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04 Jul 2012 20:06:30
forest to sign jason puncheon after being spotted on trent bridge no LIE !!!

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I believe you! i believe you!

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What does he look like? I wouldn't know him from Adam. I do know Adam, he's my grandson.

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RVP not signing a new contract at Arsenal! The reason is because he is being lined up for 300k a week contact with Forest where he hopes to win the Championship, FA Cup and Capital One Cup!
100% Real (insider knowledge with the family, Arsenal and Forest)

Oh and if that fails Messi is plan B!

FTID {Ed034's Note - I've just downloaded messi's album

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Great Album!


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We could go for Mr Messi. But knowing us we would get Mr slow, Mr clumsy and Mr penalty.

Agent 279

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Yes thats why David Dein has been at the City ground lately just to make sure the RVP deal goes through! NOT

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They cant sign anyone til t/o complete must of bin a puncheon look a like

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He'd definitely be puncheon above his weight if he came here

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I think your getting confused between the T/O being complete and being announced. If its been completed then SC could have had the go ahead, it isn't completed once its been announced, think about it!


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I hope you tried to talk him down!

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I just saw Jason Lee kicking a ball into the Trent. He was walking towards the CG so we MUST be signing him.

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Great punch lines people

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Jason Lee, did he miss?

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Its 'Tevez'!

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No, it's BAGGIO!!

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04 Jul 2012 19:31:29
City Ground being sponsored 15mil a year as long as it can be re-named! {Ed034's Note - I am expecting this to happen but not for that amount. I think it is the way all clubs will go

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Why not that amount? Thats what Leicester are getting for the KP Stadium... {Ed034's Note - No they don't get that at all. It's around 1m.

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The amountpaid to sponsor a ground deps on the popularity history & value to the sponsors 15 million for the city ground would be about right ev tnk considered dirby clounty are in the midst of considering an offer to rename there ground the sums involved are thought to be in the region of 13 / 14 + vat but they will take less ...

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Didn't Man City get 400million for naming rights to the ground? That was something to do with the owners?

FTID {Ed034's Note - I think so

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Just come it won't be called the Pye's Stadium or something like that, those magpies over the river would love that!

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Lots of ways around the FFP including Main Sponsor, which our current new one is only for 1yr, expect that to change next season! Match day sponsor, Naming rights and Training Kits Man City and United are examples of both!


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No ed, they get 10,000,000 +. {Ed034's Note - I've looked it up and the figure is just in the seven figure bracket. I found this by googling it, but if you can show me another page which say different, I will be pleased to let everyone know I am wrong. I can only go on what I can find myself

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To be honest I thought the etihad deal to sponsor Man City's stadium was 500million. I seem to remember there being a furore about it and some mardy arse at UEFa cried "foul." They said it was a con because etihad the airline actually loses money, so how could it possibly afford it??
Having already had his people cover all eventualities, Sheikh Mansouur (I think that is the right chap) turned around and said that the airline is owned by the state of Dubai/ Abu Dabi and overall the state made a profit on its GDP. He said that Etihad is seen as the flag bearer of the nation and therefore a marketing tool of the state overall, so it didn't matter if it lost money.
Uefa went away with their collective tail between their legs! Needless to say, the good Sheikh owns the state and the airline, as well as Man City and it all makes money because of oil. {Ed003's Note - The Prem financial fair play rules are worked out on an average over a running 3 years with this year being the first so nothing can be done for another 3 years with respect to punishment and even then this punishment is sketcky to say the least,many loopholes and legal challenges would come into force,It was Platini complaining about the Etihad deal,I wonder if he complains about Palermo and PSG to the press ? }

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Ed - indeed you are right, it was he! A comedy villain second only to Sepp Blatter. Platini will not complain about anything that happens either east of Great Yarmouth or south of Bournemouth!

Work it out for yourselves people!

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I don't need the internet for my information. That's all I'll say...

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^ Yes you do.

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04 Jul 2012 18:38:29
Looks like Bader Al-Mutawa is a target for the reds as part of the takeover. Plays as a second striker apparantly but my saw it on wikipedia that he apparantly plays for us already lol but also seen his name on here before!

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Old news from a few nights ago keep up

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04 Jul 2012 16:24:27
Andrew Haigh reporting that sources in Suffolk are saying Chambers will now turn down Ipswich and head for Leeds.

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As long as he goes who cares

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Bye Bye Chambers.

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04 Jul 2012 15:19:26
Forest getting £11.5 million to spend in transfer marker {Ed034's Note - very precise

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I was told it was 11,499 an not a penny more so help me god ....But i could be wrong? {Ed034's Note - Lol

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Depends where you put the dcimal point

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We're going to struggle on a transfer budget of less than 12k...

