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30 May 2012 23:25:02
There has been talk all day over this takeover? If all goes well Steve Cotterill will be replaced by either Neil Warnock or Owen Coyle.

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And the moon is made of cheese

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Stop slagging steve off now please, the man worked extremely hard for OUR club last season and did exactly what he said he would do, which was keep us in the championship, now i don't think that deserves to be followed by doubt from his own fans and by the sack, leave him alone and let him do his job {Ed034's Note - 100% agree

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If true id be sad to see cotterill not get a proper shot at managing the side, he could sign the likes of guedioura maybe bring in a few players he knows like liam lawrence.

but que sera sera

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Agree with above also he seems to have an eye for a player look at the loans what could he do with a few mil to spend?

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Why do you want to get rid of steve we wasnt gonna get to the play offs with any manager. he did the job so stop wanting to get rid of him

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30 May 2012 21:57:51
1- alhasawi : I try to buy a club from lower division (not PL) and I want to take 52% from this club to put my control on it .. #lufc #NFFC
2- alhasawi : .. But when we want to sign the contract they told me only 30% and I refused .. #lufc #NFFC
3- alhasawi : but now I take over a team with 100% not even 52 and the team has a really good history .. #lufc #NFFC
4- They ask him about Watford or QPR he answerd : the team is way better .. A good history team .. END #lufc #NFFC

This guy translated a video on Twitter from Fawaz al Hasawi. My arabic isn't amazing, but this seems to be a fairly accurate translation. If he's not making it up, this must mean that he's taken over us, as Bates only wants an investor (Hence only offering 30%) and the fact the Doughty's want Forest off their hands ASAP (Hence the getting 100% of the club).

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I think it was qpr he wanted to buy but they only wanted to give him only 30% thats why he did not buy them

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QPR is evidently not a lower division club so obviously isn't them

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It was qpr he tried to buy into, but he stopped being intereted when the terms changed. he then followed their progress and was impressed by warnock thats why he wants him at forest. if it is indeed forest he is buying

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30 May 2012 20:39:34
The manager of Fawaz al-Hasawi's office has confirmed to Sport360° that the Kuwaiti businessman is closing in on the takeover of an unnamed English Championship club. Fevered speculation this morning had initially suggested al-Hasawi, chairman of the Qadsia club, was close to finalising a deal to buy out Ken Bates at Leeds United. However, conflicting reports then emerged that the Kuwaiti was in actual fact keen on taking over another 'fallen giant' steeped in rich history in the shape of Nottingham Forest. Sattam al-Sahli, a respected football journalist in Kuwait, who writes forEurosportArabia among other publications, said that he is sure that al-Hasawi is buying Forest and not Leeds. It's a view supported by influential blogger in the region Mishari Buyabis, who told his 140,000 twitter followers that he was sure it wasn't Leeds – while also suggesting Forest was the most likely club. Indeed, the fact that the deal appears to be for total ownership also indicates it's more likely to be Forest as Leeds supremo Bates is understood to more receptive to investment rather than a complete sale of the club he took over in January 2005. However, Jamal Mubarak, a close confidant of al-Hasawi, has added to the mystery by refusing to divulge the name of the club when contacted by  Sport360°. While confirming that there is an interest in a Championship club he insists the name of which won't be revealed for another fortnight. "The identity of the club is still a secret and will be for another two weeks," he said. "It is definitely in the English second tier [Championship]."

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30 May 2012 20:32:48
I really hope these Kuwaiti takeover rumors are true if only to upset all the badge kissers and rats that feel they are leaving a sinking ship.
Would be hilarious if they have just missed the srat of something big at Forest.
Just hope Gunter stays because if anyone deserves to be rewarded for loyalty its him.

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Sorry typo, Meant the START of something'
By the way In 1983 Clough organised a friendly game for Forest in Kuwait and so we have been well known over their for a while!

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Should keep Lynch

chambers can just pee off

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So if gunter goes in the next wk, we know this take over is not true. why sell your best players if you have got a billionaire taking over.

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True but we have just rejected a 2 mill bid for Gunts MAYBE the board know we can afford to say no? Just think we only got just over that in January and Cotterill worked wonders why turn rebuilding money down?

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They are not deserting you fool, they are getting on with their lives. Haven't you ever changed the company you work with for a better wage and a promotion.

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30 May 2012 19:18:57
Blackpool have opened talks with Nottingham Forest winger Paul Anderson.

The 23-year-old has spent the last four years at the City Ground, with the first of those coming during a season-long loan spell.

He joined the Reds on a permanent basis from Liverpool in 2009.

