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06 May 2012 19:02:35
Forest offered McCleary 8 Grand a week, as if he'd accept that when he said that he would like to play in the Premiership and he would most likely get more wages there also.

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I'd seriously hope that we're not offering him more than that.

We need to cut the wage bill not inflate it more.

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8 grand is more than fair. it's well over the top for a player who has half a good season under his belt for his whole career in fact

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Play for more than 8 grand? We all no he be on bench and he'll hardly play, depends if he wants to be like Michael Owen.

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Gone west bromwich albion

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West brom dont have a manager

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Chairman wanted to sign him

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Even WBA's prat of a chairman would not sign players before appointing a new manager...fool. McCleary will go to an attacking team like Swansea , Wigan or Norwich. Most likely poor mans replacement for Victor Moses...yet another we missed out on.

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06 May 2012 11:03:23
Does any1 know of the rumours that we r to b taken over by the americans is anything close 2 happening. REDMAN

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Apparently it is in the final stages. Heard this from several people and is being spoken about like its on the verge of happening around the city ground

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Iv heard that it is in the last few stages. Talks being held almost daily between executors, SP and buyers. Dunno whether its to americans or not. Should still take a number of weeks before its around confirmation stage tho.

The Red

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Some news offically would be nice

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Do the above two posters know this for certain or from a secondary source? like how far removed from the information are you? also, is there anyone who knows about business investment who could say how long these things tend to take?

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I can say that my info has come from someone directly involved with the executor side of the transaction. Not going to say name obviously, as it took alot for him to tell me the snippets of news to begin with. Should be sorted soon, with just a few details/ final details to be sorted.

The Red

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I've been told by a very good friend, who has been involved with forest, notts and notts ccc through school for a long time. She is a notts s/t holder so has no reason to lie to me, has been right about everything she has told me in the past and has said she has been told it is I the final stages.
The first thing I asked her was about timing and she said she hasn't got a clue.

Hoppers u1

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Looking at Internet, 'due diligence' checks can take a few weeks - 6 quoted as typical - so even if progressing well could still be some way off completion. Agree club update of ANY sort would be welcome.

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It's an organized wind up.

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Good stuff! let's hope it goes through soon. we need the money asap.

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With Forest going to America in pre-season I suppose it does make you wonder

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Forest brought out by end off week for a fact !

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Big pat newby still interested in forest

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Likely that this is the case, but there will be alot to sort out before it can be released. Id say we'll get any sort of official in the next 2 weeks

The Red

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