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It's more than were allowed to spend rite now so bonus in my eyes

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04 Jul 2012 15:08:19
sky sports statement re buy out
The Kuwaiti family looking to buy Nottingham Forest have released a statement to Sky Sports NewsHD, insisting they remain committed to the purchase of the club.

The Al-Hasawi family were last week granted an exclusive period of negotiation by the estate of the late owner Nigel Doughty.

Advisors on behalf of the Al-Hasawi family are currently conducting their due diligence process before deciding whether to go ahead with the buyout of the club.

Fawaz, Abdulaziz and Omar Al-Hasawi have now released a statement clarifying their situation.

"At this moment we are wholeheartedly committed to completing the purchase in the shortest possible timeframe in preparation for the forthcoming season.

"Our eyes are open to the exciting challenges ahead of us and we look forward to working with the club, staff and dedicated supporters to put the Reds back to the top of the table."

The Al-Hasawis also moved to dismiss reports that Italian agent and former QPR chairman Gianni Paladini was actively involved in their bid.

"In light of erroneous media coverage in the British press over the past weekend, we wish to state that Mr Gianni Paladini has no authority to act on behalf of the Al-Hasawi Family in connection with our purchase of Nottingham Forest."

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These blokes seem to be ticking all the right boxes for me, in word and deed. Chugsy

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Takeover could be close, picked up my season ticket today and saw 3 camels tethered in the Main Stand car park.

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A quick update.
But constructed more to point out that they have nothing to do with Gianni Paladinni.
So what was Paladinni at?And more to the point who was he acting for?

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Lets hope it goes through ok then

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Ed! Could you please not give small minded so called fans with camel jokes a voice. I think we should be thanking these men not taking cheep shots about there heritage, not forest fans if you ask me! {Ed034's Note - It's a bit of light hearted fun, but if it offends you I will not add any on

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I've been a Forest fan since 1958 and a season ticket holder since I stopped working saturdays in 1986. The camel comment was a bit of fun to lighten the mood of the takeover. No offence was meant and hopefully none taken. I did renew my season ticket today and picked up a couple of bargains in the Club shop.

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That comment was not offensive in any way. Grow up pls.

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With regard to the camel comment - I'm already dreading the first home game when all of those 'fans' who went missing last season turn up sporting tea towels on their heads. Already seen a few on twitter. They might think its a laugh but it'll make our fans as a whole look bad and possible be an insult to the new owners {Ed034's Note - I'm split with this. The owners could see it as bring accepted or could take offence.

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Let's hope they don't take a gate as well a fence :)

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If the new owners were Scottish and we all turned up wearing kilts would that be offensive...NO.

I can imagine that the thousands of tweets our new potential owners have received in the last few days have been full of support excitment and positivity...let's not make issues were there are none....COYR

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Can we have no more camel jokes as someone might get the hump

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04 Jul 2012 14:26:17
Sean St Ledger of Leicester has held preliminary talks with Nottingham Forest officials today about a possible move.

Further talks will take place when take over is finally confirmed.

St Ledger is annoyed about lack of first team football and wants regular game time to keep his place at International level.

Seeing CB's leave the City Ground has made Sean realise there is a real opportunity for a first team place this season.

Watch this space.

(Source - one of the players himself who was a starting regular last season - unfair to say as I know he often browses this site)

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Well if that "player" is browsing this site I wonder if he'll realize who you mean...

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I can see this, he wasnt given many starting opportunities last season and if we can offer him a decent salary this is very plausible


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He won't be joining forest,he became a regular in the first team towards the final quarter and was told to prove his place and he did,I'd like him at forest but it won't happen

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Also for forest to have held preliminary talks we would have had an offer accepted by leics which is impossible as the club are not allowed to purchase or offer contracts whilst the take over isn't officially complete.

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04 Jul 2012 12:37:01
Cant see it myself but 2 people have tweeted this here they are don't shoot the messenger

@sunbeam007: A very respected source on #nffc transfer budget ~> RT @mbuyabis: @Adam_NG15 round about 40m

@Forest_Grump: RT @mbuyabis: @Adam_NG15 round about 40m < in the #nffc transfer kitty? Utterly lost for words if true ������

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I doubt that due to Fair Play rules coming into place

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All this would do is damage the dressing room vibe he tried to build up last year

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It's 20mill

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Mbuyabis is good friends with Al-Hasawi so this could be true, but I dont think Cotterill will spend 40 million, he doesn't strike me as a manager who will spend loads, expect between 6 to 10 million

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Fair play wont matter if they go up this season.

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Financial Fair Play can be got around. The brothers could get one of their companies to sponsor the stadium for 15million or some thing daft like that. They could get each one of their companies in turn to be match day sponsors for the tune of 1million per game. This then becomes legitimate commercial income, therefore boosting the income of the club massively and boosting the amount that can be spent on players transfers and wages massively as well. There are ways and means. This is why Leicester now play at the King Power stadium and have King Power as shirt sponsors. It is why Man City play at the Etihad stadium.

