13 May 2018 20:19:17
What I don't understand is why doesn't karanka use his Spanish connections and and bring in a few hidden gems which I would of thought is the main reason the fat Greek guy employed him for yet all we ever get linked with is middle aged journeymen. we all know Spanish footballers are better then english yet it seems dean marney and michael Dawson are going put fuel in are fire . Sort us out karanka.

1.) 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 22:20:04
I am hoping he has a few more gems like Toby Fig up his sleeve.

2.) 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 22:59:12
Toby is Portuguese.
Just saying.
Maybe that was gift from Jose??πŸ€”πŸ€”

3.) 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 23:01:16
Hopefully he is but he's just not publicising the targets so nobody beats us to them.

4.) 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 23:10:20
The fat Greek has eaten everybody

5.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 03:08:04
Italians are supposed to be better than English players, that went well when Platt was Forest manager.

The players a club are linked to and the players they get are not always the same, some choose different clubs, and some are just fiction from the media.

Karanka will only want players based on experience of the Championship, or their play is suited to the Championship.

6.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 03:11:35
I thought he preferred toilet paper.

7.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 09:17:10
Hey 2star how about showing our owner a bit of respect we do not want to go down the same road as fawaz with the abuse no need my friend

8.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 12:08:02
Because if he bought them in and they failed the moaners would moan asking why we havnt bought in experiencesd players that have played in the English leagues.its a no win.as long as he doesn’t start raiding key sports management players we shouldn’t be ok πŸ˜‰

9.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 12:50:30
That's "Juan" good post mate!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž

10.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 15:11:09
To keep you all happy here is a list of the "published targets" for Forest
De Vrij

As they are all available on freebies management is going to offer them 10 year contracts to stay within FFP so we can do a Wolves next season.


11.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 11:29:56
apparently derby may be wanting to cash in on vydta to cut back their wage bill bext season, and would want 8mil for him. of everyone we've been linked with i'd prefer vydra to them all, especially at 8mil which i think is a good price for him. would they want to sell to us though?

12.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 16:08:32
NFFC99 glad it's not my money your spending

13.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 20:00:51
fair enough 1978, i just think 8mil for a proven 20 championship goals a season, 26 year old striker is a good deal

14.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 20:27:35
That's all well and good but we aren't party to available funds. Splashing out 8mil would leave how much in the Greek warchest I wonder?