19 Sep 2018 22:48:53
Well for a manager who according to some does not have a clue we seem to have destroyed some myths tonight.
1, A settled team selection starting to gel
2. Another dominating performance and virtually unemployed goalkeeper.
3. Hunting in packs to chase the game down from the front.
4. GrabOne off the mark doing what he does best.
5. Carvalho providing a spark and opening his account.
6. Colback showing his class
7. A good winning performance

7 reasons to be cheerful even the Resident Banker should be happy at the head of the queue at the Melton Road Humble Pie shop. Fill your boots.


1.) 20 Sep 2018
19 Sep 2018 23:41:55
No argument from me red tonight,long may it continue.

2.) 20 Sep 2018
19 Sep 2018 23:42:20
Spot on Red but they will be hoping for a fall on Saturday

3.) 20 Sep 2018
20 Sep 2018 00:49:18
Anyone hoping for a fall on Saturday is not a Forest fan.

4.) 20 Sep 2018
20 Sep 2018 05:55:47
Redfred hoping for a fall?. really. no a WIN. !

5.) 20 Sep 2018
20 Sep 2018 11:03:57
A positive post from The Bank! Who ate all the pies? 😋

6.) 20 Sep 2018
20 Sep 2018 14:59:13
As some on here love churning out negative stats, how about a positive one :
we have now won twice as many league games this season than we have lost. .lol.

7.) 20 Sep 2018
20 Sep 2018 20:16:09
Some of us just say it as we see it,it's nothing to do with being negative it's what we have witnessed with our own eyes.
If we play well I'm always saying so,if we play badly I also say so.
Problem is we havnt played well that often for the past few years.
It's called just being honest and not glossing over poor performances and just hoping that something will turn up,no point kidding yourself that everything is Rosie when it's not
I've always said I didn't want karanka here,but I'll praise him when we perform well and I'll tell you when we don't,
I don't do excuses,the odd bad game will happen and we will have the odd bad luck,
All about opions and that's the fun of this site.
If we all agreed the add would be redundant.