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27 Feb 2012 17:49:53
Blackburn are considering making a £500,000 bid to take matt derbyshire back to the club

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And what planet do you live on?

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Ill get the car out of the garage

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That's very kind of them but 50p would do.

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For 50p they can have chambers as well

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Believable... steve kean will probably need a final nail in his own coffin to get paid off....he is probably looking at signing massimo taibi also

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How on earth Derbyshire become a pro footballer is beyond me! i have seen many centre forwards down the years but this one is by far the worse i have ever seen

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How long have you been watching forest for? Worse you've ever seen? Bert Bowery, Silenzi, Trevor Christie and, the most expensive pair of elbows in league football Mr Gareth "plastic taff" Taylor

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Not forgetting Jason Lee of course

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Atleast |Gareth Taylor could head a ball!

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I remember seeing jason lee score against spurs in the 1995/96 season lol

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"He's got a pineapple on his head!"

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Jason Lee was better than you think.........when you think of the s**t we've had like Gary Bannister, Dougie Freeman, Neil 'Fat Boy' Shipperley, Nickoli Jerken & Raymondo Ponte....Newark Red

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Dougie freedman had a 1 in 3 stat at forest and over his whole career thats not bad...

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Freedman was ok in poor side, Jason lee always played with commitment, ponte was quality but got homesick, bannister had one leg longer than the other, (which explains a lot) . Taylor was gash.

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What about Platts Sampdoria mates Mannini, Matrecano and Petrachi.Now they were sh**e

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Shame on us for signing someone with Derby in his name, was always going to go badly.

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Jason Lee only looked poor because people were expecting him to be another Collymore, which he was never ever going to be. He was better than most of the crap we've had since.

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Jason Lee averaged 12 goals a season in the prem how many strikers have that tally this season, full commitment every game shame on those that think otherwise Red till the end!

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Silenzi was truly awful, 2nd highest league scorer in Italy before he came to us and was absolute tripe. Jason Lee was World class in comparison even with his Carmen Miranda tribute hair piece.

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Lads and girls, let me stop you there one name comes to mind here we all call derbyshire but he is a proven goal scorer at alot higher level then forest one name pops in my head and after watching him down forest for 3seasons i thought how the hell is he a footballer couldnt even get a pen right and thats {grant-holt} ?? now look at him

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Tbh i always liked grant holt-he gave 100% but i agree with you ,i never thought he had enough talent to play any higher than lg 1
but jason lee-come on,you knew exactly what you were getting,100% effort, the odd goal and he put a smile on the crowds face -what more could you ask for? i think he has only just stopped playing at non league level

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Awful you people think he's so bad when he's barely been given the change and has had injuries. Only time I saw him against Southampton away, he was great, dangerous around the box and scored as well. Not his fault the manager doesn't get on with him and doesn't choose to play him. Fair play for him sticking around.

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Are we all forgetting Robert Resario? and as for Silenzi I can remember before he made his debut, Frank Clark said in the programme that Adrea was chomping at the bit to play, that bought to have told us he would be a cart horse.

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