He penned a three-year contract upon his arrival and that deal is due to expire this summer.

With no extension in the pipeline at Forest, Anderson has taken the opportunity to speak with potential suitors.

It is understood that Blackpool are keen to take him to Bloomfield Road

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Good riddance hes been a passenger last season anyway, I like Anderson but now is not the time to be sentimental we need harsh tough decisions.

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I know this to be true. Not really adding anything but just supporting the statement...


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We all know this to be true since its reported as fact not rumour

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30 May 2012 17:19:35
anyone heard of Emmanuel Osilaja? there's a photo of him in a forest shirt on the training pitch in wilford. it's on twitter {Ed034's Note - I know nothing of the guy mate, sorry

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Could just be a foreign supporter visiting his favourite club

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He is either an U15 footballer at previously at Pro Touch Soccer Academy (Twitter) or he works for Shepherd Construction as a site manager (Linkedin) so he could be on trial or contracted to re-lay the pitch.

Agree2 Disagree0 I laughed.
In the range 10-15 million is more likely.

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30 May 2012 14:59:15
Looks like the Kuwaiti takeover is progressing but behind closed doors and very hush, hush.

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Most promising article since the end of the season {Ed034's Note - Agreed but as I do not know much of the website this is on, can somebody let me know if it is very reliable??

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This is very reliable, he is buying one club, leeds or forest and we are favourite it seems. he has said that the name of the club is being kept secret for 2 weeks and that is when we will find out who he is buying. this sounds like forest all over, making him keep it secret

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Gotta feeling they will go for Leeds,bigger club, history and fan base,one of the largest cities in england {Ed034's Note - Many would argue different

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Ed how can you didagree, we are no were near as big a club aS Leeds, fair enuff we won the european cup but they have more fans, more well known around the world, and alot bigger city, they do call it the london of the north

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Smaller history

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Leeds a bigger club are you having a laugh they dont even get half of the ground filled leeds isnt that much of a big city it only feels bigger cos its more open planned and forest have a far better history than cheats utd

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The Kuwaiti is looking for a takeover -. 100% of a club. As the article says, Ken Bates is only looking for an investment... So odds on it will be Forest he buys.... Plus who would want to buy dirty leeds?

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Last time you won the top flight league title ? {ed034's note - when was the last time you were in league 1?? silly argument. the fan bases are similar, as are the histories (both short term and long term). the only thing bigger is your ground, but forest have planning for a new one if they want. no difference in the clubs.....oh apart from the two stars ;-)

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Bates doesn't want to sell the whole club. We desperately want to sell the whole club.

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Anyone know what Leeds were doing 33 years ago today? I know what our club were doing.

Agent 279

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From a leeds fans mouth:
Yes Nottingham Forrest are a big club due to their prolific history. But Leeds are still the biggest club in the N-power leagues. I know we are not as big as we used to be, and anyone who thinks we are is dilusional, but by far the biggest below PL. It does look as if you will be taken over by this guy, not us, but just setting some of these silly forrest fans straight.
ps. For the guy who said Leeds (city) only feels big because of open planning. Mate get a map. infact check any source Leeds is the 3rd biggest city behind London and Birminham in the UK.

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7-3 to forest

nothing else is needed

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If you asked a foreigner about english football and who they would most like to invest in i'm sure they would choose nottingham forest over leeds. yes leeds were big but when someone says forest to someone outside of the uk they think of a big club

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So what if the city's bigger than nottingham. who cares? the kuwaiti fella certainly doesn't

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You are deluded if you see forest as a bigger club than Leeds in this day and age this Kuwait guy won't look back 30 odd years, get a grip, Forrest are much smaller than Leeds, I can say this as a fan that lives down south, don't know one Forrest fan down here know a fair few Leeds fans tho.. Forest fan base is mainly up north! Leeds is all over the bloody country!

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Leeds is my number one choice due to their fans, history,and size but notts forest is my second choice,good luck fazwar

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Very few football clubs make any money on purely bums on seats not even Barcelona. So it makes no difference how big the fan base is. Any one who wants to make money can only do it on success on the pitch and worldwide merchandising. Based on football history Forest have more selling points to allow the Brand to be re-developed.

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Considering this is a forest site i am suprised how many pro-leeds people there are
we are desperate and they are ok
u reds

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U r a deluded fool if u think nottingam forest is up north we r the pride of the midlands fans all over the world and 2 stars above the badge

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Based on largest cities by population Leeds is bigger than Manchester. It seems that size might not matter for middle eastern investment. {Ed034's Note - Size isn't everything ;-)

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From a Forest fan in the south & an ex Geography teacher. Leeds is a bigger city but a smaller conurbation. ie the City ground is in West Bridgford which is not counted as part of the city of Nottingham but it is part of the conurbation, so the Forest ground is not even in Nottingham. The built up area of Nottingham is bigger than the built up area of Leeds.

