now. Anyone can copy and paste, certainly does not make you intelligent or knowledgable about the process!

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To the Al-Hasawi family....thank you!!

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For me all that post does is lay out the process in general terms. I would assume that as the potential new owners have been named that they are more than a little way along this path.

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This post was only supposed to be for those that didn't understand what due diligence was. Some fans need to get a grip you know who you are .

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My biggest fear is that this deal can fall through. I do hope that Arthur has been significantly more honest with the Kuwaiti's than he has been with the fans over the years otherwise they will be uncovering all sorts of undesirable information which could well scupper the deal. Myother fear is that Cotterill is going to be kept on and without a doubt, he will squander the transfer monies available. He is not good enough and presently living on the good work done by SOD. His track record speaks for itself and just remeber the football prior to SOD joining up. Kuwaiti's in and bring back King Billy. {Ed034's Note - of course there is a doubt in your comment because you do not know this is the case

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Cotterill's record is pretty dire. That is reason enough to get a new manager in with a better track record. It would be folly indeed to give Cotterill this sort of money with his career history and infinately more sensible to give these sort of funds to a manager who knows how to spend it well. Absolutely no doubt in my mind nor anyone elses witha modicum of sense.

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