Nottingham Forest Voting Polls

2021-08-26 16:56:51
Vote on Will Forest beat direby? Vote Here


2021-05-20 18:35:58
Vote on Do you think Nottingham Forest will be in the top half of the table next season? Vote Here


2021-03-18 14:41:51
Vote on Who wants to demonstrate and who doesn’t want to demonstrate against the owner and manager? Vote Here


2021-01-25 20:02:20
Vote on Would you like Frank Lampard as the next manager of Nottingham Forest? Vote Here


2021-01-24 09:25:50
Vote on Should Nottingham Forest Sack or Keep Hughton? Vote Here


2020-10-07 15:15:23
Vote on Should get forward, stop calling the players leader, the players leader? Vote Here


2020-10-02 14:34:53
Vote on Should lamouchi go? Vote Here


2020-01-30 19:37:51
Vote on Murry, Adams, gray, sharpe, Gayle might still be available - who should we go for? Vote Here


2019-08-07 09:51:13
Vote on Should Nottingham Forest get rid of the present Director of Football? Vote Here


2019-07-11 21:11:32
Vote on Will Lamouchi be in charge at the end of the season? Vote Here


2019-05-04 00:29:03
Vote on Is Fff79 just a wind up merchant, or is he genuinely a grumpy old man? Vote Here


2019-04-10 15:22:33
Vote on Stick with Martin or find an alternative. What say you? Vote Here


2018-12-28 16:03:40
Vote on Will AK still be in charge for the FA Cup game v Chelsea? Vote Here


2018-04-17 22:33:54
Vote on Are Forest fans happy to have Karanka as manager? Vote Here


2018-04-16 00:21:04
Vote on Is Forest 79 a Sheep on a Forest Rumours site or is he the real deal? Vote Here