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But how fair is that if ure taking over a buisness u have got to be allowed to put an intial pot of money into surely becuz its classsed as investment? y shud fa and fifa say that the al-hasawi cant make intial invest wen he buys the club :s

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Sunbeam and Forest Grump no nothing guys.

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Who the hell are they? They sound like cartoon characters!

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A couple of attention seekers on twitter.

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Sunbeam is a stat analyzer and Forest fan that knows a few people that are 'ITK'. He's been reliable so far in terms of statements and the like, he's one of the few on Twitter that actually knows something about the TO. Forest Grump is just a Forest fan and blogger, just comments on all things Forest.

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04 Jul 2012 11:58:53
Just been tweeting a chap in Kuwait who says it is all over the news there that the deal is complete. How long before we are officially told ?

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I would say within the next 24 to 48 hours surely, if it is completed just come out and tell us.

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There are rumours too, on that reliable of resources, Twitter, that we are to get as much as 40m for this summer alone. Can we trust Cotterill with that kind of ?

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There saying before monday and also with some others with the takeover transfers maybe ?

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Yes we can trust Cotts with that kind of money look at the quality he brought in with no cash he can spot a player all right.
Then and only then with his own squad can we judge him fully he did what was asked last year and if we're struggling by Xmas this year then change

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Cotteril woudl not squander money - i reckon he will be pretty good on transfers

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It is unlikely that that the figures bandied around will be just for transfers. More likely running the club, paying off players who we don't want but who are still in contract, wages of existing players and staff, restructuring the backroom etc etc. Therefore the figure for transfers will be significantly lower than 20 - 40m. I would think that 5 - 7m on sound transfers / season loans would do it IMHO.

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Stop using my sign off!
Wonder if McClaren had been given these funds that we might get whether he would have done better?

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04 Jul 2012 09:37:14
NEP are reporting that Chambers has gone to Ipswich Town

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He has pulled out the deal , think he's waiting to find out what happens at forest first the greedy git IMO

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Seeing what Leeds offer

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My mate is an Ipswich Season ticket holder living in Ipswich and said that Chambers was there for a medical yesterday but returned quickly straight back to Nottingham without dicussing terms

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Forest are after wonderkid Jake Roche from CFC. The fee is undisclosed.

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Chambers hanging around now because of the T/O thinking he'll get more 's now. I personally don't want him in Garibaldi or anywhere near the CG.

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Chambers can stay away - loyalty sucks in football these days

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Pay him to go. Loyalty still matters-to me at least. If he's hanging around for cash, it proves everything about him. Give me Gunts, Dex and most of the squad before him.

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Let him go get higging botham st ledger and give lynchy a deall at least they want to playy

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04 Jul 2012 09:58:54
Steve cotterill has lined up a move for hayden mullins from portsmouth to bring in experience and as a possible new captain

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Time for those famous words... source?

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That the sort player sc gunna bring in well god help us

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A friend of mine works for portsmouth news an has been aware of cotterills desire of mullins since he left fratton park, but funds have always stoped him, cotterills been talkin to portsmouth about a deal for mullins since the end of the season and portsmouth have said hes available if forest can show the funds, so expect movement when takeover happens

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He is a good player better than moussi,he and pep would be a strong midfield

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Give me pep but not mullins

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04 Jul 2012 01:03:58
John Pye & Sons are said to be excited by the term fan pleasing signings. The key task for the new owners is to build on solid foundations & build a team that the owners & Fans can be proud of. However if the news can be believed the possibility of a big name signing to announce the new owners arrival is on the cards. No names just said intent.

A picture of a bright future has been painted& bought into by all at SP / ND family.

Source is a contact in the city ground

If it comes to anything we will have to wait & see.


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Why post that in the middle of the night. Was it the same time as you were leaving a sherry for Santa?

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All the talk of big name signings and 20mil has me slightly worried. As with Man City, whenever they go shopping these days they usually find player prices are hugley inflated due to the fact everyone knows they have a load of bunce in the bank and can afford it. I'm not saying a 20 mil war chest is bad news, of course not, this would be fantastic, I'm just worried this can get over-hyped and we fall into the same trap where everyone is shoving their prices up. This is all very exciting of course!

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I think a lot of fans are going to be disappointed. There're a lot of people that are assuming automatically that just because we have rich new owners that we'll get promoted, simple as. Look at fester, they're minted, but they didn't even reach play offs last season. Then again Forest could do one better than fester and go straight up, you never know, but I think we all need to keep cool heads and enjoy the fact that we are financially stable once again, and we can take comfort in the fact that it looks unlikely that we'll be forced back into league 1 due to financial implications.

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