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03 Jul 2020 20:38:23
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03 Jul 2020 17:01:08
Strange isn't it we would normally be on here ranting about the game tomorrow especially given the position of both the reds and the shaggers. Saying that a win would be as sweet as any win against the sheep dippers so here's hoping for another win and hopefully Sow in the team.

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02 Jul 2020 23:15:07
Really missing my football and day to day life as i knew it.
Really pleased the police arrested so many organised crime untouchables today .
Far less misery around with these drug dealing parasites no longer around.

Quite funny they get caught out by their smart phones? When they think they are so smart.
Lock em up and throw the key away, concrete boots will do for me as they have no place in society.

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03 Jul 2020 20:21:17
Don't forget the British Empire was built on opium and slave trade. not to mention piracy.

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02 Jul 2020 19:00:52
All that was wrong with var summed up with the spurs disallowed goal, possibly the most ludicrous decision yet from these pathetic interpretations of the laws of the game, Var is ruining football as a spectacle, zero common sense being applied,

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02 Jul 2020 19:35:47
Bang out of order. I am still not sure if it even hit his hand. The sad thing is I think Var could work. It could useful for poor refs (like in the champ) but just seems to be no common sense applied.

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02 Jul 2020 23:13:38
It’s not VAR that’s the problem it’s the ‘referees’ looking at the screens and their interpretation, bad workmen and tools come to mind!

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03 Jul 2020 07:43:52
Thing is with var it is supposed to be clear and obvious but they using it for every little thing, if a player did a maradona or a roofe then by all means var should flag it up but if a player is marginally offside or it’s brushed their hand refs decision is final.

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03 Jul 2020 08:32:14
Correct decision by the letter of the law. Any handball, whether accidental or not, that leads to a goal means the goal is ruled out. Ridiculous rule but VAR got it right. VAR did its job.

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03 Jul 2020 09:03:12
Doc m, I think really mate that’s what I was insinuating, it’s all about the interpretation, var is just an action reply which we managed without for a 100 plus years, var was just brought in because of constantly moaning managers, now they’re moaning even more, if we must have it keep it for the obvious mistakes 2yards offside etc, otherwise all it seems to do is rule out perfectly decent goals,

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03 Jul 2020 10:26:58
Psycho brings to mind Liverpool man c earlier in the season ball hits Liverpool defender on hand in box no penalty given, it’s not var it’s The Pratt’s making the decision, if there was no var the game would flow on as it used to, we are not getting better decisions with var, but equally controversial ones, and perfectly good goals being riled out by one var referee that would be given by another, the only thing var did last night, was turn the momentum of a game, the ‘goal’ should not even have been checked. It will soon get to the point where every goal is checked, and to me the game ruined completely,

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03 Jul 2020 11:41:00
Agree VAR is spoiling football 4 mins for a decision that s ridiculous, soon players And supporters won’t even be celebrating a goal without var saying it ok to do so. What should happen with var is it should be upto the referee if he wishes to use VAR and how he wants to use it, ie Not if his toe or some other part of the players anatomy was in an offside position, did the player/ team gain an advantage out of the situation is the common sense rule that has gone from the game unfortunately do not want to see VAR in championship which is one of best leagues in world for entertainment.

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03 Jul 2020 13:05:06
That's where the rule doesn't make any sense, Stevie. I disagree with the rule as much as you do but the accidental handball rule was applied correctly, but the rule regarding accidental handball by a defender whilst defending in his own box should also be a penalty but isn't according to the new law. Absolutely crazy. VAR is there to see the letter of the football laws are being implemented with common sense being taken out of the equation. Ridiculous as it is it's the rules that need to change.

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01 Jul 2020 20:56:56
U reds take a 1 nil every game well done lamouchi and players never in doubt for me this weekend and the match against the sheep is got to be one of our biggest games for a long time and you know what I don't think they will score against us I'm so confident in the back 4 and goalie anyway happy days top 6 I wouldn't of dreamed of at the start of the season.

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01 Jul 2020 22:53:26
As you know i'm a big fan of Lamouchi as i think he's done wonders making a team out the squad.

Lots of fans didn't want worrall but he's turned him in to hot property.
Hes placed his faith in cash being a full back and made him hot property.
What he's done most of all is make us a team and a hard team to beat.
Aint always pretty but very effective.

Lustened radio again in garden and it sounded painful to watch but we had enough to win it.
Wed have lost that under previous coaches.
Thats the difference.
Will keep listening on radio but have no wish to watch matches until i can from my seat .

I also will not go to the pub till i can walk in and have a pint without dodging people.
Im sticking to a pint in my own garden and avoiding tv as its mostly depressing.
Good win hope we do it but not the same without being there.
Only good thing is its a pleasure to drive to work and return home as rush hour no longer exists.

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02 Jul 2020 08:41:32
Watched rooneys goal against preston last night his free kick was almost in the same place as costas for forest the trickies must be very wary about giving away free kicks on the edge of the penalty area costas was a great goal but if lolley was on the pitch me thinks he would have taken it instead with a different outcome perhaps.

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02 Jul 2020 10:36:32
Aps it was Silva who scored for us but I agree with you.

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02 Jul 2020 23:02:12
I'd be more worried about "Mickey" Rooney!

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01 Jul 2020 20:30:48
An important win, but why oh why did Lamouchi not use Dawson for the last 10 minutes against Sheff. Weds? We make things too hard for ourselves sometimes.
Seems like Cash and Ribero were treated harshly by Bristol so they deserved a red card. On to the sheep, let's hope its a good slaughtering day for us. Lolley missing will be difficult but Da Costa seems to be improving - I regret saying he was a dud, but Diakhaby definitely is!

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02 Jul 2020 08:57:16
Da Costa looks threatening when he gets the ball in space. Lolley substitute was nothing to do with injury, lamouchi has confirmed.

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01 Jul 2020 20:23:36
Well done again boys appears Mr Lamouchi gets the very best out of a limited team always shows a managers qualities when.he can do that nice one son.

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01 Jul 2020 20:22:14
You know what they say about the sign of a good team? Play poorly but still get the result . i'd personally take a solid point on Saturday if offered now.
Keep enjoying the ride boys!

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01 Jul 2020 20:14:18
Well it ain't pretty but it sure is effective 😂.

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