27 Feb 2021 12:07:41
Reading this board I guess it must be just me and 1other poster who thought freeman actually showed signs of coming to match sharpness last night, ?

1.) 27 Feb 2021
27 Feb 2021 12:26:11
Improving like the rest of the team. We have a couple of decent options for nearly every position now which as a squad you want. Some people aren’t happy unless they are rubbishing someone.

2.) 27 Feb 2021
27 Feb 2021 13:10:02
Freeman might have improved. That doesn't make him the best choice does it? He obviously isn't fit. Simple as that!

People come on here to chat about footy. Opinions are part of it. Everyone has players they prefer or don't. If you just want to have happy clappers dot com then make a site where you aren't allowed to have an opinion.

Freeman is blocking an amazing young player from getting first team experience. Alex Mighten should be able to develop. Do you honestly think it is good for Mighten's development to be dropped after scoring the winning goal in a match and be replaced by an unfit lump of lard (in professional athlete terms) .

The criticism is constructive. Give me the opposing view. "Freeman played a bit better. " So what, he isn't the best option of form or fitness.

3.) 27 Feb 2021
27 Feb 2021 13:25:44
Red cyclist personally didn’t say he was great, but the more often he plays the sharper he will get, I would sooner have a fit and firing lolley anytime, people said the same about tomlins fitness or lack of it when he was here, but some people are just built that way, they never look fit, nobody said you weren’t entitled to an opinion did they?

4.) 27 Feb 2021
27 Feb 2021 13:33:02
Mighten is being developed, nice and slowly. I would think Hughton has spoken to him and explained his plan for him. Mighten is no doubt a talent and will hopefully go on to hold down a regular place in the team. Hughton knows how to man manage a player and has years of experience doing so.

5.) 27 Feb 2021
27 Feb 2021 13:40:23
Joe lolley 1 goal 2 assists
Alex mighten 2 goals no assists
Sammy ameobi 3 goals1 assist
Luke freeman 1 goal no assists.
Says it all.

6.) 27 Feb 2021
27 Feb 2021 13:45:49
Exactly Berserker, I would think an ex pro player and experienced manager knows better how to bring on / deveope young players than us mortals.

7.) 27 Feb 2021
27 Feb 2021 13:51:34
Ff79 yes it says none of our midfield / wingers have fired all season.

8.) 27 Feb 2021
27 Feb 2021 14:23:30
We have now seen The Reds play Swansea and Derby and enjoy the football we have seen . Freeman put a shift in last night and is definitely improving under a manager who knows his skills . Knockeart gets better and better as does Kosonivic . Why - this manager instills confidence in his players do that they know they will keep their place . Christie is another . You have to ask why is this side playing this well! The answer is better players who have been brought in by CH and who want to play under him. The negative soothsayers on this site I sometimes think want us to fail and then gloat they had been right all along . Well they will be eating many pieces of humble pie before too long . My only concern is in the main the players that have made a difference are all loaned.

9.) 27 Feb 2021
27 Feb 2021 15:38:42
The end of the day we average around 2 games a week. there will be games for all hughton sees fit or eligible. Just let him do the great job he's doing.