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Its seems those boys on the Nottingham Forest boards (Pride of Nottingham) were right then.Just had a check and they even named the bloke 6 weeks ago.Good news for all Forest fans

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Forest have a more recognisable worldwide brand and that is what counts with foreign investors.
Forest are in a lot of ways a more favourable purchase also and the price will be much lower knowing old Ken.
Plus we can have TWO STARS on our shirst and if you have pots of cash do you want to own Double European Champions or a Leeds? Exactly Forest everyday of the week!!

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And Robin hood was born in yorkshire, thats yorkshire the largest county in england. {Ed034's Note - Yes but he moved to Nottingham to make his name

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Just send them a video link of the Elland Road game!

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He may have been born in yorks but it wasnt leeds...more like wakefield

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I cant believe youre arguing over a myth. Santa was from Beeston. But was it Beeston in Leeds or Nottingham? Theres only one way to find out.......

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This is laughable ! Go abroad and say to any foreigner that knows a little bit about english football. 99% will have heard of Forest ( note one R not two) and Brian clough but maybe 20% at a push would have heard of Leeds their glory years was in the 70's ff sake. We are a bigger club more gistory more successful and scored 7 at elland road end of argument. {Ed034's Note - So that's settled then. I think the best way to decide is to let this Kuwait dude do it for us

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30 May 2012 12:33:58
In the Post it says that Steve's looking at potential signings in America, everyone knows we ant got money so why look, if anything you'd stick to looking at the class in League 1 or 2. Is it in fact American/ Canadian takeover is on the horizon?

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Its not beyond the realms of possibility - he trip to oirganise things in Florida said he was using contacts he already had from when he was at pompey, so logical to think he might make a few enquiries. would have to be cheap as chips though, and we may as well go to L1/L2 for that and stick with English players if you ask me.
I don't necessarily think this means an American buyer though. The link so far has been with a Candian buyer who owns Toronto FC, if we were looking at loans from them or loaning to them then I guess that's a strong indication but I have heard nothing to say that is the case.

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Theres something on nottingham forest news now about a potential buyer

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I think you have read the article in the evening post and twisted it.... Its says he has "been keeping a look out whilst over in america" not specifically looking for "potential signings"..... if you read on in the article it also says that he can not buy and is stuck in limbo until forest future and claricfication of who the owners for next season is sorted out! So basically you've made a rumour out of nothing just to get a little attention! Wherever football managers go, from football stadiums to the local park they will always be looking out for talents... doesnt mean hes looking to sign them.


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30 May 2012 09:08:58
I'm toldy the middle Eastern group looking to takeover at Forest is lead by air-conditioning billionaire Fawaz Kasawi. The investment group has been registered with companies house as Forest Investments (Bridgeford Six) Ltd. All the investors in the groups are billionaires but its thought the fridge magnate will be the major shareholder. He previously tried to buy Liverpool & QPR {Ed034's Note - do you mind saying from who you heard this??

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I like the idea of a"fridge magnate". I've got several of those at home.

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Hate to burst your bubble but even a quick look at companies house can see that forest investments is already taken since 2002...nice try

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Fridge magnet? At least if he brings success, he'll make it stick...

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The sale of the club isnt even close and might not even be sold as the books are the stumbling block

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Hes buying leeds pal

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"the books are the stumbling block"

That's just a lie

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Yep forest investments already taken and no company name with bridgeford six on the end registered. why do these people make up this rubbish?

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It says on sport360 that he will announce which club from the championship he is buying in 2 weeks, so till then no body but those involved know!

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Rubbish, no such company set up on companies house, there is a London based company on there that has been around for a number of years, it is more likely that Doughty Estate will cut its loses file for administration and then the club will be sold, we are well and truely in a mess, three potential buyers have pulled out, the club is not an investment that any one in there right mind will take on. {Ed034's Note - please try and post without swearing. The first word has been changed to something slightly more friendly

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2 weeks is to long to wait

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Not sure that a club can file for administration when it's owned by the person it owes money to. Legal clarification on this point would be handy from anyone with actual knowledge rather than 'FACT' in capitals.

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Chelsea get an Oil Magnate and we get a guy that makes Fridge magnets!
Still am sure the attraction will be too great for them not to get attached to the Mighty Reds!

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